I Have A Daycare In Pokemon World Chapter 937


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There are a lot of Moon Stones here, and Yuzu impossible takes them all away. He can only take his own Pokemon to dig as much as possible, and give priority to digging those Moon Stones with green light spots inside.

Because a lot of green light spots were consumed when Kartana was hatched, the Moon Stone on the wall was not as shocking as when they first came in, and the brightness in the dome space was reduced by a large amount due to the reduction of the green light spots. cut.

Because they were worried that the Pokemon would dig up this dome space with too much force, Yuzu told them to use Ability to pick up formidable power as much as possible when digging rocks.

So Charizard used Basic Abilities to grab the buckle on the wall and buckle down the Moon Stone one by one. It has wings. No matter it is a high or low Moon Stone, it can’t be bothered. .

Lapras hit the Rock with a small Water Gun. When Moon Stone and Rock fell together, Chimecho followed it to pick up the ready-made ones with the Inner Force the next year, but Lapras couldn’t pick them up anyway.

Bellossom holds the leaf blade formed by the leaf blade in his hand, and hits the Moon Stone firmly inlaid on the wall with a precise cut. It is much easier to work than other Pokemon, but it is short and can only Dig under the wall.

Florges, Venusaur, and Serperior use Vine Whip uniformly to hit Rock and pick Moon Stone at the same time. It is very convenient. Charizard who loves to die and can fly is not bad anymore.

Torterra has inconvenient hands and feet, so I used Razor Leaf Slash Rock, and then used Vivillon, which is very weak and cannot dig a stone.

Breloom waved his palms and used Brick Break Ability to tap on the wall. He was serious about his work, but he was taller than Bellossom, similar to Bellossom’s situation.

Sprouting Deer shoots one after another Seed Bomb. Although it has tried its best to control the Ability formidable power, it still emits bursts of rumbling sound. It had no hand to pick up the Moon Stone that was down by Seed Bomb Smack Down, and Yuzu had to follow it.

Because of the reduction of the green light spots, the light in the dome space has dimmed a lot, so Arcanine and Growlithe father and son are responsible for continuing to illuminate Yuzu.

As for the two Little Brat, Rowlet and Snover, they are pure soy saucers. They dig stones while whispering Hoothoot in the corner. They don’t know what they are discussing.

But what surprises Yuzu is the efficiency of Kartana’s work. Its arm is its knife. It is extremely sharp. You only need to stroke the Rock lightly, and the Rock will immediately divide into two, and every cut is incredibly sharp. smooth.

Under the work with a common purpose of Yuzu and Pokemon, Moon Stone collection is fast. As the number of special Moon Stones decreases, the light in the dome space becomes dim.

When collecting special Moon Stones, Yuzu asked Pokemon to give priority to those with larger green light spots.

Revival Herb is also divided into Levels. According to the different growth years, Revival Herb is divided into three-leaf Revival Herb, five-leaf Revival Herb, seven-leaf Revival Herb and the top rank nine-leaf Revival Herb.

Normal Revival Herb will have three leaves as soon as it sprouts. As long as the three leaves Khoury are ripe, this Revival Herb can be used as medicine. The two Revival Herbs that Yuzu planted before are the lowest three Leaf Revival Herbs.

It does not take too long for the three-leaf Revival Herb to grow. The Normal maturity period is between six and ten months, which means that their growth environment is special. Without a suitable environment, the seeds of Revival Herb will not Sprout, let alone mature, this is why Revival Herb is rare.

The growth of five-leaf Revival Herb is much more difficult. If a Revival Herb wants to grow from three leaves to five leaves and then to mature, it takes at least five to ten years. The specific time depends on their growth. Depending on the quality of the environment.

The environment is too bad, maybe the three leaves Revival Herb has withered before the five leaves grow.

If it is said that making a Max Revive requires the whole three-leaf Revival Herb as medicine to be successful, then the medicinal properties contained in one leaf of Five-leaf Revival Herb can be successfully produced, and one five-leaf Revival Herb can make five A Max Revive.

Revival Herb will not produce seeds until the five leaves. A five-leaf Revival Herb will only produce one seed at a time.

