I Have A Daycare In Pokemon World Chapter 996


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The relocation of Pokemon is very troublesome. Yuzu has been busy for several days before moving the low Aptitude Pokemon into Ecology Park.

The last Pokemon was sent to the new park (the next name for the new Ecology Park), and Yuzu smiled with satisfaction.

Walking around in the new park for a while, I found that the Pokemons who moved in are adapting well to the new living environment, and Yuzu happily left Ecology Park.

In order to ensure the safety of the Pokemon in the new park, Yuzu arranged Druddigon into the new park. Anyway, it only knows that Slack Off sleeps a lot and is not motivated. It is better to let it be a guard.

“From now on, you will guard at the gate of the new garden, and this is your new home!” Yuzu pointed to the gate of the new garden and said to Druddigon.

Druddigon hearing this rang his nose in dissatisfaction, but obediently walked to the entrance of the new garden and lay down, but the eyes looking towards Yuzu were very sad.

Dragon’s Cave Sub-Park What a wonderful place, Rest is more comfortable than other places! Now being “distributed” to this place, Druddigon felt relieved even thinking about it.

Seeing Druddigon’s face full of dissatisfaction, Yuzu angrily slapped its head twice: “You are still dissatisfied, how long have you been here for me? I usually know to be lazy. I haven’t made any progress after so long. , How are you embarrassed to be dissatisfied!”

Druddigon skin is rough, flesh is thick, Yuzu’s palm hurts in those two shots, but Yuzu is really angry.

Yuzu always does not ask questions about the training of high-level Pokemon in Ecology Park. Most of them are conscious and Yuzu has never stopped supplying their resources. Otherwise, Dragonite mothers will not be able to break through to Grandmaster Rank.

But Druddigon is really too much, that many things are used up, and the Level is not improved. It’s fine to say that Aptitude is not good, but it can be cultivation to Elite alone in Petalburg Woods. It can be seen that talent is not a problem at all.

Then there is only one reason why it hasn’t improved at all, it’s sneaking and slipping!

Hearing Yuzu’s accusation, Druddigon shrank his neck humbly, not daring to show his expression of dissatisfaction again.

Don’t blame me for this, who makes life so comfortable now! Druddigon thought aggrievedly in his heart.

In the crisis-filled Petalburg Woods, Druddigon had to become stronger in order to survive, but after arriving in Yuzu’s Ecology Park, the sense of Unnerve, Pressure, and crisis all of a sudden disappeared.

It’s so fragrant to drink spicy food all day long without having to do anything! Moreover, Yuzu does not strictly manage their Elite Pokemon.

At the time, when they were young, the violent salamander and Hydreigon were taught by Druddigon for a period of time. At that time, in order to be an example to the juniors, Druddigon also thought about working hard, but it didn’t work for two days.

It is easy to change from frugality to luxury, but it is difficult to change from luxury to frugality!

Seeing Druddigon’s silly look, Yuzu continued: “If you continue to do this, you will be here for a lifetime!”

Under the gaze of Yuzu’s “Eye of Death”, Druddigon shyly scratched his cheeks with his paws twice: OK… OK, I try to work harder, but I can’t guarantee how long it will last!

In order to be able to return to Dragon’s Cave Sub-Park, Druddigon has decided to go all out recently and work harder.

Seeing Druddigon’s humbly teachable expression, Yuzu finally nodded with satisfaction: “Well, you are here to watch the door, I will leave if I have anything else.”

Druddigon waved his paw: Let’s go, let’s go, I have to sleep before I work hard, or I’m not in the mood to train.

Yuzu didn’t know Druddigon’s heart activity, turned around and left the new garden.

After leaving the new garden, Yuzu was about to go back to the shop, but just after he had walked, a red pillar of fire was surging dropping from the sky, and it was like Yuzu burn to ashes.

Mismagius drilled out of the shadow space in time, before the fire pillar approached Yuzu, controlled the Mystical Fire and shot it out.

The collision between Mystical Fire and Flamethrower produced a lot of smoke, which obstructed Yuzu’s line of sight in front of him, but the Roar sound from the smoke indicated that the sneak attack Yuzu’s Pokemon was a Dragon Type Dragon Type Pokemon.

When the smoke completely dissipated, Yuzu finally saw the Pokemon in midair not far away. Wearing blue scale armor, red wings spreading and hideous, it was a quasi-god salamander.

One missed the blow, the violent newt did not entangle, turned his head and flapped his wings to prepare to leave.

Seeing this scene, Yuzu was puzzled: Huh? Is this trying to lead me to catch up?

boldness of execution stems from superb skill, Yuzu did not know the origin and purpose of this violent newt, but decided to follow.

Of course, Yuzu didn’t plan to chase too far. Once the violent newt exits Verdanturf Town, Yuzu will not follow.

Although the heat of Rayquaza’s affairs has slowly receded, there are still potential dangers.

But this violent newt not at all flew too far, Yuzu rode Charizard along with it to an open grass on the edge of the town, and saw the violent newt land in front of a girl.

