I Have A Daycare In Pokemon World Chapter 1187


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Yuzu and Gary didn’t expect that the Mew they saw would be so weak, worse than what Sanshenzhu described. Ninetales also didn’t expect, Mew is so weak, can it still be blessed?

But when Mew saw the stone in Yuzu’s hand, a burst of surprise burst into his eyes.


Mew’s weak and excited voice sounded. Gary did not understand, but Yuzu did. It was calling Yuzu to pass.

Yuzu guessed that Mew’s call to him must be related to the stone in his hand, so he walked over obediently and honestly.

According to Mew’s meaning, Yuzu squatted down and Mew’s little hand reached out to the stone. The moment it touched the stone, the stone burst into a more dazzling rays of light, and the entire world’s initial tree began to shake.

This time not only Yuzu, but Gary, Ninetales, and the Three Pillars all perceive a consciousness awakening. This is the consciousness of the special lifeform of the tree of the beginning of the world. It is eager and strongly eager for the one in Yuzu’s hands. Piece of stone.

The “flower of time” in the middle of the stone bloomed slowly under Mew’s touch. Yuzu and the others saw an image projected from inside.

In the image, two Mews exhausted their power and turned into a ball of rays of light. They wrapped a crystal flower. When the rays of light disappeared, the two Mews also disappeared, while the crystal flower was wrapped. It was in an ice blue stone, and this ice blue stone was the one brought by Yuzu.

The image was only less than twenty seconds long, but after watching this video, Mew was already in tears, but Yuzu and the others were confused.

Mew’s weakness stems from the weakness of the initial tree of the world, so the top priority is to solve the problem of the initial tree of the world. Judging from Mew’s reaction, the ice blue stone in Yuzu’s hand is obviously the key to solving the problem.

According to Mew’s request, Yuzu took the stone and came to a rock that resembled a tree. He saw that the “tree” Executive had a blue vortex. Under Mew’s command, he threw the stone towards the blue. vortex.

The moment the ice blue stone meets the blue vortex, it’s like ice meeting a fire like that quickly melts into energy and merges into the blue vortex, while the “flower of time” in the middle of the stone slowly rotates and disappears into the blue vortex in.

At the moment when the “Flower of Time” disappeared, Yuzu, Gary and the Pokemon present felt a joyful and LifeEnergy consciousness. Needless to say, this is the consciousness of the tree of the beginning of the world.

A blue energy aperture radiated from the tree-shaped Rock, brightly dignified the space where Yuzu and the others were located.

This is the power of Aura, Yuzu can feel it.

What Yuzu didn’t know was that the entire world’s initial tree was emitting a strong green light at this time. These green Vickys represented LifeEnergy, and under the influence of this LifeEnergy, they parasitized on the world’s initial tree. The flowers, plants, and trees of the world are rejuvenated, and the Pokemons living in the initial tree of the world are also caught in a carnival.

Not only that, this green light is still spreading along the Ground, affecting the surrounding forests, earth, rivers…all life is in a carnival.

The rangers guarding the trees around the beginning of the world were surprised to find that after a green light appeared, the trees around them quickly took out new buds, the flowers played up the flowers, and the grass stubbornly drilled out of the Ground.

I don’t know how long it took, the green light disappeared, and the carnival of life stopped. Everything before that seemed to be an illusion, but the rangers really felt it, and the land seemed to come to life.

Mew Here, while the tree of the beginning of the world regained its vitality, it also changed its previous weakness and flew around in the air full of vitality.

“Mew, what is going on here, why did you and the tree of the beginning of the world become like that?” Yuzu asked involuntarily.


Mew hearing this stopped in midair and hesitated for a moment to tell Yuzu the truth to them.

It turned out that a long time ago, the core of the tree of the beginning of the world disappeared. At that time, there were still a lot of Mew on the world.

For it, the core of the tree of the beginning of the world is equivalent to the human heart. Without a heart, the tree of the beginning of the world is equivalent to the source of life without it.

In order to save the tree of the beginning of the world, one of the Mews formed a symbiosis with it, which is now the one Yuzu they see.

The energy source needed by the world’s initial tree is Aura Force, which is the same as the energy in Mew, so symbiosis with Mew can delay the decline of the world’s initial tree.