Fortunately, after the five-leaf Revival Herb seed matures, it will not wither itself, but will continue to move towards Seven-leaf Revival Herb Growth. Before it grows into seven-leaf Revival Herb, it will have a flowering period every year. It will bear one seed at a time.

If this were not the case, Revival Herb would have been extinct.

When the five-leaf Revival Herb grows to seven-leaf, it is the real heavenly materials and earthly treasures. Its role is not limited to being a potion. It is said that Pokemon that eats a whole seven-leaf Revival Herb will mutate , The strength far exceeds the Normal family.

Yuzu feels that the Champion Level Nidoking, two Kangaskhan, and the super strong Nidoqueen I met before have eaten a whole seven-leaf Revival Herb.

The mutation of Pokemon may not always be the mutation of the moved towards good direction. If one is not careful, a Pokemon with an extraordinary natural talent may mutate into a waste Pokemon.

However, the mutation brought by Seven Leaf Revival Herb must be the mutation of the moved towards good direction. The benefits of mutation are not only the optimization of various functions of the body, but also the improvement of Aptitude.

However, it is more difficult for Five-leaf Revival Herb to grow to seven-leaf.

First of all, the Growth environment is a big problem. If there is no unusually favorable Growth environment, Five-leaf Revival Herb simply would not move towards Seven-leaf Revival Herb Growth.

The next is the Growth year. The minimum maturity year for Seven-Leaf Revival Herb is 50 years, and the conditions are not enough to extend to a hundred years. The growth period from three leaves to five leaves is nothing compared to this.

Treasures like Revival Herb are easily coveted by Wild Pokemon. It is not easy for Normal Pokemon to keep them growing to five leaves. How can you wait patiently for them to grow to seven leaves and swallow them in one bite? Is the most affordable thing.

And once Revival Herb grows to seven leaves, it will no longer bloom and bear fruit. Propagating and so on is no longer what the seven leaves Revival Herb should consider. It only needs to be beautiful alone.

As for Jiuye Revival Herb, it is a legendary thing, and basically no one has seen it.

The reason why Yuzu knows so much about Revival Herb is thanks to the Joy family.

After Nurse Joy Ce informed him that he was coming to the Unknown Island, he showed him many medical books about Revival Herb collected by the Joy family.

The Joy family has only a few words about Jiuye Revival Herb, and basically has no useful knowledge. According to Nurse Joy Ce, their ancestors were lucky enough to have a Jiuye Revival Herb, but it was too long. Their family has also experienced many things, and the detailed record of Jiuye Revival Herb has long been lost.

According to the system, the green light spots in Moon Stone are at least formed by the five-leaf Revival Herb. The three-leaf Revival Herb may disappear without waiting for the green light spots to form.

The light spot formed by Five-leaf Revival Herb is obviously different from the light spot formed by Seven-leaf Revival Herb. The five-leaf one is only the size of a pinky fingernail, while the seven-leaf one is the size of a thumb fingernail.

However, most of the green light spots here are formed by the five-leaf Revival Herb, and the seven-leaf Revival Herb. Yuzu counted them, and they add up to less than ten yuan.

Seeing that the special Moon Stone was about to be dug out by them, Yuzu greeted everyone to hurry up and leave here early. Even Rowlet and Snover, who have been Slack Off, have worked hard to leave early in order to be able to leave early.

Rowlet uses Ability Leafage to cut the Rock apart, and Snover is responsible for picking up the Moon Stone that has fallen.

At this moment, Snover, who was trying to pick up the stone, suddenly saw a green Cal in the cracks of the stone that was very conspicuous, and it unconsciously walked over.

Take out the things in the cracks of the stone. It turned out to be a Moon Stone with an unusually conspicuous green light spot. The green light spot in this palm-sized Moon Stone almost occupied the entire Moon Stone.

Looking at the Moon Stone in his hand, Snover suddenly found it extremely attractive.

Snover who swallowed saliva: This one seems to be delicious!

It’s very strange. Snover not at all feels special when looking at other Moon Stones, but the Moon Stone in his hand seems to be Captivate: Eat me, eat me.

Finally, Snover’s mind was attracted, and he thrust the entire Moon Stone into his mouth.

