I Have A Daycare In Pokemon World Chapter 936


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I don’t know how long it took, Yuzu finally woke up, but it was completely dark and I couldn’t see anything.

“You finally wake up! You scared me to death!”

Alyssa’s voice rang in Yuzu’s ears, and Yuzu’s heart settled down instantly, as if the pitch black with no fingers in front of him was nothing.

“Where is this place?”

Yuzu rubbed his eyes and found that the surroundings were still pitch black, and only vaguely saw Alyssa’s shaking shadow.

It seems that my eyes are not the problem, but the environment is like this.

As soon as Yuzu’s voice fell, before Alyssa could answer, a cluster of Cal suddenly rose, but Arcanine was standing next to Yuzu with flames all over her body.

The flame on Arcanine’s body makes the dark space all of a sudden brighten up.

Yuzu was jumped by the sudden appearance of Arcanine and asked quickly: “Why is it here?”

Alyssa helplessly said: “Why is it here? It is the master here.”

Because of Arcanine’s frenzied attack, the ground collapsed on the bottom. Yuzu even fell with Arcanine, who was unconscious and unconscious. Fortunately, Alyssa saved one person and one Pokemon in time.

The place where they fell underground was not elsewhere, it was Arcanine’s lair.

Said it is a lair, it is more appropriate to describe it as a hidden hiding place.

Although Arcanine’s strength is strong, it is far inferior to the neighboring Nido and Kangaskhan clan. For so many years, it and his wife have been able to live here unharmed, relying on this hidden hiding place.

When you can’t beat the enemy, you can find no one as long as you hide here.

The entrances and exits of this place were originally hidden. Didn’t expect a site to sink. Not only did they bring them here directly from the surface, but even the original entrances and exits were destroyed.

When it first fell, Arcanine was not only injured, but also unconscious. It was Alyssa who rescued her and healed her injury. After learning that her son was okay, Arcanine became less excited. .

Yuzu’s physical fitness is not as good as that of Pokemon. Although his injury is much lighter than Arcanine, his recovery has been slower.

After listening to Alyssa’s explanation, Yuzu only looked at the environment he was in for a week. With Arcanine’s fire, he discovered that this is actually a narrow underground tunnel.


He supported his body and slowly stood up with the help of Alyssa, and found that the bones all over his body were aching because of the repercussions left by the fall, and then held breath cold air.

“Arcanine, you have already lost to Alyssa, how about going with me in the future? Your child is also with me. If you follow me, you won’t be separated from father and son.”

Seeing that Arcanine had calmed down, Yuzu endured the sore body and tried to persuade Arcanine.

Seeing that Arcanine was silent, he continued: “You have been living on this island. You have never seen the world outside. You can’t leave here. Don’t you want to take Growlithe out to see? The world is wonderful, and there is no such bloody island. With me, you and Growlithe don’t have to fight like this every day.”

The friendship is not enough, so I can’t talk about it. In order to abduct Arcanine father and son, Yuzu uses a three-inch tongue.

“What you said is true?”

The outside world described by Yuzu really made Arcanine tempted. Not to mention, a stable environment is what Arcanine has always been looking forward to.

If there is a stable and peaceful environment, his wife will not die. Arcanine didn’t want one day her son would be like his wife, who would never come back once he went out.

Seeing that Arcanine’s attitude has loosened, Yuzu hurriedly agreed: “It’s all true, I definitely didn’t lie to you.”

The outside environment is indeed much more stable than here, but people’s hearts are unpredictable, but with her own protection, Arcanine does not have to worry about other things, Yuzu silently thought.

Arcanine has a very straight temper. Seeing Yuzu’s repeated assurances that she can’t beat Gardevoir again, she had to agree, otherwise the human being in front of her might not return her son.

Seeing that Arcanine really agreed, Yuzu grinned to the back of his ears.

Then Yuzu released Growlithe, Arcanine saw that her son was really fine, and finally let go of her hanging heart.

Growlithe just caught Hypnosis and fell asleep, not at all injured, and woke up in Poké Ball a long time ago. When it came out, it was happy to see father, and it became vigilant when it saw Yuzu who had caught him.

However, after hearing that Yuzu is their master after being told by the father, the pure Growlithe became lively again.

