I Have A Daycare In Pokemon World Chapter 1128

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Lapras hit a wave of ratcate and Rattata, followed by another wave, helplessly put Vivillon out, which is the first battle of Vivillon.

vivillon flying into the ratcate, Rattata group, wings, fast fan, a large amount of Powder poured from its wings, and all Touching Powder’s Rattate and Rattata have fallen into sleep.

WaterWorks is limited, Raticate and Rattata Densely Packed Division on the ground, wall, the top of the waterway, simply can’t escape the “surroundage block” of Vivillon Sleep Powder.

Lapras fear Vivillon’s Sleep Powder Waves to YUZU, manufactured a water curtain block in front of YUZU and CHATOT, preventing the Sleep Powder that floating from floating, and effectively defending the Raticate and Rattata attacks.

It is probably a time pregnant and production time, and Vivillon is quite a kind of venting, a further ratity and Rattata can’t afford to fall in the influence of Sleep Powder, and finally it is probably used. Sleep Powder is not addictive, and it is directly to recruit bug bug Buzz.

sharp bug buzz sounds in WaterWorks, because Echoed Voice, Bug Buzz’s Formidable Power is extraordinary, the wall climbed Raticate and Rattata hua hua like dumplings, and also active Raticate and The quantity of Rattata is reduced in the speed of the naked eye.

Vivillon This strokes of Bug Buzz’s group attack capabilities, even if the Lapras of Champions Level can’t.

Fortunately, the Lapras alarm, when Vivillon uses bug bug Buzz, add several layers of water curtains in front of YUZU and CHATOT, otherwise, this will yuzu and CHATOT I am sharp, and it is sharp bug buzz.

Seeing a lot of ratcate and Rattata falling, Yuzu felt that it was time to find someone to help, so many Pokemon is not his person can handle.

“zhi zhi zhi …”

At this time, survived Raticate and Rattata group suddenly screamed, followed by YUZU, I saw two huge monsters stepped on his sight.

raticate (alola: variation)

attribute: Dark Normal

characteristic trait: greedy


aptitude: azure

level: 71

Ability: Quick Attack, Focus Energy, Biting, Crunch, Sucker Punch, Hyper Fang, Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw, Reversal, Iron Tail, Super Fang.

raticate (alola: variation)

attribute: Dark Normal

characteristic trait: thick fat

Gender: Female

aptitude: azure

level: 70

Ability: Quick Attack, Tackle, Biting, Crunch, Sucker Punch, Hyper Fang, Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw, Reversal, Iron Tail.

Two Pokemon, YUZU lives in Divine, YUZU!

This is not only two variations of Pokemon, but also the elite level.

Because the ambient light is dim, YUZU has previously thought that the ordinary raticate and Rattata of These all are, now look back with Divine Vision Ability, it is an unique Regional Variant Raticate.

Yuzu seriously suspected that the variation direction of the two raticate in front of him is speeding, otherwise how will Verdanturf Town suddenly have so many Raticate and Rattata?

In fact, YUZU has not guess the wrong, the direction of variation of these two Alola Raticate is high-speed reproduction, and all of Raticate and Rattata are both Child.

Ordinary Raticate couple probably produce three to four Pokemon eggs, but this can be more than ten kinds of husband and wife, but not only this, the frequency is also surprising.

Seeing the Raticate and Rattata fell a place, two variation raticate is very angry, while using Hyper Fang to Vivillon.

Ordinary Raticate is standing upright, but the height of these two variation raticate exceeds one meter, they can live with CHILD, powerful body quality and recovery ability.

Vivillon’s reaction is very fast, the two raticate have not touched it, and it flexiblely flexible, flying out the attack range of the variation ratter.


No hit vivillon, two raticate hit together, and then dropped at the same time.

Lapras see the ICE BEAM is shot directly, and it is intended to freeze them in the water.

Why think of two Raticate’s body is bloated, but it is not only very flexible, but it is very familiar with water. It is like a flipping in the water, and all of a surden slashed out of the water, falling on the shore.

However, Vivillon’s attack has long been ready to go, in the moment of two variation raticate landing, on the wings on both sides, two yellow Green beams are suddenly hit down.

Signal BEAM is Vivillon to absorb the strongest Ability after GENESEC, itself restrained Dark Type’s ratches, two raticate twitched two times without moving.

Although this is two variations of Pokemon, it is only in the Elite level, which is easy to be hit by Vivillon.

yuzu eye slim farther out two Poké Ball will take the variation raticate, and when there is no response to other Raticate and Rattata, it runs with CHATOT.

