I Have A Daycare In Pokemon World Chapter 940


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Yuzu When the cruise ship they took arrived in Cerulean City, it was late. They stayed at the Pokemon Center first. Early the next morning, Joy Nessie and the rest of the Joy family said goodbye to Yuzu.

Joy Nessie came to Kanto because of a transfer. It was also a convenient way to go to Hoenn to pick up Yuzu. Now that her mission has been completed and her position has arrived, she naturally has to part ways with Yuzu.

As for the others, they were anxious to take Revival Herb back to life, and they had to hurry up and leave.

Joy Nessie and the others left very early, because they were a little tired when they came back, and some were not used to the sudden change of the environment, so Yuzu did not sleep well when they said goodbye to them. When they left, he went to sleep again Come back to sleep.

When he woke up, the sun had already risen high, and when he came out of the room, Nurse Joy of Cerulean City Pokemon Center smiled and greeted him.

“Did you sleep well? Are you hungry? I asked Chansey to prepare something for you?”

The Nurse Joy at Cerulean City Pokemon Center is named Joy Lan, who is the insider of Yuzu and their operation. When Joy Nessie left, she told her to entertain Yuzu.

“You’re welcome!” Joy Blue smiled slightly.

Soon Chansey delivered a carefully prepared dinner to Yuzu’s table.

The fried eggs in the breakfast are made from Chansey’s eggs. The cooking method is very unique and delicious.

The Chansey eggs mentioned here are not the eggs from which Chansey reproduces their offspring, but they are special eggs produced by using Soft Boiled Ability.

Soft Boiled Ability is a healing ability, but when used, there will be a certain probability that real eggs will be produced. This kind of egg is a simple food that cannot hatch or breed life, but it is delicious and very nutrition.

When Chansey practiced Soft Boiled Ability, when a whole egg was laid, their Soft Boiled Ability would not produce a second egg in the next three days.

In other words, even the most productive Chansey can only lay one egg every three days.

Yuzu’s six Chanseys often lay these eggs for him. Audino will make these eggs into delicious dishes, so it is not the first time Yuzu has eaten this kind of eggs.

However, Audino’s cooking method is its own figured out, which is very different from Joy Lan’s cooking method. Both have their own merits.

It is said that Blissey’s eggs will be more delicious, but this Yuzu has never eaten it. None of his Chansey has evolved into Blissey.

Nurse Joy Ce does have Blissey, but Yuzu has never seen her entertain herself with Blissey’s eggs. Maybe the two of them are “plastic friendship”. You have to ask her next time.

Chansey is hard to see in the outside world. Of course, their eggs are relatively rare. They are basically in the hands of the Joy family, but the Joy family does not open a restaurant, so naturally not many people can eat them.

Some people with channels can also get some Chansey’s eggs, but the scarcity is more expensive, and ordinary people want to eat them. Even if there are channels, the price is not cheap.

After eating breakfast, Yuzu sent back the Pokemon that had been conquered on Unnamed Island through the Pokemon center’s teleporter, otherwise he would not take care of it with him.

While talking with Audino, Yuzu also specifically asked him, which are thorns, need to be adjusted, so as not to enter the Ecology Park and make trouble.

Ending the conversation with Audino, Yuzu plans to go to the backyard of the Pokemon Center to train Pokemon.

On the way back, he thought about it for a long time, and finally decided to take Snover into the main team. Although Aptitude was mutated, it was still at the bottom of the team, but its abilities in other areas were outstanding.

Besides, he and Rowlet are good friends, and training with the two Little Brats is also fun.

Apart from this, although Kartana has quasi-Elite strength from birth, she actually has very little Ability, and she needs other Pokemon to teach it.

Yuzu’s Pokemon learning Ability is actually very easy. There are many Pokemon in Ecology Park. Different Pokemon will have different Ability. If Yuzu’s main force Pokemon wants to learn Ability (provided it can learn well), just go to the corresponding If one of the Pokemon is not able to teach, he will ask the other Pokemon of the same Ability to teach. Anyway, he can always learn.

Yuzu, the Trainer, is relaxed.

Now it’s the turn of these main Pokemons to teach Kartana.

Kartana’s innate talent is very high, especially in the ability of swords, swords, chopping, slashing, etc., it has the comprehension ability blessed by heaven. On the way back, he not only comprehended Sacred Sword and Juhe Sword, but also in Bellossom. Learned the blade blade under the guidance of Vivillon, and learned the Air Cutter under the guidance of Vivillon.

Apart from this, when Kartana was born, Yuzu’s Divine Vision Ability did not work. After a while, Yuzu discovered that Kartana’s situation under Divine Vision Ability was the same as when Yuzu watched mythical beasts.

