I Have A Daycare In Pokemon World Chapter 965


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Struggle for a long time, Yuzu finally got his wish and sat up, judging from the salty sea breeze blowing into the cave that he was still at the beach.

He touched two Pokemon eggs on the side and said to himself: “Little Brat, where am I?”

These two Pokemon protein have blue stripes. Yuzu can almost recognize what Pokemon’s egg is. He thought: Did Pelipper save himself?

Dragonite came back with a bunch of Berry and Pelipper and saw Yuzu sitting there in a daze, but Yuzu’s awakening finally let go of its hanging heart.

Seeing Dragonite and Pelipper one after the other flying into the cave, Yuzu noticed that the cave he was in was actually on a cliff by the sea. It would be deadly if you accidentally fell down.

The cliff is not directly under the sea, but a rocky beach full of rocks.

“Quick, quick!” Yuzu, how is your body?

Dragonite put down Berry in his arms and asked about your family.

Yuzu patted Dragonite’s arm said with a smile: “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Max Revive deserves to be a healing medicine. Although Yuzu still feels pain in his body, it is basically no problem.

After Dragonite’s explanation, Yuzu realized that Pelipper had taken him in a coma and the injured Dragonite. The cave where they are now is Pelipper’s home, so he smiled and said to Pelipper, “Thank you, Pelipper. .”

Pelipper hearing this didn’t respond much, just lying silently beside his two children.

It’s not entirely right to say that it’s child. To be precise, it adopted both of these Pokemon eggs.

Pelipper and Wingull are not gregarious Pokemon, so when the Sea Territory environment is affected by Dewgong, the Pelipper and Wingull living in this Sea Territory will gather.

The Pelipper in front of me is the boss temporarily recommended by other Pelipper and Wingull.

In the process of harassing the water fleet to try to solve the ecological mutation near the Sea Territory, the parents of the two Pokemon eggs were sacrificed in the hands of the water fleet, so Pelipper will adopt these two children after the matter is over .

It’s actually only unmarried Pokemon.

If the unhatched Pokemon eggs are in the wild without their parents, the probability that they can hatch successfully is very low.

Seeing that Pelipper ignored him, Yuzu didn’t say much, just took out some food from the system backpack and ate it. Hoothoot, who was already hungry, called out.

As for the Berry brought back by Dragonite…Forget it…not all Berry are suitable for human taste.

After eating, Yuzu released his Pokémon again, gave them Pokéblock, and also prepared a portion for Pelipper. Pelipper was at ease when he ate, and he didn’t even think of rejection.

It took a long time for Yuzu to figure out that he had been in a coma all night, and it was now 2nd day before the end of their battle, but Mismagius was gone…

In order to prevent his disappearance from causing other disturbances, Yuzu quickly took out the communicator and contacted Brawly, and soon Brawly’s anxious voice rang from the communicator.

“Yuzu, it’s Yuzu.”

“It’s me.”

“It’s really you, very good, are you okay? Where are you now? Everyone has been looking for you since yesterday.”

“I’m fine, I just suffered a little injury. I am completely healed now. Don’t worry about me, I will go back soon. By the way, did you find my Mismagius?”

“It’s fine! Mismagius is with us, don’t worry, it’s also worried about you, it’s been looking for you.”


Hang up the conversation with Brawly, Yuzu let out a long sigh of relief.

Brawly also sighed in relief after receiving the news that Yuzu was safe, in public or in private, he didn’t want Yuzu to be in trouble.

Mismagius also got news from Yuzu soon, and finally didn’t feel so worried. Although it wanted to see Yuzu immediately, it also knew that waiting for Yuzu to come back on Dewford Island was the most correct way.

After talking to Brawly, Yuzu learned about the subsequent handling of the water fleet after the battle.

Although the people of the water fleet ran away, they could not take away many things from the uninhabited island experimental base, including the experimental subjects of the inhuman Pokemon experiment.

When Officer Jenny brought people in, all the subjects had already died. For this reason, Alliance announced the evil deeds of the Water Fleet and increased its search for the Water Fleet. In the future, the Water Fleet may be called out by everyone in the party members.

He also learned from Brawly that the Dewgong turned out to be a Pokemon from the Elite candidate of the Hoenn Alliance.

The alternate Elite has come to Dewford Island now, with the goal of finding his Dewgong. But he may be disappointed.

