I Have A Daycare In Pokemon World Chapter 967


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Seeing being blocked by someone, Dusknoir took Yuzu to the bow of the ship, but the other side had no intention of letting him go.

“Didn’t you hear me? The palace is not allowed to trespass, so please get off the boat quickly.”

The middle age person shouted to Yuzu and Dusknoir with a dark face, and two aggressive Ninjask appeared next to him, meaning to start with a big difference.

However, as soon as his voice fell, several iron chains suddenly appeared on the side of the ship, instantly binding him and his two Ninjasks.

This is Dhelmise!

crash-bang ……

The chains that bound one person and two Pokemon kept tightening, the middle age person wailed, and the two Ninjask also moaned intermittently.

The constantly tightening chain is Dhelmise’s combination of Anchor Shot Ability and Tightening Ability, which can not only inflict great damage on Rival, but also make the opponent extremely painful.

If it weren’t for Dhelmise Hold Back, the middle-aged man’s skeleton would have been crushed by now.

“You are so brave, don’t you let me go! Do you want to rebel!” the middle-aged man wailed angrily roared.

At this moment, there was a commotion among the soldiers below, and then a short fat man wearing a crown hurriedly swept the crowd over.

“What happened? What happened?” the chunky man shouted as he ran.

After he saw the middle-aged being tied up, he turned pale with fright and said: “Colonel Hansen, what is going on?”

“Your Majesty, here are a group of chaotic officials and thieves, let them be taken down!” Seeing the short fat man coming, the man named Colonel Hansen instantly felt that the rescue was coming.

Yes, this short fat man is the current king of this kingdom.

But when the king saw Dusknoir on the bow of the ship, he immediately lost one’s head out of fear and shouted to the soldiers: “Don’t you hurry back, this is Master Dusknoir’s return. It’s all a misunderstanding. Misunderstanding!”

After speaking, the king also bent over to Dusknoir respectfully gave a salute: “Welcome Dusknoir master back.”

The last time the king saw Dusknoir was more than twenty years ago, when he had just ascended to the throne, didn’t expect Dusknoir to leave for so many years.

But Dusknoir has always existed as the guardian of the kingdom, Pokemon, so even after so many years, the king recognized it at a glance.

Dusknoir rarely stays in the kingdom, and travels outside under normal circumstances, so the king has actually seen Dusknoir only three times, but this does not prevent him from respecting the Guardian of the kingdom.

The reason why the kingdom was able to survive the Alliance’s revolution was that it was guided by this Guardian. Otherwise, the kingdom may have died out in the long river of history like most countries in the old age.

Therefore, Dusknoir has a high status in the kingdom. The kings of the past have been respectful to Dusknoir, and they will never behave as a royal family to Dusknoir.

Colonel Hansen saw the king’s attitude toward Dusknoir, and his face immediately turned blue.

Does he not know the identity of Dusknoir? Of course he knew.

The current king’s health is very poor, and his only daughter has not yet met the conditions for succession, so as the younger brother of the king, Colonel Hansen as it should be by rights became the Regent King of the kingdom. The current kingdom is large and Small’s affairs are all handled by him.

He had long been dissatisfied with the Ghost Pokemon that had been pressing on the head of the royal family. He thought it was just an ominous Ghost Pokemon!

Colonel Hansen met Dusknoir when he was a child. At that time, his father and big brother both had a great respect for this Pokemon, which made him feel that his royal status was greatly insulted.

He knew about Dusknoir as soon as he came back. He just wanted to pretend not to know Dusknoir and get rid of it in one fell swoop!

But his big brother, Your Majesty, the current king, is too useless!

Colonel Hansen is an ambitious person. He felt very aggrieved when the kingdom was under the control of the Alliance. He didn’t expect to be respectful of a Ghost Pokemon in his homeland.

Colonel Hansen can’t accept it!

When the soldiers saw the king’s words, they had to retreat. Dhelmise flicked the iron chain and threw Colonel Hansen and his two Ninjasks on the ground, which made Colonel Hansen feel even more humiliated.

Under the king’s arrangement, Dusknoir’s Ghost ship stopped on the square in front of the palace, and Yuzu and Dusknoir were also welcomed into the palace.

As for Dhelmise and other Ghost-based Pokemon still staying on the Ghost ship, they are not used to leaving the Ghost ship to go to crowded places.

In the main hall of the palace, Yuzu introduced himself to the king.

