I Have A Daycare In Pokemon World Chapter 1127

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“Well, Alyssa!” Of course, go to see what is in the end!

I heard the hesitation in Dawn, MIME JR. Immediately raised his hand, it is now full of curiosity about the picture that is just Spoink dresses.

“Do you have to go?” Dawn also won the opinions of several other Pokemon.

“pu, pu!”

“skin, skin!”

In addition to CHATOT did not comment, Spoink and Cleffa’s views and MIME JR. were exactly the same.

“Ok, let’s take a look!”

Small obeys from most, Dawn decides and MIME JR. They go to see.

under a few Pokemon’s Work with a common purpose, the Western cover was successfully opened, and the four Pokemon climbed down on the ladder.

“Re-cover the cover, it is not good to stumble!” Town to half, MAY looks up at the Spoink reminder.


spoink complied, with the inner force “clang” to re-cover the well cover.

“This is a good black!” After the feet, Dawn looked at the surrounding environment and complained.

This well is connected to the groundwaterway of Verdanturf Town, although it is not dark, but the light is really dim. And the surroundings are silent, Dawn speaks, the sound echoes in the waterway, with a weak water flow, giving people a sense of homers.



Mime Jr. and Cleffa are also very scared, and they hold the Dawn’s calf, Shiver Coldly.

“Where do we want to go?” CHATOT looked at the two directions of the waterway, and asked Dawn.

“I don’t know.” Dawn bending Cleffa and Mime JR. Holding the left and right, then I couldn’t help but say two of them. “Why are you afraid? ! “

At this time, Dawn’s Right Hand suddenly came from a burst of movement, so Dawn pointed at Right Hand: “Do you want us to go here?”

Everyone does not know which side, then agreed to Dawn proposal.

shuaa ~!

I took a distance, suddenly the sound of my wings was coming.

“ahhh …”

looks at the black shadow of the face, and Dawn is scared to wow.

“What is afraid, don’t just a few Zubat.” CHATOT doesn’t matter, then use Hyper Voice to shock Zubat.

“Okay, it’s okay! There will be Zubat is too normal in this environment.”

Looking at a few Zubats that flushed away, CHATOT is rare to reliably, and it is soft to comfort DAWN.

“It turned out to be a few Zubat!” After reading the true face of the black shadow, Dawn is not so scared.

One person four pokemon in WaterWorks, seven Yuli, and finally don’t know where to turn, Dawn feels that he has lost.

“What are we looking for?”

“Yes, what are we looking for?” CHATOT couldn’t help but ask.

Everyone is not indexed to the Spoink, Spoink retired back: “I don’t know!”

Just when they are still hesitating, do you want to move forward, Dawn once again heard the sound of the squats, followed by a small black shadow of a small cat appeared in front of them.

“It turned out to be Rattata.” Dawn settled and then relaxed. One Rattata is nothing.

, spoink is not so optimistic, seeing Rattata’s first moment, it is cold and cold, and it is as if there is anything bad to happen.

Sure enough, the next second, Rattata suddenly pulled Dawn, the sharp two major meniscus flashed in a dim light.

Dawn’s Mime Jr. The first reaction, it immediately wanted to use confusion to play Rattata, but found his Confusion role after Rattata, the ice wakes disappeared.

This is not Normal’s Rattata, but a Dark Type’s Rattata (Alola Rattata), just because the surrounding environment is more dim, Dawn did not find Rattata black fur.

Fortunately, CHATOT eye is fast, wanders, and a sound column hits Rattata.

“zhi zhi …”

Rattata has issued sharp growl, spoink subsconsciously wants to remind everyone to run, but it is too late. With the call of Rattata, a Rattata is poured from the dark from the dark, and the Dawn is surrounded by the Dawn.

“zhi zhi zhi …”

“zhi zhi zhi …”

“zhi zhi zhi …”

The entire waterway is Rattata’s growl.