As for Poké Ball, picked up by Vivillon with psychic.

father and mother is taken away, Raticate and Rattata have turned into a set, in WaterWorks, like a headless flies.

Out of WaterWorks, YUZU went to the Verdanturf Town Police Bureau and found a director Baijing Yas.

He told the situation in WaterWorks and the white well, and the two ratcate he caught gave him him, and he urged him to organize people hand to handle those Raticate and Rattata.

The most important thing is to find these Alolan’s causes in Verdanturf Town.

Does these ratcate and Rattata are likely to develop into a Pokemon disaster, but the Time Comes is not only white well, but even YUZU, GYM Leader is unable to be accountable by alliance.

Look at the two elite grades in front of him, the white well is cold and cold. This loss is encountered by Yuzu. It is necessary to change someone else, it is unknown, let alone caught.

in Alola Region, these Rattata Can Be Seen Everywhere, very unremarkable. Only, their forms and the Hoenn Region’s ratches are different, and the teenager brings them away from the hometown because of the curiosity.

If a teenager is willing to wait for them, it is nothing. But how long did it, the teenager is fresh, I think two Rattata are not special than Hoenn’s Rattata, they will lose them.

The two Rattata from the hometown is very uncomfortable to Hoenn’s life, especially the Characteristic Trait, and the food is particularly large, and the days of wandering make them unique.

The two little brat began to steal career. Every day, there is a point, and the West is stealing, and it is not long for the presence of everyone shouting on the town.

After they evolved into ratcate, the body shape becomes larger, not only more easily noticed, but the stealing is also more difficult.

Later, in order to avoid people who were caught by the people in the town, they hid into the WaterWorks of Verdanturf Town, and a hide was seven or eight years.

Verdanturf Town’s WaterWorks four-way eight-way, some is a public water supply channel, and some are sewage channels, and even have a lot of garbage.

Two raticate is survived by these garbage.

After WaterWorks, the two ratches of Stomach Rumbling with hunger didn’t know what was mistaken, or because of the environment, the variation suddenly occurred, not only a lot of body, but also became very energy. .

In just a few years, two of them have batch of ratcate and Rattata.

Because the two variations of Raticate have always taken Child to avoid humans, but those garbage in WaterWorks can not gradually meet their survival needs.

The Child adaptivity and survival of the two Raticate have been very strong, and they can eat, they almost become the Qing Daofu of Verdanturf Town Waterworks sewage, or the constraints of the variation raticate couple, this group of raticate I have long been overridden through Verdanturf Town with Rattata.

For his own fertility, raticate couple are also very troubled, and Child is too much. It is also a trouble for them. It is not only difficult to solve it, but also difficult to manage it.

However, they can’t live in the normal couple because Child has lived, so Child has brought a batch of batch, and now, it has almost formed the scale of the mouse.

Their APTITUDE has changed after that variation. According to both raticate, they are just a Pintong’s Rattata when they are brought home.

The interrogation of two variations of Raticate, the sky is already black. When the color of the color came again, I saw Dawn, because there was a meeting in the evening, she continued to be placed in yuyu’s day care. Dawn is playing with MIME JR., Clefairy is good, and you don’t care about Mother.

2nd day early morning, the action of the arrest of the arrest of the Chaoyi Yashegan Raticate and Rattata will begin.

yuzu did not participate, he went to find Mayor Ishida.

According to two variation raticate, it is not how long you have to bring them out of the whole family after the abandon they haven’t remember what the boy is called now.

, they know the address of the young family, although the young family has moved, but the house is still there. YUZU went to the address to see, there is already another family of people.

yuzu to find Mayor Ishida, just to find out the households before the house, to find out the identity of the teenager.

Although things have been seven or eight years, the teenager abandoned the Pokemon truth, which is a violation of alliance law. Even moreh How his behavior almost caused a Pokemon disaster, and YUZU IMPOSSIBLE did not have anything.

On the other side, under the Verdanturf Town Police and many Trainer’s Work with a common purpose, a large quantity of Raticate and Rattata are taken.

Because the quantity of ratcate and Rattata is too much, it takes a lot of money to buy the Poké Ball that is taken.

These money is from the Verdanturf Town Town Government.

The process of receiving is not as smooth as it is, most of the raticate and Rattata are taken behind, and there is still a small part of the escape in WaterWorks, they are good at hidden, and they will not be clean at a time.

After most of the Raticate and Rattata were arrested, the white well is not worried that there will be a mouse.