The canine Pokemon is famous for its loyalty, and Growlithe and Arcanine are among the most. Arcanine and Growlithe, after the Recognizing Master, are much closer to Yuzu.

“Arcanine, how are we going to get out of here?”

After being happy, Yuzu couldn’t help but worry. The entrances and exits here are blocked, how can I get out?

“Master, please follow me.”

Speaking of Arcanine, they took Growlithe moved towards the other side of this narrow Tunnel, Yuzu and Alyssa hurriedly followed along when they saw it.

This tunnel is really narrow. Yuzu doesn’t have a big problem with walking, but Arcanine, who is taller, looks a bit crowded.

But Arcanine is probably used to it, not at all feeling any discomfort, the petite Growlithe happily followed father behind.

This tunnel is really long. Yuzu hasn’t noticed it before because of the darkness of the environment, but after walking behind Arcanine for a while, he discovered that the tunnel is really long. No wonder Arcanine uses this as a hiding place. .

The fire light on Arcanine’s body is very bright, and the tunnel walls are clearly photographed, which does not affect Yuzu’s walking at all.

But Yuzu’s weird thing is that this is obviously an island and the Tunnel is buried deep underground, but the walls here are extremely dry to the touch, and there is no Damp at all.

No way!

Tunnel’s trend is always going down, which makes Yuzu feel even more strange, so he couldn’t help but ask Arcanine:

“Didn’t we leave here? Why are we going down?”

Arcanine replied: “I want to take my master to see something before I leave here.”

After hearing Arcanine’s answer, Yuzu had to hold his curiosity and continue to follow Arcanine in depth.

I don’t know how long I walked and how many turns I took. With Arcanine’s fire, Yuzu gradually noticed that some sporadic star spars began to appear on the walls of the Tunnel, against the fire. Reflecting brilliance.

Look carefully, this is not Moon Stone!

The overall color of Moon Stone is dark. If there is no reflection of fire light, it is difficult to find in the dark tunnel.

Some of the Moon Stones inlaid on the walls are complete, while others are fragments of large and small.

“Why are there so many Moon Stones here?”

Yuzu asked Arcanine curiously, and from time to time he broke off a bag and put it in the system backpack. It was all money, not for nothing.

“This is the underground of the Nido clan’s territory. They have a Moon Stone vein with rich mineral deposits. Thank you gift should also be part of that Moon Stone vein.”

Arcanine casually explained that they are all Fire Type Pokemon. If Moon Stone is not needed, it has never cared about these Moon Stones.

There are Moon Stone mines, Thunder Stone mines, but no Fire Stone mines on this island. Arcanine evolved in a special situation, and Fire Stone was not used at all.

After listening to Arcanine’s explanation, Yuzu was really stunned. No, when you look for a hiding place, you go to the bottom of other people’s nest?

According to Arcanine, this place is very deep from the surface, and the Nido clan can’t detect it at all, and there is no entrance or exit in the Nido clan’s territory, so there is no need to worry about anything.

After hearing Arcanine’s words, Yuzu felt relieved.

As we go deeper and deeper, more and more Moon Stones appear on the walls of the Tunnel, and they become more and more complete. I don’t know how long they have been walking. The Moon Stones on the walls can be seen everywhere, and they are all complete. , Not even a fragment is gone.

The evolution of the Nido family needs Moon Stone, but they have never found it here, which shows how rich the Moon Stone vein reserves they occupy.

As we continue to deepen, Yuzu has collected a lot of Moon Stone.

Walking, Yuzu suddenly found a Moon Stone very strange, because it has a green light spot in the center, about the size of a fingernail, it is exuding a bright light at this time, and it looks very beautiful .

“What is this?” Yuzu asked Arcanine.

“Moon Stone!” Arcanine replied casually.

“The green light spot in the bedroom!” Yuzu said silently.

“I don’t know.” Arcanine looked blank. “Isn’t this a very ordinary Moon Stone! There are many Moon Stones like this in front!”

More? Normal Moon Stone is not like this!

“Alyssa knows what this is?” Yuzu turned his head to ask Alyssa with this special Moon Stone.

“I don’t know, it feels like a normal Moon Stone.” Alyssa shook the head said he didn’t know.

Seeing that Arcanine and Alyssa didn’t know, Yuzu asked about the system silently.

