I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1303

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"Furthermore, we should also thank that variable. If his existence had not disturbed the judgment of the orchard owners’ disciplines, we would probably not be able to live anymore. Judging from the memory left by the owner , The other party is at least the existence of the Great Heaven Realm, and only the last two realms will be able to touch the existence of the apex of this world."

Qiu Lingfeng is not clear about the cultivation realm after the metamorphosis, but does it mean she is not clear? .

The realm after Mortal Realm, from low to high are: Law Principle Realm, Small Heaven Realm, Heaven Realm, Great Heaven Realm, Execution Realm, Containing God Realm, and the last longevity realm and Undead Realm.

Their master, Gu Xu Saintess, had already entered the Perfection Realm when he descended on Lingsu Star.

You can step into the Longevity Realm or Undead Realm in just a little bit.

"I don't know when the owner will visit us again."

A three-tailed rabbit sighed.

"Mostly, the master will never come back to Lingsu continent, but it’s okay. We can find her. Of course, before that, we still need to take the ancient Xu Holy Lord for the master. Those orchards have made Gu Xu Holy Lord lose his last reliance."

The woman with blood eyes chuckled and said.

At this time, the four people who were eagerly returning to their lives did not expect that they would kill the wrong person.

The abnormal variables on Lingsu Star are actually different!

After all, the first generation Avatar is just an Avatar, no matter how high the cultivation base is, it is difficult to attract the attention of orchard owners far away.

Only the weird devil beasts like Blood Sucking Insect like the Blood Sucking Insect can attract the attention of the orchard owner.

However, after this.

The women with blood eyes will also be more cautious, after all, women with blood eyes are also aware.

The orchard owner will send the discipline to check the variables, most of which are caused by her Human Transformation the other day.

"A generation of Avatar has died."

At this time, Qiu Lingfeng, who had just returned to the Heavenly Palace to deliver the task, suddenly heard this voice in his mind.

When he heard this prompt, Qiu Lingfeng was taken aback for a moment, and then frowned. Has one of his Avatars mixed with top powers been discovered?

Next, a series of memories flooded in his mind.

In my memory, there are four people on the opposite side, all wearing the same style of purple light robe, and the whole body is full of Shen Yun Immortal Qi, which makes people know that they are not ordinary persons.

"the person who wants your life!"

After one person said in a cold voice, the memory of this Avatar was interrupted.

Qiu Lingfeng looked at this part of the memory and reacted suddenly.

This is Lingsu continent, that is, Lingsu star!

What kind of cultivation base exists on the opposite side?

Even through the pictures in memory, can Qiu Lingfeng feel the insurmountable horror?

Even, this aura is even worse than the powerhouse of Law Principle Realm!

The only explanation is that this group of people exist on the Law Principle Realm.

"Orchard owner?!"

Suddenly, Qiu Lingfeng realized this.

Except for the orchard owner, he couldn't think of any other explanations.

How could this happen?

Is the strength of the orchard owner actually more terrifying than he thought?

Originally, he thought that the strength of the orchard owner was also up and down by Law Principle Realm.

After all, this is the level of cream of the crop powerhouse in Yinhan Star Domain.

But he absolutely didn't expect, the strength of the orchard owner was beyond his imagination.

It is even scarier than the Law Principle Realm powerhouse...

And this also represents.

The orchard owner of Lingsu Star is not in Yinhan Star Domain.

After all, if he is in the Yinhan Star Domain, with his strength, this must not be an Old Ancestor of the top power.

Looking at the four people in the memory just now, they are most likely the orchard owner’s discipline.

Because there will be four orchard owners impossible at the same time, so...

The strength of the orchard owners is stronger than the four in the memory just now.

What realm powerhouse is that?

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