This alternate Elite is the last of the alternate Elite of the Hoenn Alliance, and only Dewgong is the only Elite Pokemon in his hand. Without Dewgong, he will eventually be removed from the alternate Elite position.

It’s terrible!

Of course, his Dewgong was caught because of the mission, so although he will be removed from the alternate Elite, he will also be compensated by Alliance.

According to the alternate Elite, the person who captured his Dewgong was notorious the thief Brodie, which is also Team Rocket’s Executive Ariana.

Ariana’s real name is Miyuki, but now few people call her by this name. Everyone calls her Ariana, and sometimes the name Brodie.

But Yuzu was surprised that the Dewgong disappeared for no apparent reason. Yuzu did see that Dewgong died with his own eyes. It stands to reason that there should be a dead body. How could nothing be found?

Was washed away by the sea? Or was it sneaked away by people from the Water Fleet?

I really didn’t figure it out, Yuzu could only put this matter aside.

But as soon as Yuzu put the communicator away, he saw two Pokemon eggs next to Pelipper appearing white light at the same time.

“Hey?” Pelipper looked at his two children with horror. When he was a parent for the first time, he didn’t know what the white light meant.

“They are about to hatch!” Yuzu promptly reminded.

On hearing Yuzu’s words, the expression on Pelipper’s face changed from horror to surprise. It also didn’t expect that the two children whose parents and birth time are completely different will hatch at the same time.

After the white light disappeared, two small and lovely Wingull appeared on the spot. The first thing they saw was not Pelipper, but Yuzu who was sitting opposite.

The newly born Wingull can’t fly yet. They jumped to Yuzu’s side, rubbing against Yuzu’s clothes intimately, and behaved extremely close to Yuzu.


Seeing this scene, the expression of Pelipper who has worked so hard to incubate the egg splits: Babies, I am your father!

Yuzu touched the fluffy feathers of the Wingulls, then looked at Pelipper’s expressionless expression, and couldn’t help laughing heartily.

However, after the two little Wingulls have been intimate with Yuzu for a while, they also behaved very close to Pelipper, which made Pelipper reluctantly stick his broken heart together again.

In order to heal his injuries, Yuzu stayed at Pelipper’s house for two more days. After two days of training, Yuzu’s physical pains finally disappeared completely.

In the past two days, Yuzu will regularly report safety to Sepak Takraw to prevent worrying that side because of his delay. Mismagius also made a video call with Yuzu on the communicator. Seeing that Yuzu’s hands and feet are healthy, he finally felt relieved.

Under the careful guidance of Pelipper, the two little Wingulls quickly learned to fly. Pelipper immediately became a full-time dad incarnation, and every day all took the children out.

After he recovered from his injury, Yuzu decided to bid farewell to Pelipper. Wingulls were very unwilling to learn that Yuzu was going to leave, and refused to let Yuzu go. This embarrassed both Yuzu and Pelipper.

Yuzu thought for a long time, and finally said to Pelipper: “Pelipper, or take the Wingulls and walk with me, I can give you a better life.”

Pelipper can be selected as a temporary boss by thousands of other Pelippers and Wingulls in this Sea Territory. The strength and Aptitude are both very good, green Aptitude, Level 55.

Such conditions are not unsightly for Yuzu.

Dragonite on the side: I feel like my Trainer is like a scumbag who tricks an ignorant girl with rhetoric. (Note: Pelipper is male!)

Yuzu: Don’t talk nonsense, I am at Return, repaying Pelipper for his life-saving and acceptance.

Dragonite: Do you think I’m believing or not?

Yuzu:. . .

Yuzu originally thought it would take a lot of effort to convince Pelipper to go with him, so he didn’t expect Pelipper to think about it and agreed.

The main reason is that Pelipper’s impression of Yuzu is still very good. Yuzu rescued other Pokemon in the nearby Sea Territory from Dewgong.

Also, after Yuzu has been feeding Pokéblock for the past two days, Pelipper feels that he can no longer adapt to the days when he can only eat Berry all day long. He knows that Pokéblock is very good for the growth of two little Wingulls.

The Aptitudes of the two little Wingulls are not good, one is the worst red Aptitude, and the other is the slightly better orange Aptitude. Pelipper wants to give them a better life, and it is the best choice to follow Yuzu.

Pelipper, who is not too old, is also broken for the child.

In this way, Pelipper took the children and left home with Yuzu and Dragonite.