This violent newt really has a master!

Yuzu watched the violent salamander touch the girl intimately after landing, opened the mouth and said: “You are who? What is the purpose of bringing me here?”

The girl has short black hair and a gray cloak, which inexplicably makes Yuzu think of crossing.

The girl hearing this said with a smile: “You are Shimizu Yuzu? If you want to know who I am, just do a couple of tricks with me! Violent salamander!”

As the girl yelled, the violent salamander rose into the air, and her body changed dramatically in the colorful rays of light. Yuzu only noticed that there was a Mega Anklet on the girl’s ankle.

After Mega Evolution, the appearance of the violent salamander became more ferocious, opened its mouth and moved towards Yuzu and Charizard, spitting out a fiery flame.

Charizard’s wings flicked and escaped the attack of Mega storm salamander. Yuzu jumped off Charizard’s back and shouted to Charizard: “Charizard, Mega Evolution.”

Charizard hearing this loudly Howl started Mega Evolution with a cry.

Seeing Yuzu’s Charizard starting Mega Evolution, a hint of surprise flashed in the eyes of the short-haired girl, but she didn’t order Mega Storm Salamander to take the opportunity to attack, but patiently waited for Charizard to complete the evolution.

“roar! !!!”

Charizard immediately turned on Characteristic Trait Drought after Mega Evolution, and then moved towards Mega. The newt spat out a pressure full of Fire Blast.

The large-shaped flame aggressively pressed against the storm salamander, but was bitten by the storm salamander with the Fire Fang, and the remaining sparks falling on the grass, burning the green grass to black.

After defeating Charizard’s Fire Blast, the storm salamander turned around and used Double Edge to crash into Charizard.

Charizard Y after Mega Evolution has a smoother body shape, which is more conducive to flying and controlling the flying type energy. When the violent newt rushed over, its body shape escaped its attack and spit out again. Fire Blast.

The violent salamander in the rapid impact couldn’t stop the car at all, was covered by Charizard’s Fire Blast, and was pressed from the air to the ground by the large-shaped flame.

bang! ! !

The violent salamander fell to the ground embarrassedly, smashing the grass out of a big hole, leaving only bare yellow mud.

The violent newt was originally a very irritable Pokemon. It was so easy to lose in Charizard’s hands, and suddenly felt abnormal Rage. When it was about to go mad, it heard the girl’s lightness and instantly calmed down.

As the storm salamander fell, Charizard spit out a Fire Blast at it again, but the calmed storm salamander used Twin Strike to smash into a little fire star.

“Enough, storm salamander!”

The violent newt had to fight back, and when the girl’s voice came, the raised Twin Strike stopped in the air.

Seeing the behavior of the girl and the violent newt, Yuzu was puzzled, but Charizard was able to dispel the flames in his mouth.

The battle stopped, and the violent newt withdrew from the Mega Evolution form. The girl slowly walked to the opposite side of Yuzu and smiled openly.

“introduce myself, Zinnia, from the Meteor, a member of the Draconid Tribe.”

Draconid Tribe?

Yuzu immediately thought of the remnants of the dragon who Du used to popularize science with him.

Chengdu Royal Dragon Race, Hoenn Draconid Tribe, Unova Dragon Land are all descendants of the remnants of the Dragon, who once believed in the dragon god Rayquaza.

After the three tribes split, the Dragon Race and Dragon Land have followed the trend and merged into the Alliance. Only the Draconid Tribe is the most mysterious and has not escaped the world. Legend has it that they lived near Meteor Falls, but it has not been confirmed.

Then the Draconid Tribe, who calls himself Zinnia, brought out himself this time…

Seeing that Yuzu frowns didn’t speak, Zinnia explained with a smile: “It’s disrespectful to bring Mr. Shimizu out in this way. Please forgive me! It’s just that Verdanturf Gym has been declining all visits, so I had no choice but to make this move. “

“Are you here for Rayquaza?”

Yuzu hearing this didn’t say anything else, and asked straight to the point.

Zinnia was slightly silent and whispered: “Yes.”

Yuzu didn’t expect Draconid Tribe to still pursue the traces of Rayquaza, and Dragon Land and Dragon Race, both descendants of the remnants of the dragon, have long ceased to believe in the dragon god Rayquaza.

The times are different. What is the point of continuing to pursue mythical beasts? Now mythical beasts will no longer protect the people of the family as they did in ancient times. At that time, there were a lot of mythical beasts. Now they are as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns.

“I want to know the whereabouts of Rayquaza.” Zinnia said, looking at Yuzu intently.

Actually, after learning about the Rustboro City incident, Draconid Tribe wanted to send someone to see Yuzu. It was just that when things happened at that time, Yuzu was watched by various forces, and it was difficult for them to come forward.

Zinnia has been to Verdanturf Town for several days and has been silently following the activities of Verdanturf Gym and YuYu’s Day Care. But these days, Yuzu has always been simple and simple, and she declined all visits. Even Gym was handed over to others to take care of, and she had the action today.