He has a hunch that the green light spot in Moon Stone is definitely not a normal thing, it feels very strange to Yuzu.

Yuzu’s system interacted with the world at the beginning of this world. It basically belongs to the existence of omniscience and omnipotence, and the problem of Normal can’t make it difficult.

“Please put the Moon Stone in the backpack, I will try to analyze it.”

Yuzu hearing this directly put the Moon Stone into the system backpack, and then continued to follow Arcanine in depth.

About ten minutes later, the system gave Yuzu the answer by

The green light spot in Moon Stone was born in Revival Herb, formed by Revival Herb after countless years of derivation, Moon Stone is like an amber, enveloping Revival Herb.

But unlike Amber, which can completely retain the original appearance of the internally wrapped objects, the Revival Herb wrapped in Moon Stone turned into a green light spot for special reasons.

As for the role of Moon Stone combined with Revival Herb, the system has not yet figured it out.

Yuzu also didn’t expect this Moon Stone to be formed like this. The Revival Herb buried by the earth and the Moon Stone buried deep in the ground have evolved through countless years to form such a special Moon Stone.

Then Yuzu found several Moon Stones like this one after another, and he put them away.

Walking for a while, Yuzu found that his eyes suddenly opened up, the narrow Tunnel disappeared, and replaced by a huge dome space.

The walls of the dome space are inlaid with Moon Stones full of dangling, many of them have a green light spot inside, and these light spots emit soft rays of light, even if there is no Arcanine flame, the whole space is also bright.

I don’t know how many Revival Herbs were buried in the ground, and it took how many years to form so many special Moon Stones.

But the most eye-catching thing is not these special Moon Stones, but the white flames in the center of the dome space that are as tall as a person. This flame is burning out of thin air, as if there is no root without The slightest sign of extinction.

Presumably, the thing Arcanine said to show Yuzu is this flame, because there is nothing more than this flame and the moon stone full of walls, and Arcanine doesn’t like Moon Stone.

Seeing this flame, Yuzu really understands why so many Revival Herbs grow on this island.

Yuzu is so familiar with this flame, I have seen the same flame before, on Mt. Tensei in Kanto.

Yes, this flame comes from Ho-Oh. Only the flame of Ho-Oh can bring such a large LifeEnergy and give birth to so many Revival Herbs.

Ho-Oh didn’t know whether he left a beam of flames on this island intentionally or unintentionally, which brought great changes to the island.

Ho-Oh is worthy of Ho-Oh. Just leaving behind a beam of flames can burn for so many years without extinguishing.

Arcanine will find that this flame is also an accident. It was able to evolve from Growlithe to Arcanine. Without Assist Fire Stone, it relied on this flame.

Yuzu knew before that the birth of purple Aptitude Pokemon was related to mythical beasts. Now it seems that the Nidoqueen of the Nido clan was born because of the influence of this flame, but it didn’t know it itself.

It’s a pity that Arcanine hasn’t gotten the first month near the water tower, and it’s still only blue Aptitude Pokemon.

“Master, can we take this flame away when we leave?” Arcanine asked Yuzu.

Yuzu was silent for a while before reluctantly said: “Forget it, without this flame, this island will no longer have Revival Herb Growth.

Besides, how to take this flame away is also a difficult problem, how to preserve it? I can’t hold it in my hands. Instead of taking it away at the risk of being extinguished, it is better to keep it and continue to benefit the island. “


Arcanine hearing this lost complied, this flame has been with it for so long, and now it’s about to leave, it’s a bit reluctant.

But the flames cannot be taken away, but the Moon Stone Yuzu here can’t be let go, especially those special Moon Stones with some green light spots.

Just when Yuzu was about to dig Moon Stone, the system suddenly remembered: “Host, please take out the egg that Milotic gave you.”

Yuzu was wondering why he had to take out the Pokemon egg, but after listening to the system, the Pokemon egg was taken out of the Pokemon backpack.

When this Pokemon egg was first taken out, there was no response, but a few minutes later, the green light spots in the Moon Stone floated out one after another, all moved towards Pokemon The eggs poured over.

What is going on here? !

Yuzu was so frightened by the movement that he almost threw the Pokemon egg in his hand.

The green light floating from the Moon Stone like a lively little Fairy, cheering excitedly got into the Pokemon egg one after another. I don’t know how much it got in. The Pokemon egg in Yuzu’s hand suddenly glowed Up.