“A lot of Rattata!” Dawn scared, and forced yourself calm down.

Spoink finally knows that the black shadow that flying across Pearl is these Rattata.

The countless Rattata rushed to Dawn, CHATOT, CLEFFA, MIME JR. and Spoink.

“This is not right! How can Verdanturf Town how to have so many Rattata!” Chato called, while using Heat Wave, Rattata, will fly.

CLEFFA and MIME JR. This will not never in Dawn, although they are afraid, but they choose to jump to protect her in front of Dawn.

Mime Jr. Psychic Type Ability does not care for Rattata, itself is because of the young, Level low-end, unlocked excess ABILITY, can only stop using Double SLAP fan Rattata’s slap.

CLEFFA is better, it is not only Level than MIME JR. high, and the Sweet Kiss is more dead, and all the Rattata that is hit by love has fallen into a chaotic state, and there is no difference. Attack other Rattata.

However, the quantity of Rattata is too much, and the gradually CLEFFA has also begun.

Spoink is also Psychic Type Pokemon, but its Inner Force Strength and MIME JR. may not be at a level, Rattata’s Attribute Immunity is invalid.

is not valid, but psychic type ability is a loss of Dark Type Pokemon, and the strength of Spoink can’t play in a small half.

Spoink’s Inner Force is not a defect, its Psychic Type Ability is very strong, but the other Attribute’s Ability is not good, so even if psychic type ability is not good, spoink is no way. .

Protect everyone’s main force or falling on the strongest CHATOT. At this time, you will regret it. If you know that there is something, it will still stop there! It’s really curious to die.

CHATOT is free to fan out ONE AFTER HEAT WAVE, each Heat Wave can turn over a large number of Rattata. Over time, the waterway gradually became hot under the influence of Heat Wave.

But CHATOT is stronger, there is only one, it is inevitable that there will be no place to take care.

One size is several times better than Rattata, I don’t know which suddenly drilled it, it seized the defensive gap of Cleffa and CHATOT, and fierce Dawn.

Fortunately, Mime Jr. is close to DAWN, using Double SLAP to Raticate. It is too much power and raticate, and it is hit by the raticate.


CLEFFA saw his own small partner injured, suddenly anxious, cried out in surprised, the MIME JR. RETALIATE.

It is an urgent, and the body began to evolve the light, and then evolved into CLAIRY in a surprised look of Rattata. Those who want to evolve the Cleffa evolution to attack the Cleffa’s Rattata, they have been flying out by Spoink with Inner Force.

CLEFFA evolved into CLEFAIRY conditions is intimate, apparently at this moment, it and MIME JR. intimacy has reached a critical point.

After evolution, Clefairy immediately learned the new Ability Metronome.

After the lack of rhythm, I saw that Clefairy suddenly filled a cold, followed by Rattata around it, including Raticate just attacking Mime Jr. all frozen by this cold.

The original CLEFAIRY Metronome uses ABILITY is SHEER COLD.

With the Rattate of the attack Mime Jr., the Rattata group is increasing, and CHATOT is also more and more passive.

When you look at everyone, you will not hold any, and they suddenly have four Dark Pulse, and all of a sudden cleans a large Rattata and Raticate.

chatot looks back, it turned out to be a Zoroark family.

Two liepard fell to Dawn, Liepard Elder Sister squatted Dawn’s collar, directly on the back of Liepard Father, and itself lit up Clefairy, Mime Jr. and Spoink Lightning Smash out.

Seeing Dawn, they are taken away, Rattata and Raticate have to catch up, Zoroark Younger Sister and Zoroark Mother have blocked their go to the way, a while, and cleaned a large number of Rattata and ratcate.

liepard Elder Sister and Liepard Father are extremely fast, with Dawn. They don’t see the traces, Zoroark Younger Sister and Zoroark Mother Follow Closely from Behind.

Fortunately Yuzu, Xatu looks more to Dawn, or this will come to Zoroark’s fundamentally no rescue.

