I Have A Daycare In Pokemon World Chapter 998


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Here Yuzu took two Seadra to the Pokemon Center, Chatot went back to Prairie Sub-Park, planning to go home to find his wife Noctowl.

It’s just a breakthrough, just showing off in the store, and it hasn’t had time to inform the wife and child!

When Chatot got home, his wife Noctowl was not there, and his child Noctowl was not there, which made it strange.

Noctowl is watching the little Noctowl training at this time.

Other families are strict fathers and mothers, but the Chatot family is just the opposite. Noctowl is very strict with the little Noctowl. Since the little Noctowl’s Aptitude rose to green, Noctowl has not interrupted its training for a day.

And Chatot has a haughty personality. In his spare time, Little Noctowl often takes him out to surf. If he hadn’t had a strict mother, Little Noctowl would have become a Brat.

Chatot was wondering where his wife and child went, two Swellows fell on the branch in front of his house.

“Hey, have you heard? The old man’s little baby was born.” A Swellow said.

“I heard it, I heard it, everyone is going to see it! Do you think we want to see it too?” Another Swellow echoed.

“Forget it, now everyone is gone, we will definitely not see it, let’s wait until they are gone.” The first Swellow shook his head and said.

“You are right, or you are smart.” The first Swellow nodded agreed, “I don’t know if the old man’s baby is Murkrow or Taillow!”

“It must be Taillow. Taillow is so cute. Murkrow is a black charcoal head. It’s not pretty at all.” The second Swellow talked about Murkrow with disgust.

I heard that Chatot was amused, is this a black pig? Do you think Swellow and Taillow are much whiter than Murkrow? It’s not the same except for a white belly!

But Chatot knows that the boss of the two Swellows refers to Boss Swellow.

Boss Swellow and Boss Honchkrow had their second child some time ago, and now it seems that the second child has hatched.

Boss Swellow and Boss Honchkrow’s first child was Murkrow, which has now evolved into Honchkrow.

When the little Honchkrow was just born, the Swellow family thumped their chests, and regretted that the eldest child was not Taillow, but a dark and swarthy Murkrow.

Of course, on the other hand, the Honchkrow clan was ecstatic, and when they learned that Murkrow’s Aptitude was azure, they shouted that the boss would succeed someone.

The Swellow family is so sour.

Because Boss Swellow and Boss Honchkrow are a loving couple, the Swellow family and the Honchkrow family have always lived together, but the distance is fragrant and near smelly. Members of the two families often laugh at me and I laugh at you.

Although the number of the Honchkrow family is small, the overall strength of the members is higher than that of the Swellow family. In addition, the Boss Honchkrow until now also presses the Boss Swellow side.

Of course, most of Dark Type Pokemon’s personality is arrogant, especially Pokemon like Honchkrow, they look down on the Swellow family for some character reasons.

Because they have been “oppressed” by the Honchkrow clan for a long time, the two Swellows are disgusted when they talk about Murkrow.

“Hey, I don’t know when I can have a baby!” the first Swellow sighed said.

“You’d better find a partner first! You want a baby if you don’t even have a partner!” The second Swellow patted the first Swellow’s head with his wings, said with a smile.

“What about the air, isn’t it just having a girlfriend? What’s so great.” The first Swellow covered his head with his wings and said dissatisfiedly, with a little envy in his tone.

The second Swellow hearing this head raised.

“It’s just air, it’s great to have a girlfriend, and you can find one if you have the ability!”

The second Swellow has an Altaria girlfriend. It’s not beautiful. It was handed in before the Swablu family moved to Dragon’s Cave Sub-Park. Although they are separated between the two places due to ethnic reasons, they are not far apart. Far away, it is still the envy of the entire Swellow family.

Now that the Swablu clan moved to Dragon’s Cave Sub-Park, it’s not as easy for Flying Type Pokemons to find an Altaria object.

The first Swellow hearing this. Suddenly, the arrow pierced the heart: People are hard to tear down!

But it still stubbornly argued: “Who said I couldn’t find a girlfriend! I think the Staraptor elder sister next door must have a crush on me, I have noticed that it is peeking at me several times!”

If the males of the Swellow clan want to have an Altaria girlfriend, then the females definitely want to have a boyfriend of Staraptor, that is really handsome and shabby!