Before she started, she was worried that Yuzu would not follow the Violent Salamander. Fortunately, everything went well and she saw the person she wanted to meet.

Feeling Zinnia’s scorching eyes, Yuzu sighed replied: “I’m sorry, I don’t know where Rayquaza is going.”

Zinnia said anxiously upon hearing this: “Why! Didn’t you take Rayquaza out of Rustboro City? Why didn’t you know where Rayquaza was?”

Zinnia was agitated, opened her mouth and planned to say something, but was interrupted by Yuzu directly.

“Okay, don’t get excited! I really don’t know where Rayquaza has gone! I did take it away from Rustboro City, but that’s because it’s hurt and it’s something to do with me. After I took it , Let him go after healed his injuries.

Rayquaza can fly with hands and feet (error: Rayquaza has only two claws, no hands and feet), and I didn’t install a camera on it, so I don’t know where it will go! “

“Impossible…you…you lie to me…” Zinnia muttered to herself, unwilling to believe in Yuzu.

In order to find Rayquaza, she invested too much energy and time, and even sneaked into the Water Fleet and the Fire Rock Team to inquire about the news. It is a pity that these two organizations have undergone too many changes due to Yuzu’s intervention, and she did not inquire about anything. When I arrived, I had no choice but to quit.

After finally getting the exact news from Rayquaza, I came to Verdanturf Town full of expectations. Didn’t expect only got the “don’t know” news from Yuzu. For a while, Zinnia couldn’t accept it.

“You lied to me, right? You know where Rayquaza is right? As long as you tell me where Rayquaza is, we, Draconid Tribe, will definitely repay you.” Zinnia said emotionally.

Yuzu was about to say that he didn’t know, but suddenly he thought of something. He looked at Zinnia with uncertain eyes and said, “Repay me well? If I really tell you the whereabouts of Rayquaza, what reward do you plan to give me?” /p>

Hearing these words, Zinnia became even more excited.

“As long as you tell me, I will agree to whatever you want!”

Yuzu:. . . Girl, there seems to be something wrong with saying this to a man…

But…it’s said that Draconid Tribe breeds a lot of Bagon…I don’t know…Yuzu squinted his eyes with an unspeakable “bad” mind.

“Uh-huh…” Yuzu cleared his throat, “It’s not impossible to tell you about Rayquaza. But you have to tell me what you will pay me first!”

“This…” Zinnia was a little embarrassed when she heard it. This is not something she can dominate. “Why… I’ll go back to the clan and ask?”

Yuzu laughed and said: “It’s okay, it’s okay! You go ask, go ask! I’m waiting for you.” It seems that Bagon has hope!

Yuzu used to boast shamelessly said to collect all the quasi gods Pokemon, and then put them in Pokémon Day Care for sale.

However, the actual operation is too difficult, and the number of quasi-gods is too scarce. They are all controlled by Peak Level forces like Dragon Race and Dragon Land.

Now that Draconid Tribe is here, Yuzu certainly has no reason to let it go.

Looking at Yuzu’s full smile, Zinnia always felt that something was wrong, but her desire for Rayquaza made her consciously ignore the weirdness in her heart.

“Well, wait for my news, and I will be back soon.” After Zinnia said, he rode out on a violent newt.

Looking at Zinnia and the storm salamander slowly disappearing into the sky, Yuzu cocked the corner of his mouth and returned to Pokémon Day Care happily.

As soon as Yuzu entered the store, he saw Chatot standing on the shelf at the door with a lowly laughed face.

It saw Yuzu approaching, and its chest was proud. It was just about to say something. After seeing Yuzu’s smile, it asked disgustingly: “What happened to you, why are you smiling so disgusting?”

After speaking, it shook its feathers, with an expression of goose bumps falling off the ground.

Yuzu raises his hand to hit it: “If you don’t beat it for three days, you will go to the house and uncover the tiles!”

But before sending it down, Yuzu’s hand stopped in midair: “You have a breakthrough?”

Originally, Chatot was still shrinking his neck when he saw Yuzu about to hit himself. Now when he heard Yuzu’s words, he straightened his chest proudly, stride proudly ahead on the shelf and said, “As expected, it’s my Boss, with sharp eyesight. , Starting from today, I am not the original me!”

Chatot breakthrough Yuzu is happy, but Yuzu feels that if he praises it, it can lift his head up to the sky, so he rolled the eyes and said: “Then I can see you Niu Colu·Chatot?”

Chatot hearing this was taken aback: “Nu Co-Lu·Chatot? What do you mean? But it sounds good, so I will be called Niu Co-Lu·Chatot from today!”

After speaking, it flew to Suzuki Mina with its wings, and while showing off his new name with Suzuki Mina, it made the guests beside him laughed heartily.

Yuzu shook the head: Second goods!

But Chatot finally caught up with Noctowl at Level.

Limited by Aptitude, Noctowl’s strength has improved very slowly in the past two years. Now its level has been caught up by blue Aptitude’s Chatot, and the gap will probably increase in the future.

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