Dawn leaves the Pokémon Day Care, Xatu feels inconvenient to track, let Zoroark come quietly with them.

Just the waterway below the well, the Zoroark family found that MAY was lit, if he heard the sound of the battle, they couldn’t find Dawn for a while.

chato is seeing Dawn. They are saved, and there is a thought and these Rattata and Raticate, and they are running with their wings.

Two liepard returns to Dawn, two Zoroark and CHATOT FOLLOW Closely from Behind, after climbing out of the well cover, Zoroark Mother quickly reins it.

Escape Alive Dawn and Pokemon Long Let Out A Long Relaxed Breath, an Avoided A Catastrophe feels ease.

“We hurry home to tell Yuzu!”

I just breathed two breaths, and CHATOT can’t wait.

This thing is not a trouble, so many Raticate and Rattata appear in the WaterWorks of Verdanturf Town, if they are destroyed, even fleeing to the surface, is a disaster for Verdanturf Town is a disaster.

is there, where is these raticate and Rattata? How long has it been to WaterWorks in Verdanturf Town? This requires it.

Thinking here, CHATOT quickly took Dawn to Pokémon Day Care.

When you find Yuzu when you find Yuzu, YUZU just sent a group of Pokemon eggs that others. After listening to Chatot and Dawn, Qi Yuzu frown wrinkled: “What do you say is true?”

Press CHATOT their description, those of Raticate and Rattata do not have thousands? So many Pokemon gathered in Verdanturf Town Waterworks?

“Of course it is true! This is what we have experienced!” CHATOT is very dissatisfied with yuzu.

“Yes, yes! Elder Brother Yuzu, CHATOT and we are telling us.” Dawn Hearing this truthfully gave CHATOT as witnesses.

“What do you run in WaterWorks?” asked Yuzu.

then Chat and May have said that Spoink dremy ​​is over.

ʘʚʘ 嘎? YUZU was shocked after listening, the expression and CHATOT were realized in the first time, Spoink was exactly the same.

Before this, YUZU has always thought that Spoink’s divination is affected by the TV, playing, is it true to dine?

This makes Yuzu not to think about the Gym Leader Olympia of Kalos Anistar Gym, and she will effect the Psychic Forecast Future.

Ombuds this kind of thing is not a focus, now more important is to investigate the Raticate and Rattata in WaterWorks.

“CHATOT, you bring me a road, I am going to investigate it there.”

“Hey !!! I am going?” CHATOT is a bit unwilling, the densely packed Raticate and Rattata make it very uncomfortable.

“Don’t you let?” YUZU asked.

CHATOT Hearing this looks at Dawn and looks at MIME JR., CLEFAIRY and SPOINK.

, in addition to itself, the rest is Child.

Under the leader of CHATOT, YUZU came to WaterWorks.

Considering the situation before CHATOT, Yuzu put Lapras in advance.

yuzu and chat have not yet went to the place where Raticate and Rattata have been encountered before they have, they hear a “zhi zhi” sound.

“not good, they came over!” CHATOT FRIGHETENED and flustered shouted.

Lapras in the water rises from the neck and puts a vigilant look.

“zhi zhi zhi …”

Sure enough, a large group of Raticate and Rattata have flocked to YUZU their position, apparently Dawn, they have been completely awkward. This group of Pokemon.

See the Raticate and Rattata, such as tides, and Rattata, yuzu knows that Chato is not exaggerated before, and the quantity of Raticate and Rattata is much more than they described before.

These Raticate and Rattata see YUZU, I don’t say it, I will fly over, and aggressive looks like it, as if I want to lick the yuzu.


Lapras slammed out of the water, two fins, a spotted spot.

bang!! !

The spot is scattered, and the light column is controlled by Lapras, and the Rattate and Rattata instantly cleaned up.

This is the ORGIN PULSE for Lapras practice for a while!