This… is this going to hatch?

The Pokemon egg that hadn’t hatched for so long suddenly hatched, which made Yuzu feel very suddenly. For a moment, he, Gardevoir, Arcanine, and Growlithe all stared at the Pokemon egg that was about to hatch.

What kind of Pokemon will hatch? Yuzu looks forward to this very much.

The rays of light on the Pokemon egg flickered for nearly half an hour, and the egg finally hatched.

“This…this is Kartana?”

Looking at the palm-size Pokemon in front of him, Yuzu couldn’t help but exclaimed. He didn’t expect that he would hatch an ultimate beast.

No wonder he has always felt that this Pokemon egg is surrounded by a special energy field. It turns out that it is the ultimate aura of the ultimate beast.

The palm-sized Kartana floated lightly in the air, revealing an unspeakable closeness to Yuzu.

Kartana became conscious when it was in the Pokemon Egg. It fell into the sea from Ultra Wormhole, and was met and taken away by Manaphy who cruised to the Alola Region. Had it not been for Yuzu, it would have been trapped for life. In the egg.

The environment in the sea is not suitable for Pokemon incubation of Steel Type and Grass Type.

Kartana’s Growl is very special. Neither Alyssa nor Arcanine can understand Kartana’s language, but Yuzu can, his special ability can understand not the Pokemon language itself, but the meaning of Pokemon Growl.

So even though the language of Ultimate Alien Beast is different from ordinary Pokemon, Yuzu can still understand what they mean. Kartana is thanking Yuzu.

Although Kartana has just been born, the imposing manner it exudes is not weaker than that of the Quasi-Elite. I don’t know if this is the characteristic of the ultimate beast or the effect of the few bottles of essence liquid.

In short, those bottles of purple Level essence liquid are not for nothing!

Yuzu took out a system, Special Pokeball, and said to Kartana: “Kartana, I will show you more in the future!”

Kartana didn’t hesitate to extend the hand arm with a single tap, and it was taken into the Poké Ball.

Looking at the Poké Ball with Kartana, Yuzu happily thought: I have a mythical beast if I round it up!

Ultimate beasts are not mythical beasts, but they are as powerful as mythical beasts. Mythical beasts are divine, and they have ultimate aura. It is said that Solgaleo and Lunala, the myths of Alola Region, are also extremely exotic animals in essence.

Thinking about Kartana, Yuzu suddenly thought that the Pokemon egg that Chris Tia had given, which was said to be her grandfather’s relic, also exudes the same special aura as Kartana.

So that’s also the egg of the ultimate beast?

No wonder Burges, the baby egg, turned out to be the egg of the ultimate beast, but he didn’t know where he got the egg.

Yuzu had never seen the ultimate aura before Kartana, so it is not clear that the aura on the two Pokemon eggs is the ultimate aura.

Since Kartana can Assist the green light spots in the Moon Stone to hatch, what about the other one?

Thinking about this, Yuzu hurriedly took out another Pokemon egg, and then the sound of the system came again.

“It’s useless, host. Kartana can be hatched because it is a Grass Type ultra-extreme animal. It has a good affinity with Revival Herb, but the other one cannot.”

Yuzu didn’t believe in evil, and waited for a while while guarding another Pokemon egg, without waiting for any movement.

There is also Moon Stone with green light spots on the wall.

In the end, he could only put away the Pokemon egg. According to Chris Tia, Burges had gotten the egg for a long time, so why didn’t it hatch?

Kartana can’t hatch because it is disturbed by Water Type energy in the sea. Is this Pokemon egg on the contrary, it is Pokemon in water, so it must be hatched in water? (Cracking a joke!)

After taking back the Pokemon egg, Yuzu Kartana let it go, and the newly born Kartana has to cultivate relationships.

Kartana’s incubation made Yuzu very happy. He released all his Pokemon, and everyone digs the Moon Stone together.

In addition to his main force, Pokemon, Yuzu also brought Snover with him. It is Rowlet’s only good friend. Rowlet must take it with him when he goes out.

Yuzu saw that Absol, Roserade, Dragonite, Gengar, and Mismagius were not there this time, so he agreed to Rowlet and brought Snover with him.

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