“King Your Majesty, I am the Gym Leader Shimizu Yuzu of Verdanturf Town. I was invited by Dusknoir to be a guest in the Kingdom.”

The king and queen sit on the throne of the main hall, and below are Regent King Colonel Hansen and Princess Serra. After some introduction, Yuzu already knows that his kingdom is called Mirage Kingdom.

Yuzu heard the name Mirage Kingdom a bit familiar, but didn’t think of anything for a while, so he didn’t think about it anymore.

After hearing Yuzu’s introduction, the king said with a smile: “It turned out to be Gym Leader Shimizu. Since it was invited by Master Dusknoir, of course we are very welcome. I hope Gym Leader Shimizu can have fun in our Mirage Kingdom Happy.”

Different from the king’s sincere welcome, Colonel Hansen looked ugly throughout, as if he had eaten shit.

After a brief conversation, the queen, Colonel Hansen and the princess left one after another, while the king took Yuzu and Dusknoir to another secret room to discuss important matters.

Under Yuzu’s Help, Dusknoir showed the king the purpose of this return.

After hearing Dusknoir’s words, the king said with a sigh: “It turned out to be like this. Master Dusknoir came back to take away the inheritance left by the ancestors.”

Listening to the legacy of Dusknoir and the King’s legacy, Yuzu is still at a loss and has no idea what legacy Ignacio left behind.

Seeing Yuzu looking confused, Dusknoir began to explain to Yuzu why.

After Yuzu left, Ignacio was grateful to Yuzu for all his help, and planned to leave a legacy to Yuzu.

He has been to Hyundai, and he also knows that Yuzu’s head is Pokémon Day Care Boss, so he collected a batch of Pokemon and planned to leave it to Yuzu, and this batch of Pokemon was later handed over to Dusknoir and Mira ancestor royal family for safekeeping.

Ignacio, like Yuzu, is a person who has been blessed by Celebi, and has a good relationship with Celebi, so he asked Celebi to open up a special space in Mirage Kingdom for those Pokemon.

And this special space requires special methods to open.

After listening to Dusknoir and the king, Yuzu finally remembered where this Mirage Kingdom is. Isn’t it the place where Togepi Paradise is?

So the space Ignacio asked Celebi to open up is Togepi Paradise, and the legacy left to Yuzu is a group of Togepi!

Yuzu didn’t expect that he still had this luck. Ignacio started planning for him more than a thousand years ago.

( ̄▽ ̄)~*Togepi Ah! This is really a bunch of precious Pokemon! It’s not easy to find one outside, but Ignacio left a group for him.

Yuzu What they didn’t know was that all their conversations were heard by the guard who overheard outside the room, and the guard who personally protected the king was from Regent King Colonel Hansen.

Actually, it is not just the guards. Among the maids who take care of the life of the king, queen and princess, a considerable number of people are inserted by Colonel Hansen for the purpose of monitoring the king.

Afterwards, the guard told Colonel Hansen about the conversation between the king and Yuzu in the room. Colonel Hansen flies into a rage after learning about it, and the things in the room were smashed to pieces by him angrily.

Togepi Paradise is the place Colonel Hansen has always coveted, and it is said that there is a mysterious power there. However, the opening method there is only known to the kings of the past, even if he is the younger brother of the king, it is not known.

It’s just that he didn’t expect, in such a precious place, his idiot big brother actually listened to the Dark but the most hateful Ghost is Pokemon, to give it to an outsider who has nothing to do with the kingdom.

What bullshit ancestors, what bullshit ancestors’ last words, and ancestral inheritance are all deceptive. Togepi Paradise belongs to their Mirage Kingdom and no one can take it away!

In these years, their kingdom has formed a customary rule that the heir to the throne can only succeed with the approval of Togepi in Togepi Paradise.

In this case, the king will let Colonel Hansen be him!


It was night, Yuzu stayed in the palace under the reception of the king.

In the evening, Yuzu reported to Brawly again that he was safe, and then fell asleep in the room the king arranged for him.

In the middle of the night, the sound of Bzz Bzz Bzz’s Insect wings vibrating at high speed suddenly appeared in Yuzu Rest’s room. Taking a closer look at the night, it was a Ninjask whose body was flashing cold light.

Ninjask is a very fast Pokemon, coupled with their Characteristic Trait Speed ​​Boost, the speed is even faster.

