I Have A Daycare In Pokemon World Chapter 966


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Dusknoir used Ability Trick Room as soon as it appeared. Its speed was originally not fast, so under the blessing of Trick Room, it was in front of Yuzu and the others in an instant.

Dusknoir’s approach caused both Dragonite and Gengar to stand on their heads, and their whole bodies were on guard. However, Dusknoir did not attack Yuzu, but hugged Yuzu with thick arms.

“Yoyo, yoyo wow.”

Dusknoir screamed softly, but Yuzu heard too much emotion and sigh from its low hum.

“You… Are you Dusknoir of Ignacio?”

The moment he was hugged by Dusknoir, Yuzu was also frightened, but after hearing its Growl, he finally recognized Dusknoir’s identity, and he was more surprised by the reunion.

“Yeah, wow!”

Dusknoir released Yuzu and nodded.

“You…you are still alive…then Ignacio…” Yuzu said with emotion.

Hearing Yuzu mentioning his master, Dusknoir felt bitter. It can meet Yuzu again over a thousand years, but the master cannot…

Seeing that Dusknoir’s mood fell down, Yuzu’s mood all of a sudden became a lot worse.

Yes, a thousand years have passed, Ignacio impossible is still alive.

For Yuzu, the more than two years of stay in Arus was only what happened two years ago, but for Ignacio and Dusknoir, more than a thousand years have passed.

Ignacio, Prince of Arus, and Yuzu met across time and space together, and then lived together for more than two years in the age of the Arus Empire, witnessing the demise of Arus.

speaking of which, Dusknoir was not Ignacio’s Pokemon at first. It was originally Ignacio’s Pokemon of Hubert. When Hubert died, he asked Dusknoir to protect Ignacio. Since then it has become Ignacio’s Pokemon.

Ignacio is the first generation of this lineage of Yuzu and Mr. Gotto. It is a pure Grass Type Trainer. Dusknoir is his only one and not Grass Type Pokemon.

After a lot of emotion, Dusknoir invited Yuzu and Dragonite to board the ship together. Dragonite, Gengar and Dusknoir would not meet again. They were very happy with each other.

Only the Pelipper and Wingull who followed were unknown, so they were still shiver coldly. They flew to the mast and squatted obediently and honestly as soon as they boarded the ship, not daring to look around.

In addition to Dusknoir and Dhelmise who just started attacking Yuzu on this Ghost ship, there are also many other Ghost Pokemons, such as Gengar, Sableye, Banette, etc., all of which have fairly high levels.

Yuzu and their boarding attracted a secret onlooker from the “crew” on the ship. This was the first time that their ship invited humans to come over. They knew that these elders had been looking for someone. Could it be this person they were looking for?

After boarding the Ghost ship, Yuzu found that, except for the canvas hung on the mast, the ship itself was very well maintained, with no signs of damage.

And the layout of the cabin is also very suitable for people to live in, there is no such gloomy feeling that Ghost looks at the outside of the ship.

After some conversation, Yuzu learned about the development of the village Ignacio had built with them after he left.

Back then, most of the territory of the Arus Empire was destroyed by Groudon, so the Frantz Empire did not at all take a lot of effort to manage it after occupying it, and it didn’t take long for this area to fall into chaos.

Because of the fear of the Frantz Empire killing to the last one, Ignacio has always lived incognito. Later, after the village developed better and better, he built a city so that the people in the city could live and work in peace.

Later, thanks to the efforts of Ignacio’s descendants, the city was found to be a small kingdom. Although the kingdom is not large, the people live happily.

Ignacio told Dusknoir before his death that if it can live to the time of Yuzu, must find him, so Dusknoir has been looking for Yuzu for these years.

However, the Hoenn continental plate more than a thousand years ago is not the same as the current Hoenn continent. Many locations are located at different locations. It is not easy for Dusknoir to find Yuzu.

Furthermore, Dusknoir doesn’t remember the time of Yuzu’s era very clearly. It doesn’t know exactly when Yuzu will be born.

So Dusknoir has driven the Ghost ship to wander the sea for most of the years, leaving many legends.

The Ghost Pokemon on the ship were taken by Dusknoir while searching for Yuzu. As for the Elite Dhelmise, it is the only one still alive in the Ignacio Grass Type Pokemon.

Grass Type Pokemon is a long-lived species in Pokemon, but it is far worse than Ghost Pokemon. Ghost Pokemon that can live for more than a thousand years are rare, let alone Grass Type that lives for more than a thousand years Pokemon is out.

Dhelmise was picked up by the sea when Ignacio was old. Ignacio didn’t teach him how long he died, and then he followed Dusknoir.

I was able to meet Yuzu by chance here today. This is something Dusknoir didn’t expect. It can be said that it is unintentional positive outcomes that are deliberately planted.

After chatting for a long time, Dusknoir suddenly told Yuzu that he would take Yuzu to a place where Ignacio left him his legacy.

Yuzu wanted to ask where Dusknoir was going, but Dusknoir was sold off.

Then Yuzu saw the entire Ghost ship flying into the sky under the control of many Ghost Pokemon, gradually leaving the sea, and the direction they were flying was not the sea, but land.

After flying for about a long time, Yuzu saw a castle greeted him. Below the castle is a small town, and the town is full of busy people.

After Dusknoir introduced Yuzu, I learned that this is the small kingdom established by Ignacio’s descendants and has continued to this day.

There are still many small kingdoms like this in Pokemon world, mainly in the three regions of Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Kalos. Yuzu only knew it before, and it’s the first time I saw it today.

Such a small kingdom is a product of the old age. The land area is very small, and Normal is only the size of a town.

It’s just that when the Pokemon Alliance revolutionized, they took the lead to vote and gave the Alliance a lot of help, so they were able to survive and have a high degree of autonomy.

But in essence, they are similar to Alliance’s Normal city status.

The Ghost ship suddenly appeared in the Sky of the Kingdom and quickly attracted the attention of the residents of the town below, but when they looked towards the Ghost ship, their gazes were mostly amazed, but they didn’t have several points of fear.

The people of the kingdom mostly know that there is a Ghost ship that appears and disappear unpredictably in the kingdom. It has existed since the establishment of the kingdom. It has a high status in the kingdom, but not many people have seen it.

Dusknoir has been wandering outside for many years. The last time he returned to the kingdom was more than 20 years ago, so it is not surprising that the residents of the kingdom have not seen the Ghost ship.

The reason why it happened to meet Yuzu this time is because it plans to land from the location of Pelipper’s home and return to the kingdom.

The Ghost ship soon arrived at the palace’s Sky. It didn’t take long for a group of soldiers to walk out of the palace, and then a tall middle age person walked out of the soldiers.

It’s just that this middle age person has fierce eyes and doesn’t look like a well-meaning person.

Sure enough, the middle age person became murderous as soon as he spoke.

“Who! Dare to break into the palace without getting off the boat quickly!”

Even the people of the kingdom know that the Ghost ship belongs to their own kingdom. Does this person know? Obviously he did it on purpose.

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