Divine Vision can only see the Attribute and Characteristic Trait of mythical beast and the Ability they have learned. Aptitude and Level are all invisible under the cover of divinity, and Kartana is the same.

The ultimate aura around it is somewhat similar to the characteristic trait of mythical beast.

Two years ago, Yuzu was about to leave the backyard of the Pokemon Center after training Pokemon. Suddenly, he saw a few children talking outside the fence of the backyard.

“Today, I will show you the Pokemon that my father brought me from Hoenn.”

The one who spoke first was a Little Fatty. When he talked about the Pokemon his father gave him, his nose was so high.

“Really? Show us quickly!”

A little girl was very interested in the Pokemon in Little Fatty’s mouth. When she looked at Little Fatty, she blinked her big water-like eyes, and she made Little Fatty feel amused.

This group of children are about 5~6 years old. Yuzu saw Little Fatty proudly showing off in front of the little girl, and found it interesting, so he stopped and listened to both ears.

Hearing the urging of the little girl, the other friends also yelled.

“Yeah, yeah, let us see!”

“Hurry up and show Pokemon to us…”


Looking at the envious eyes of the friends, Little Fatty became even more proud, and at the little girl who had spoken earlier, she cast a self-confidently charming wink, and Yuzu laughed haha ​​in her heart.

Nowadays, young children are really precocious. At this age, they begin to know to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

It’s just that the little girl probably didn’t notice Little Fatty’s self-expression at all, she just wanted to quickly look at Pokemon that Little Fatty said.

In the endless calls of the friends, Little Fatty took out the Poké Ball and released his Pokemon. It was a very energetic Taillow.

This Taillow landed on Little Fatty’s shoulder as soon as it came out, yelled to the children mentally, and then rubbed Little Fatty’s cheeks, very close to Little Fatty.

Little Fatty’s chubby little hands in the depths gently touched Taillow’s little head, looking at Taillow very much.

“Wow, I really haven’t seen Pokemon!”

“It’s great, I want one too.”

“This Pokemon Teacher said in class, it is Taillow…”

“I want to touch it, it’s so cute!”


Everyone talking at once, Taillow is not afraid of life, looking around in his round eyes, looking inexplicably like Little Fatty, and Yuzu wants to laugh again.

“Shall we touch it?”

The little girl looked at Little Fatty expectantly.

“When…Of course!”

At the sight of the little girl, Little Fatty immediately boiled with excitement, his excited ears were red, subconsciously trying to straighten up his “stalwart” chest, but only straightened out his belly.

“No…but you have to be careful! My hero is still young!”

When it was over, Little Fatty added another sentence, and his cheeks went red immediately, for fear that the little girl might feel stingy.

Under the command of the master, the Taillow hero came to the hands of the little girl, allowing the little girl to stroke the smooth feathers of her back.

Hearing that Little Fatty named his Taillow the name “hero”, Yuzu almost laughed in his heart. Little Fatty is really funny.

The little girl was able to touch Taillow, and the other friends immediately cast envy eyes.

“That’s great, I want to touch it too!”

“Fat brother, can you also touch me?”


Hearing the requests from the friends, Little Fatty immediately refused.

“How can my hero let you touch it, but my father took me to buy it at YuYu’s Day Care! Do you know YuYu’s Day Care? This is Hoenn’s famous Pokémon Day Care, his boss is still Gym Leader!”

When I heard Little Fatty’s show off, my friends became even more envious.

“Wow, that’s amazing!”

“I also want to visit YuYu’s Day Care!”

“Gym Leader is amazing!”


Hearing this, Yuzu was taken aback. Didn’t expect this child’s Pokemon to be bought from his shop.

Soon he confirmed that Little Fatty was not lying, and the Poké Ball in his hand did have the YuYu’s Day Care logo on it.

The Poké Ball used by YuYu’s Day Care to install Pokemon was bought by Yuzu from the Trainer store of the system. It is not much different from the Poké Ball outside, except that the Poké Ball white side of the Poké Ball was carefully tattooed by the system. A small YuYu’s Day Care trademark, very easy to confirm.

Little Fatty praised YuYu’s Day Care and his Pokémon Day Care Boss for the fact that there is nothing on the earth, and Yuzu, the client, was very sorry. The awkward toes can be buckled out of the three rooms on the ground.

On the contrary, Little Fatty’s words caused the friends to exclaim. In fact, the friends didn’t know how amazing what Little Fatty was talking about. They just didn’t know how serious they were. Little Fatty didn’t know it. Just repeat the words.

“Do you know, my dad took me to Hoenn to watch the Pokemon Contest, do you know the Pokemon Contest? And Wallace Grandmaster…”

Listening to Little Fatty’s talk, Yuzu realized that Little Fatty’s father took him to see the Wallace Cup and bought him a normal Aptitude Taillow at YuYu’s Day Care.