In the night, I saw these Ninjask silhouettes swaying to Yuzu’s bedside. They raised their sharp claws and used the Ability moved towards Yuzu on the bed to cut them over.

But their claws had just been raised and had not fallen, one after another white light flashed by, these Ninjasks were chopped and flew upside down.

bang! bang! bang!

The Ninjask who flew upside down hit the wall, leaving one after another crack in the wall.

I didn’t know when, Kartana had already appeared beside Yuzu’s bed, and it was Kartana’s Ability Sacred Sword that smashed the Ninjask.

Stayed alone in a strange kingdom for the night, how could Yuzu have no protection at all?

Ninjask, most of the Pokemon’s racial abilities, are put on speed and attack. Both defense and blood volume are pitifully weak, so Kartana made those sneak attack Ninjasks fall to the ground with just one blow.

But the matter is far from over. As soon as those Ninjasks fell down, several new Ninjasks appeared in the room again.

Yuzu had already woke up at this time. Seeing a group of Ninjask pounce at him again, he quickly turned over and got out of bed and hid.

Dang! when! when!

Ninjask’s sharp claws with cold light flashing were all blocked by Kartana’s paper swords. At this moment, the temperature in the room dropped abruptly, and then the cold wind began to blow.

It turned out that Snover didn’t know when it had already appeared in the room. At this time, it was blowing Icy Wind hard. The decrease in temperature directly caused the speed of the Ninjasks to plummet, which was quickly solved by Kartana.

Just when Yuzu thought the matter had been resolved, there was a shaking in the shadow of the room, and a Pokemon appeared immediately behind Yuzu, which waved its paw to grab Yuzu’s back.

This is the Ability Phantom Force from Ghost.

At the crucial moment, Gengar, who was hidden in the shadow of Yuzu, suddenly appeared and took over this Phantom Force.

Kartana and Snover hurriedly used Leaf Blade and Ice Shard to attack the Pokemon of the sneak attack when they saw it, but the magic is that Kartana and Snover’s attacks disappeared automatically as soon as they fell on this Pokemon, and this Pokemon did. Unscathed.

At this time, Yuzu suddenly opened the mouth and said: “Gengar, Shadow Ball!”

Gengar hurriedly threw a few Shadow Balls when he saw it. The Pokemon couldn’t avoid it and was knocked down directly in the shadows.

After the Pokemon fell, several identical Pokemon appeared again in the room.

These Pokemon are all shelled Ninja.

Ninjask and shelling Ninja are split evolutionary forms of Nincada. A Nincada will evolve both Ninjask and shelling Ninja when evolving. So where there is Ninjask, it is not surprising that there is shelling Ninja.

The magic of shelling Ninja lies in its Characteristic Trait magical guardian. Any ability that does not restrain its ability cannot cause damage to it, so Kartana’s Grass Type Ability Leaf Blade and Snover’s Ice Type Ability Ice Shard cannot attack To it.

The only thing that can cause effective damage to Shelling Ninja is the ability of five Attributes: Fire Type, Ghost, Flying Type, Dark Type and Rock Type.

In contrast, the disadvantage of Shelling Ninja is that it cannot be attacked at all, and it belongs to the type of touch and death.

Knowing the weakness of the shelling Ninjas, Kartana quickly swung the blade, one after another wind blade was cut out, and the shelling Ninjas fell to the ground in no time.

Hulling Ninja, this kind of Pokemon can be effective when it is unexpectedly a sneak attack. If it is discovered, they will have no resistance to Rival, which is stronger than them.

The battle on Yuzu’s side quickly attracted the attention of the guards patrolling in the palace, and it didn’t take long for the king to bring people over. Also coming is Regent King Colonel Hansen.

Seeing Ninjask and Ninja shelling all over the floor in Yuzu’s room, Colonel Hansen’s face became stiff for a moment, but immediately returned to normal.

Learning that Yuzu had been attacked, the king said that he would thoroughly investigate the matter. But Colonel Hansen looked calm and composed, as if this matter had nothing to do with him, but Yuzu used his toes to know that he did it.

In the entire Mirage Kingdom, the only person who has had Malice about himself is this one, and these familiar Ninjask…

When he left, the king glanced at Colonel Hansen in secret, but Colonel Hansen didn’t notice it.

In the morning on 2nd day, the king met Yuzu again and told Yuzu how to open Togepi Paradise.

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