During this period, the other Mews who lived in the initial tree of the world went out to find the core of the tree.

However, many years have passed, and none of the Mew who went out have returned, and the core of the tree has never been found.

Many years ago, the world’s initial tree Help. A warrior named Yaran quelled the war, but the world without the core of the tree had limited ability. In the end Yaran sacrificed himself and used his own Aura Force to make the world’s initial state. The tree recovered.

But relying on other people’s Aura Force is to treat the symptoms but not the root cause. Over time, the effect of symbiosis with Mew has gradually become less obvious.

Ash and the others came here more than a year ago. At that time, the tree of the beginning of the world fell into weakness again, and it was Lucario of Yaran who sacrificed himself to alleviate the weakness of the tree of the beginning of the world.

But Lucario’s sacrifice did not bring too much time to the world’s initial tree. Not long ago, the backlash of the world’s initial tree without a tree core for a long time was even more fierce, and the ecology inside the world’s initial tree began to collapse. Up.

Seeing that the tree of the beginning of the world was about to die, they didn’t expect Yuzu to come back with the tree core.

The tree core is the “flower of time” in the ice blue stone.

But it is only the appearance of the Assist flower of time, not the real flower of time, just because the flower of time is the companion life of the tree of the beginning of the world, the tree core will have this form.

It is also because of the core of the tree that Yuzu and the others are attacked by the Immunity system, the tree of the beginning of the world will react. Perceived the existence of the tree core, it was too late to welcome Yuzu. How could it allow the Immunity system to attack them!

Judging from the images brought back by the tree cores, the two Mews actually found the tree cores, but the tree cores had almost lost their vitality at that time and could not support them to bring them back to the initial tree of the world.

In order to keep the tree core, they will sacrifice themselves and turn into Aura Force crystallization.

By coincidence, the core of the tree came to Yuzu and the others, and by coincidence, they brought it back.

As for the stone slab placed with the tree core, it has no special meaning. I am afraid it can only be regarded as a clue left by the two sacrificed Mews. If there is no stone slab, Professor Oak would not let Yuzu carry it. The tree core comes to Mew.

After listening to Mew’s explanation, Yuzu and Gary were sighed. They didn’t expect that they accidentally hit and accidentally saved the tree of the beginning of the world.

Mew was a bit stingy. It hesitated for a while before conveying the meaning of wanting to thank Yuzu and Gary, asking Yuzu and Gary what they want in return, and saying that it was too difficult to ask it to do it, so Yuzu and the others thought about it. Answer again.

Yuzu: …

Gary: …

They didn’t expect Mew like this Mew.

Gary’s request is very simple. He wants a strand of Mew’s hair. This is precious research material. He grandfather doesn’t have it in his hands. The opportunity is rare.

This request of Gary was too simple for Mew. He pulled a strand of hair from himself to Gary with a look that Gary knew well.

Gary took the strand of pink hair, wrapped it up with a handkerchief, and put it in his backpack.

When putting Mew looked towards Yuzu, Yuzu was embarrassed, he didn’t need Mew to do it.


At this moment, Ninetales was anxious: What about me? Don’t forget me!

Yuzu instantly understood what Ninetales meant. He rolled his eyes and said: “We have asked you to teach Mew according to your request. I have no reason to help you anymore!”

Ninetales is even more anxious: “My treasure is given to you, how can you do this!”

Yuzu said indifferently: “One yard is one yard, I will give us the treasure, we will show you Mew, and it will be clear! If you want Mew to help you, you can tell it yourself!”

Ninetales hearing this quickly looked towards Mew and told Mew of his appeal. But Mew is a stingy Mew, helping a Pokemon to be promoted to purple Aptitude is not an easy task, so it looks around, completely pretending to not hear what Ninetales is talking about.

It was Yuzu and Gary who helped it. Ninetales is a complete presence, so Mew naturally didn’t want to pay attention to it.

Ninetales is really anxious. I finally met Mew. If I return without success this time, it won’t be so easy to come back in the future.

It raised its paw and kept scratching Yuzu, hoping that Yuzu could help it, but Yuzu remained unmoved.

“How are you willing to help me?” Ninetales said uncontrollably.

Yuzu’s eyes turned and said: “It’s not impossible to help you, but this opportunity of mine is rare. If you are willing to follow me for a hundred years, I will give you the opportunity!”