Ordinary Pokemon is very easy to buy at YuYu’s Day Care. Unlike the high Aptitude Pokemon, you not only need to make an appointment, but also accept the test of YuYu’s Day Care.

Just when Little Fatty said saliva splash across, another little boy came over.

The little boy looked a little cowardly, holding a Fomantis in his arms and wearing a black vest. He seemed to be from a wealthy family.

“Look, Hoichi is here!”

“Haoyi also brought a Pokemon here!”

“What Pokemon is that? I haven’t seen it?”

“I don’t know, Teacher didn’t talk about it in class.”


When the little boy in the vest came over, the little children screamed.

Seeing Haoyi attracting the attention of the friends, Little Fatty pouted dissatisfiedly.

“Koichi, what is your Pokemon’s name? It’s so cute!”

“Pokemon for Fat Brother bought from YuYu’s Day Care, is that yours too?”


The friends were discussing around Haoyi everyone talking at once. Hao Ippei didn’t like talking at all. Seeing everyone around him, he immediately took two steps back.

“Okay! Don’t you all surround Hao Yi! Hao Yi doesn’t like this!”

At this time, the little girl yelled and cleared Hao Yi, but when she looked towards Fomantis in Hao Yi’s arms, her eyes sparkled.

Seeing that the friends were no longer as enthusiastic as before, Hoichi’s expression recovered, and he answered the questions of the friends one by one.

“It’s called Fomantis, and it’s Pokemon of Grass Type.”

“This is not my Pokemon. Dad bought it for elder sister. Elder sister asked Fomantis to play with me.”

“Well, Dad said I bought it at YuYu’s Day Care, but Fomantis is not Hoenn’s Pokemon, but a Pokemon unique to Alola Region.”


This little boy named Hoichi knew all about Fomantis very clearly, and satisfied the curiosity of the friends one by one.

But Yuzu didn’t expect. Within this day, he actually met two YuYu’s Day Care customers, who were still in the remote Kanto Region, and he was a little proud for a while.

My business is still doing good!

Different from Taillow, this Fomantis is a genuine green Aptitude Pokemon. You can buy it. Obviously it has passed the test of YuYu’s Day Care.

Now the customers of the old YuYu’s Day Care store are basically Suzuki Mina in charge. Yuzu himself has no impression of the Fomantis and the customers who bought it.

But this Fomantis has obviously been trained for a while, unlike the Taillow, which looks very young.

Seeing that the eyes of the little friends and little girls are turning around Hoichi and Fomantis, Little Fatty is not happy!

“Hey! Koichi, let’s have a battle!”

Hoichi embarrassed and said: “But…but…Fomantis is not my Pokemon, it’s my elder sister.”

Little Fatty waved his chubby hand, and said indifferently, “What’s the matter with this, just a fight, and nothing else. You wouldn’t say that Fomantis doesn’t listen to you? Then you are too indifferent. Used it!”

Koichi is very reluctant: “I…I…”

The other friends are also booing.

“Have a fight, we all want to see!”

“Yes, yeah, Koichi, go on!”


Only the little girl looked at Hoichi’s eyes a little worried.

Fomantis looks cute, but in fact he is not mild-tempered. When he sees his master’s younger brother being bullied, how can he sit back and watch, jump out of Hoichi’s arms angrily, and glance at Little Fatty and Taillow with contempt.


Looking at Fomantis’ movements, Ho opened his mouth.

Seeing Fomantis jumping out, both Little Fatty and Taillow thought that Haoyi accepted the challenge and directly directed Taillow to launch an attack on Fomantis.

“Taillow, use Peck attack!”

Taillow immediately turned into a sharp arrow, and pecked Fomantis with a white light from his mouth.

But the untrained Taillow, which is Fomantis’ Rival, Fomantis used Leafage Ability to sweep out blades of green leaves, and Taillow fainted.


Seeing Taillow fainting, Little Fatty immediately ran over and picked Taillow up nervously.

Seeing that Fomantis solved Taillow so easily, the friends onlookers exclaimed and looked at Koichi with admiration.

Haoyi refused: This has nothing to do with me, I just lie down to win!

Just as the friends were discussing Koichi and Fomantis, a silly voice came.

“What did the little brothers say so happy? Talk to the big brother too!”

Fifty or six Hooligan wore a Kill Matt hairstyle and shook his head and walked into Yuzu’s line of sight.

Yuzu:? ? ?

I just watch the excitement of a few children casually. Where did these few kill Matt come from? Is there really Hooligan who troubles the little child? Isn’t it?

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