Yuzu was riding Dragonite with a Pelipper and two little Wingull Flying on the sea. Suddenly, the Flying Dragonite suddenly stopped with a brake, and even Yuzu suddenly looked towards the distance with a serious face.

Unknown Pelipper, two Wingulls:? ? what happened? Why did you stop suddenly?

“Geng!” I don’t know when, Gengar lurking in Yuzu’s shadow floated out, hovering beside Yuzu and Dragonite, his face disappeared from the old humor.

Because of Perish Song, Gengar was taken into Poké Ball by Yuzu for a long time. This is why Mismagius could not find Gengar through special induction. At this moment, Gengar has returned to Yuzu’s shadow space.

Soon Pelipper knew the reason why Dragonite stopped suddenly. A big dark ship appeared on the sea. There were tattered canvas hanging on the ship. All around was filled with weird Mist. The terrifying aura from above let It shiver coldly.

Ghost ship!

Looking at the weird ship getting closer and closer to him, Yuzu said silently in his heart.

Ghost ships are mysterious ships that wander at sea. It is said that anyone who sees them will disappear for no reason. Ghost ships don’t show up easily, and average person can’t be found even if they want to find them. They only show up when they want to show up.

Soon this huge Ghost ship arrived in front of Yuzu and the others. This huge ship appeared in the shadow of the white fog, making it difficult to see what’s going on on the ship.

crash-bang ……

Yuzu suddenly heard a sound of interlacing chains, and then Yuzu saw a dark green, moss-covered chain moved towards him and Dragonite and shot it over.


Dragonite used Dragon Claw to protect him, blocked the chain and wiped it out one after another Ember. The chain was directly bounced and retracted into the mist again.

But that chain is enough for Yuzu to see its true body with Divine Vision Ability.


Attribute: Ghost, Grass

Characteristic Trait: Steel Ability Man

Gender: None

Aptitude: Azure

Level :75

Ability: Absorb, Growth, Rapid Spin, Astonish, Mega Drain, Tight Beam, Gyro Ball, Metal Sound, Anchor Shot, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Slam, Heavy Slam, Phantom Force, Power Whip, Rain Dance, Shadow Claw, Sword Dance, Giga Impact, Grass Knot, Flash Cannon, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Synthesis, Spite, Pain Split.

It is indeed the Pokemon in the Ghost ship!

Yuzu was a little surprised after reading it! It’s just that Dhelmise usually lives in Alola. He didn’t expect to see him in Hoenn, and the level is still so high. Is this still a Ghost ship cruising around the world?

crash-bang ……

There was another sound of chain movement, and then several more chains shot out from the fog again. The targets were Yuzu and Dragonite.

clang! clang! clang!

The chains were bounced one by one by Dragonite with Dragon Claw, and more and more chains were shot out from the fog, and the clanging sound of the collision between Dragon Claw and the chains was endless.

The Gengar on the side used Shadow Ball moved towards the Ghost ship in the fog to shoot, but when countless Shadow Balls fell into the fog, they seemed to throw a stone and see it sink without trace in the sea, without causing any movement. .

“Wow, yo wow!”

Just when Dragonite and Dhelmise were fighting against you and me, a deep Growl suddenly appeared in the mist.

I was surprised when I heard this Growl Yuzu: This is…

crash-bang ……

After the appearance of this Growl, all the chains of Dhelmise suddenly retracted into the fog. Then Yuzu saw the fog dissipate on the bow of the Ghost ship, and the ghosts lined up with Pokemon neat and tidy arranged on it, as if Greeting his own king.

“Wow, yo wow!”

Growl sounded again.

The Ghost Pokemon on the ship stepped aside, forming a spacious passage, and a tall silhouette slowly walked out of the passage.

Dusknoir ……

Yuzu said silently to this silhouette.


Attribute: Ghost

Characteristic Trait: Pressure

Gender: None

Aptitude: Blue

Level :96

Ability: Night Shade, Disable, Astonish, Shadow Sneak, Foresight, Will-O-Wisp, Confuse Ray, Curse, Hex, Shadow Ball, Mean Look, Psychic, Swagger, Infestation, Psych up, Trick Room, Dark Pulse , Substitute, Dream Eater, Sleep Talk, Shadow Punch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Gravity, Focus Blast, Memento, Haze, Focus Punch, Pain Split.

After reading Dusknoir’s data, Yuzu’s face became extremely serious. Dusknoir of Grandmaster Rank, this is not the Rival he can handle at all.

However, things were not at all moved towards the direction Yuzu thought.

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