“A hundred years?!” Ninetales exclaimed, “What do you want!”

Ninetales did not use telepathy to talk to Yuzu, but simply called a fox, so although Gary saw that it was communicating with Yuzu, he didn’t know what their conversation was. See Ninetales with an angry face at the moment , He looked at Ninetales and Yuzu curiously.


At this time Mew began to urge impatiently, and Yuzu still at a moderate pace, and glanced at Ninetales with an “it’s up to you” look.

Ninetales finally clenched the teeth and said: “One hundred years is not good, time is too long, fifty years!” Even if the lifespan of Ninetales is long, one hundred years is too long for it.

Yuzu hearing this reluctantly said: “Well, then I will suffer a bit, fifty years will be fifty years!”

In fact, he deliberately went higher. Originally, he didn’t hope that Ninetales would really promise a hundred years, even twenty or thirty years, and he was satisfied. Now there are fifty years, let alone.

Yuzu is sure that as long as Ninetales follows him, it will be completely reluctant to leave in less than 50 years. It doesn’t matter whether the agreement when the time comes counts.

Who can provide Ninetales with a comfortable living environment better than him?

Ninetales breathed a long sigh of relief upon hearing Yuzu’s promise. After nearly a hundred years of preparation, today I finally have a chance to get what I wanted.

Ninetales feels relieved at the moment.

Now that they had discussed with Ninetales, Yuzu no longer had his appetite for it, and directly told Mew that he was willing to give up this request to Ninetales.

This request of Ninetales is much more difficult than Gary, and Mew hesitated, thinking it over for a while before reluctantly agreeing to it.

Mew flew to Ninetales, waved out a purple ball of light from his forehead, and then dropped the ball of light into Ninetales’ forehead. Yuzu and Gary saw a layer of shallow purple light emerging from Ninetales’s body, its nine long The long tail swings gently and regularly.

Although Ninetales is not a Psychic Type Pokemon, it can use its powerful Inner Force to develop its own unique innate talent. Mew is now using Inner Force to help it.

I don’t know how long it took, Ninetales’ nine tails were all unfolded, and the tip of each tail was Levitate with a scarlet flame, which looked very beautiful.

Then, the flames on Ninetales suddenly soared, and Yuzu used Divine Vision Ability to see it again.


Attribute: Fire

Characteristic Trait: Flash Fire

Sex: Female

Aptitude: Purple

Level: 100

Ability: Ember, Tail Whip, Baby-Doll Eyes, Will-O-Wisp, Sunny Day, Quick Attack, Fire Spin, Confuse Ray, Hex, Flame Burst, Extrasensory, Flamethrower, Inferno, Fire Blast, Overheat, Energy Ball, Dark Pulse, Tail Slap, Return, Hypnosis, Heat Wave, Iron Tail, Pain Split.

When Ninetales’ Aptitude was promoted to purple, its Level also increased to Level 1, becoming a genuine 100-level Pokemon.

I have personally experienced the power of 100-level Pokemon, Ninetales said: Although the price is a little bit, it is acceptable.

However, Mew looked a little weak after finishing the ceremony, and he flew swayingly.

At this time, Yuzu pointed to the box in Gary’s hand. Gary remembered that their mission on this trip hadn’t been completed, so he quickly held the box and said, “By the way, Mew, this is what the Alliance wants us to give you. .”

Mew flew over to see the boulder fragments in the box, his eyes lit up, and he quickly picked up the boulder fragments and flew happily in the air holding the boulder fragments.


Affected by the boulder fragments, Mew’s wilting complexion has improved a lot. Because this boulder fragment was cut and it was much smaller than the original one, so Mew is suitable for holding it with a big Pete.

The world’s initial tree was restored to health, the Alliance had to give something, and the reward was also repaid. Mew was unwilling to keep Yuzu and the others, and directly used Psychic to take them out of the world’s initial tree.

After throwing Yuzu and the others outside, Mew flew away without looking back, using practical actions to explain what is meant by silver and goods, leaving Yuzu and Gary big eyes staring at small eyes.

Everything is over, Yuzu and Gary plan to leave early tomorrow morning. But it was getting late today, and the two decided to find a place to rest in the vicinity and talk about it overnight.