However, the first Swellow is a male, so the Staraptor boyfriend is fine, but the little elder sister of Staraptor next door is still very sexy, and it will definitely save you face when you find it as a girlfriend.

The second Swellow listened to the first Swellow’s slight ostentation, and secretly rolled the eyes: “Are you sure that’s not your illusion?” How did I hear that the Staraptor next door had a hot fight with Crobat recently!

The first Swellow insisted: “Impossible, definitely not my illusion, my intuition is very accurate!”

The second Swellow casually said: “Yes, yes, yes… Then I’ll wait for you to take your girlfriend home.”

Chatot didn’t listen to the conversation behind the two Swellows, guessing that his wife might have gone to Boss Swellow’s house, it hurried over.

Most regions of Prairie Sub-Park are wide grasslands with very few trees. Some trees were even planted by Yuzu to facilitate the nesting and transplanting of Flying Type Pokemon.

All trees have Flying Type Pokemon nests, and every tree has at least one bird’s nest. Crobats who like dark environments live in tree holes.

However, only Pokemon like Noctowl, who likes to be quiet and don’t want to live in groups, will choose to live on such shrubs away from the center of the grassland.

The tallest tree in the entire Prairie Sub-Park is the prolactin tree by the grassland lake. It is also the largest bird colony in the entire Prairie Sub-Park. The Swellow family, the Honchkrow family, and the Staraptor family live in this tree. on.

The prolactin tree and Chatot’s house are not far away. When Chatot arrived there, Boss Swellow’s house had gathered a lot of Pokemon, including Chatot’s wife Noctowl.

Not only Flying Type Pokemon, but those Pachirisu who are petite and good at climbing trees also ran over to join in the fun. There was an electric arc flashing on their bodies. Normal Flying Type Pokemon really didn’t dare to approach them, and they became a master in the tree.

As the two Swellows said, the second child of Boss Swellow’s family really hatched. It is a spirited little Taillow.

Many members of the Swellow clan are standing proudly at the top of the tree facing the Honchkrows not far away and show off one’s military strength, but the Honchkrows quietly half-closed their eyes, indifferent to the Taunt of the Swellows, which makes The Swellows felt like a punch on the cotton.

Honchkrows: hmph! All younger brothers! Although we are not happy, we will not show it!

Except for Boss Honchkrow, Honchkrow is the only one who is really happy for the birth of Little Taillow.

Boss Honchkrow has been very strict with the little Honchkrow since he was a child. The reason why speaking of which Noctowl is strict with the little Noctowl is largely due to the influence of Boss Honchkrow and Boss Ninetales.

The two children have outstanding Aptitudes. Parents have high expectations for them. The little Noctowl Aptitude was not good. Noctowl didn’t think there was anything, but now the little Noctowl Aptitude is coming up. Although it is not as good as the little Honchkrow and the little Ninetales, it can’t fall. too much.

This is the comparison between parents.

At this time, the newly-born little Taillow was standing on the back of his big brother, and he was carrying his Fly, with a crisp and joyous laugh from his throat.

Boss Swellow and Boss Honchkrow watched this scene with satisfaction.

Little Honchkrow is very happy about the birth of the younger sister. Although I don’t know how the younger sister’s Aptitude is, but there is a child. If you want to come to the mother, you will definitely distract your attention to the younger sister, so you can relax!

In fact, it really likes to go out with the big Flygon Uncle to patrol around the town, but the mother usually looks too tightly, it has no chance to go out.

After seeing his wife, Chatot flew over with a flap of wings and landed next to Noctowl.

Noctowl doesn’t like to get together with other Pokemon, so the top of the tree where it stands is far away from other Pokemon.

Seeing Noctowl staring at Little Honchkrow and Little Taillow, Chatot rubbed its wings and asked: “Where is our baby?”

Noctowl glanced at Chatot disgustingly, moved aside and shook his head.

He has a good relationship with the Honchkrow couple. Today, the little Taillow was born. To congratulate the Honchkrow couple, he gave the little Noctowl a half-day vacation and asked him to find his little partner to play.

The little Noctowl must be with the little Ninetales and Gallade at this moment. In the entire Ecology Park, the little Noctowl has the best relationship with the two of them. This is a friendship under summary.