A Moon Stone of this size should have been difficult to swallow, but Snover swallowed the Moon Stone without knowing it.

Moon Stone clicked on his stomach and Snover became sober. It looked blankly at the empty right hand: What did I just do? Swallowed a Moon Stone?

The Rowlet who was cutting the stone suddenly noticed that his little friend was missing, and no one picked up the Moon Stone that fell on the ground, and then he saw his little friend in a daze not far away.

Rowlet hurriedly landed on Snover’s head, and asked concerned: “What’s wrong? Are you tired?”

Snover replied stupidly: “I just seemed to have eaten a Moon Stone!”

Hearing these words, Rowlet immediately yelled frightened and flustered.

“Guo, goo, Hoothoot…”

It’s not good, Yuzu, the major event is not good! Snover ate a Moon Stone!

Even if Rowlet is young and immature, he knows that Evolution Stones cannot be eaten, especially Moon Stone, which is not compatible with Snover.

Snover ate Moon Stone?

Hearing Rowlet’s words, Yuzu immediately dropped his job and ran over with Alyssa.

“What’s the matter? Why did you eat Moon Stone for no reason?” Yuzu asked Snover with a serious face.

Snover didn’t know what was going on, so he could only replied blankly: “I didn’t know what was going on, I just thought that Moon Stone was delicious, and then I ate it.”

Looking at Snover’s silly look, Yuzu had to check on it with Alyssa, but Yuzu was not a Pokemon Doctor after all. After checking for a long time, there was nothing abnormal in Snover’s body.


How about? Snover, are you okay?

When Yuzu and Alyssa finished checking, Rowlet asked nervously about the situation of his little friend.

Yuzu shook the head: “I didn’t see what was going on. I will check it with Nurse Joy when I go back.”

Yuzu and their team this time, in addition to Joy Nessie, there is another Nurse Joy. Although she is also a combat Joy, it is said that her medical skills are also quite good.

There was really no abnormality, Yuzu and the others had to swallow the Moon Stone Snover and put it aside, and continued to dig up the stone.

After digging for a while, Yuzu looked at the time on the phone and felt it was almost time, so he took Arcanine and them to leave.

There are too many Moon Stones here, and all the impossible are dug out, so Yuzu had to reluctantly give up.

When leaving, Arcanine glanced reluctantly at the flames that had accompanied her for many years, and left with Yuzu with her son.

In addition to the original entrance to this hiding place, Arcanine and his wife Ninetales later dug an escape route by themselves to prevent one day from being discovered by the Nidos and their family used it to escape.

This escape route was dug by Arcanine and Ninetales for a long, long time. The exit was neither in their own territory nor far away from the Nido clan. When Yuzu was led by Arcanine to choose from the exit, the sky was already dark. Up.

I will stay in the wild overnight if I don’t go back!

After taking the Growlithe back to the Poké Ball, Yuzu took out another Poké Ball and said to Arcanine: “You also enter the Poké Ball.”

Arcanine clicked nodded, tapped the button of Poké Ball and was taken in.

After accepting Arcanine and Growlithe, he overfulfilled the tasks released by the system, and the Pokéblock Recipe was handed over.

Because Yuzu couldn’t tell where he was when he first left the Tunnel, so it took a lot of time to return to the beach, and the sky was completely dark.

Seeing that Yuzu came back safely, Joy Nessie sighed in relief and said: “You can come back, I thought you encountered some danger outside too.”

The other people who went out came back long before dark, and Joy Nessie started to worry when seeing Yuzu that it was dark before returning.

Revival Herb was not picked, and Latias was seriously injured. If something happened to Yuzu, she would really cry to death. How to go back and explain to Mr. Gotto is a problem.

Yuzu waved his hand and said: “I’m fine, but I have gone far, and I was delayed a little time when I came back.

By the way, where is the Young Lady in Joy’s heart, my Snover accidentally ate a Moon Stone. I want to ask her to see it. “

Joy heart is another Nurse Joy besides Joy Nessie.

“Why so careless, I will take you to find her.”

Grass Type Pokemon eating the Moon Stone that is not in harmony with my Attribute is indeed a problem.

Joy’s cruise ship is equipped with all kinds of medical equipment, and Joy’s heart quickly checked Snover’s physical condition.