Chatot didn’t pay attention to the child’s affairs anymore, and was about to talk to his wife about his breakthrough, when he saw his daughter moved towards him flying over, flying and crying.

When the little Noctowl flew near, Chatot noticed that it was covered with messy feathers and half of its eyebrows were missing.

“This…what is going on!”

Chatot asked distressedly when he saw this.

When he heard his father’s voice, Little Noctowl cried more fiercely, whispering and complaining to his father.

It turned out that after Noctowl gave Little Noctowl a holiday, Little Noctowl rushed to Volcano Sub-Park to find a friend.

But it’s on holiday, but Little Ninetales doesn’t, so Little Noctowl can only find another little friend-Gallade.

Gallade has always been the most leisurely of their three friends. On the one hand, its parents are not strict with it; on the other hand, it is taught by Alyssa for cultivation. Its cultivation efficiency is higher than that of other Pokemon. Is able to complete the cultivation task early.

So it’s not always the most idle.

Gallade didn’t expect Little Noctowl to come. When Little Noctowl arrived at the main garden, he was going out on an adventure with his new friend Xatu.

This Xatu was later born in Ecology Park, younger than Gallade, but he is the best friend to play with Gallade in the main garden.

The arrival of Little Noctowl made Gallade very happy. After introducing Xatu to Little Noctowl, it invited Little Noctowl to take an adventure together. Of course, Little Noctowl readily agreed.

Little Noctowl likes new friends and thinks it is cute.

The three Little Brat went to Haunted House Sub-Park together, then to Dragon’s Cave Sub-Park, then to Bug Paradise, and finally to Shallow Sea Beach.

Originally, they had a great time playing together. After getting along for a while, Little Noctowl liked Xatu more.

Why think that they have played enough, and when they were about to leave Shallow Sea Beach, they encountered a Mandibuzz who was hanging out. This Mandibuzz caught Xatu at a glance, and he wanted to catch Xatu and give birth to a child.

By nature, in Mandibuzz’s opinion, as long as they are in the same picture, they can take the other person home to sleep and give birth to a child.

The concept of Noctowl and Xatu is different from it. After hearing Mandibuzz’s “brilliant rhetoric”, he suddenly became angry.

So they fought.

There is only one Mandibuzz, how can I stand the little Noctowl and their three Beat Ups, and they were quickly beaten to cry father and mother. Don’t forget, Shallow Sea Beach has more than one Mandibuzz, but a group. The battle of four Pokemon soon attracted other Mandibuzz.

So Gallade and Noctowl were beaten, and Xatu was taken home by the Mandibuzz show off one’s military strength.

After listening to the little Noctowl’s intermittent recounting, Noctowl only felt that his daughter was too embarrassing, so she cried for such a thing, and if she was beaten, she would beat her back.

On the contrary, Chatot is so angry that his baby can’t bear to scold him, how can he tolerate such bullying!

It just broke through to the Elite level, and it just felt full of self-confidence. Seeing her daughter being bullied, she suddenly felt that she had to use her stalwart body to shield her from the wind and rain.

“Baby, go! Dad will take you to seek justice!”

After speaking, its wings raised, ten thousand zhang with pride, and the little Noctowl immediately followed along with joy when he saw it.

Noctowl felt Chatot was impulsive, but didn’t stop it, after thinking about it, he secretly followed along.

Noctowl: I’m just afraid that their father and daughter are going too far, and I definitely don’t plan to cheer on… Probably…

When Little Noctowl went home to find his parents crying, Gallade also went back to Teacher Gardevoir to complain. But what is Alyssa’s identity, can he intervene in small children in fights? So he ignored Gallade at all.

So in the end, Gallade could only follow Chatot and wave the flag and shout. In a fight, he couldn’t beat others, so he could only follow his partner’s father as a follower.

Relying on being an Elite Pokemon, Chatot took his daughter and Gallade aggressively into Shallow Sea Beach and went straight to Mandibuzz’s nest No. 3 Island Core Lake.

At this time, in the center of Island Core Lake No. 3, in a Mandibuzz nest, a Xatu double-winged shiver coldly murmured “No” while a Mandibuzz “ga ga” smiled wickedly in his mouth. Push Xatu step by step.

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