Looking at the results of the inspection, Joy asked puzzledly: “Are you sure that Snover ate Moon Stone? The results of the inspection are not at all. It’s healthy.”

Yuzu: “Really? Snover did tell me that he ate a Moon Stone by mistake. How could it be okay?”

Joy shook the head: “Just check the results and see that your Snover does not have any problems. Why not, you should always pay attention to the status of Snover when you go back, and come to me if anything goes wrong.”

Yuzu clicked nodded: “This is the only way to trouble you.”

Joy’s heart: “It’s okay, please come to me if you have any questions.”

After returning to the room, Yuzu observed Snover for a while, and saw that there was no problem with it, so he could only put the matter aside.

In the evening before Rest, Yuzu released Arcanine. He was lying on the bed with Arcanine lying next to the bed. He chatted with Pokemon alone.

Arcanine is a neighbor of the Nido clan. Yuzu wants to see if he can find out some news about the Nido clan. After all, they are here for Revival Herb, so they can’t really go back empty-handed.

…more than ten minutes later.

“You just said that Nidoqueen was injured in a fight with other Pokemon?” Yuzu asked curiously, but he was shocked that even a Pokemon could hurt Nidoqueen.

“Yes, that Pokemon is an Aerodactyl. It comes from the deepest part of the island. Because it shocked Arbok, who also lives in the depths of the island, my wife Ninetales will be met by Arbok on the way to Run Away. To.”

Talking with Arcanine for a while, Yuzu has already talked about the understood Ninetales in his mouth. I am very sorry about this, otherwise the family should fall into his own hands neatly at this moment.

Yuzu: Amitabha! Amitabha! Too greedy, sin and sin!

But this island is indeed powerful, even the ancient Pokemon species like Aerodactyl still exists, and its strength can even hurt Nidoqueen and terrifying!

Looking at it this way, the wrong time for this island should be quite long.

The reason Arcanine knows so clearly is because it witnessed the battle with his own eyes.

According to it, although Nidoqueen was seriously injured, Aerodactyl should not take advantage of it. There must be some injuries, but I don’t know the severity.

“I don’t know why, Nidoqueen hasn’t taken Revival Herb to heal his injuries after being injured.”

Arcanine casually said that the reason why it knew that Nidoqueen’s injury was not healed was because it overheard the conversation between two Nidokings, the confidants of the two Nidoking fighters, Nidoqueen.

“Wait, you said Nidoqueen’s injury is not healed yet?”

Yuzu all of a sudden got up from the bed and looked towards Arcanine with surprise.

“Yes…Yes!” Arcanine was taken aback by Yuzu’s frightened and flustered movements.

Received an affirmative answer, Yuzu began to ponder: No, the Nido clan sits on a large number of Revival Herbs, and Nidoqueen shouldn’t be dragged to death even if he is seriously injured.

However, Yuzu quickly figured out the reason for this. Yes, the injured Pokemon swallows Revival Herb. There are side effects and will drop. Arcanine doesn’t know, but Yuzu knows too well. The Nido clan who occupied Revival Herb all the year round Also clear.

If it is usually that’s all, but at this moment, the Nido clan is facing the prying eyes of the arch enemy Aerodactyl. Once the asylum Nidoqueen loses rank, it will be a disaster for them.

Even if it only drops Level 1, whether it is the Nido clan or their affiliated Kangaskhan clan, the best outcome will be expelled, and Boss Nidoqueen will be killed.

Aerodactyl is impossible to keep Nidoqueen, the enemy of life and death, alive.

Level 99 and 100 miles are not a concept at all!

Level 99 Pokemon can also be called Grandmaster Rank Pokemon, but the ordinary Pokemon of 10Level 0 is just as good as the Normal mythical beast.

The news of Nidoking’s serious injury but not healed made Yuzu think of a lot in an instant. This may be their breakthrough in obtaining Revival Herb this time.

After thinking about it for a long time, Yuzu decided to discuss with Joy Nessie tomorrow and come up with a practical plan.

Thinking about this, both Yuzu and Arcanine fell asleep in a daze.

Only in the middle of the night, Yuzu was woken up by Rowlet with his wings.

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