I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1305

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"Uh...didn't expect you are actually right."

A generation of Avatar said with embarrassment.

"Now I'm not talking about the orchard owners, you can talk to me about the current situation of everyone on Lingsu Star."

Qiu Lingfeng shook the head, the topic changed.


The first generation of Avatar has been nodded again and again, and began to tell Qiu Lingfeng about what happened to Lingsu Star in the past few years.

Qiu Lingfeng listened to the description of a generation of Avatar, and couldn't help but be nodded.

The changes in Lingsu Star in the past few years are not trivial.

After all, the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi of the first generation of Avatar always feeds Lingsu Xing, so Lingsu Xing has a lot of Spiritual Qi in the past few years, and many people have taken this breakthrough.

Soul Origin Star Yigong has been inherited.

At the beginning, those disciplines who understood the Yigong of the Soul Origin Star from Qiu Lingfeng have gradually mastered some of the Soul Origin Star Yigong that they have comprehended.

Of course, there are only a few people who master Soul Origin Star Yigong.

After all, they have not mastered the complete Soul Origin Star Yi Gong, and they have not yet mastered the Perfection Realm. They can't condense the Star Heaven Realm, let alone construct the Sanxing Hall for people to understand the Soul Origin Star Yi Gong.

And Gu Xun'er did not live up to Qiu Lingfeng's expectations. In the past few years, she has also mastered the abilities of Xing Shun.

It's just that the application is not proficient enough.

It is estimated that it is only a few years away from the realm that condenses the star Heaven Realm.

After all, she doesn't have a system, so she can't master the cultivation technique instantly like Qiu Lingfeng.

There are also many stories about Golden Billow City.

That is Ye Family recently had a one-armed nursing home of Dao Spirit Realm, married a young lady from Ye Family branch, their names are Hao Xiu and Ye Lian.

When he heard the news, Qiu Lingfeng was surprised at first, and then only admiration remained in his heart.

Didn't expect Hao Xiu, he even stepped into Dao Spirit Realm with the opening Meridian Realm seven-segment cultivation base...

He even caught up with Ye Lian.

Stepping into the threshold of Dao Spirit Realm from start to finish is not from cultivation to the eighth stage of Opening Meridian Realm, but to accumulate Spiritual Qi and condense a kind of Dao that belongs to oneself.

There is also Zhang Xiaonan, who has also stepped into Dao Spirit Realm, and is now cultivating in the Supreme Profound Sword courtyard, occasionally pulling Zhang Yue and everyone from the patrol team to hunt in the Canglan mountain range. Earn money to subsidize the expenses of the refugee area.

After several years of development, the migrant area from the change of the shape of the village has also formed a large-scale small village.


The real reason is that most of the refugee areas were forcibly emptied by Golden Billow City because of the remediation of the refugee areas.

Even this refugee area in Xingshou Village is not immune.

So everyone in Xingshou Village had to rebuild a small village ten miles away from Golden Billow City.

In addition, many things happened in Qingcang Country.

The name of the new master Qingcang is Tang Shangzang.

How could Qiu Lingfeng be unfamiliar with this name!

After all, he occasionally steals each other's name.

It is said that when Tang Shangzhang became king, the daughter of the god Medicine Valley also went to observe it.

Finally, I don't know what happened, the god Medicine Valley daughter cried and left Qingcang Country, locked herself in the room all day long.

For these stories, Qiu Lingfeng naturally knows why...

At the beginning, he was wearing Tang Shangzang’s skin and name, and it happened with Qin Shiyao, the Eldest Young Lady of Medicine Valley. A series of stories.

Later he dug up Yangsoul grass and disappeared. Qin Shiyao heard the news of Tang Shangzang's ascension to the throne, so naturally he ran to check it out.

When she learns that the other person is not the one in her memory, she will naturally collapse.

There are still a lot of trivia, and Qiu Lingfeng didn't let Avatar go on.

Instead, he used the spirit chain to personally explore the memory of Avatar.

Long time passed, Qiu Lingfeng slowly opened his eyes.

At the same time, he also sorted out his thoughts, opened the mouth and said:

"You stay in the space with you now, I will send you out in a while, and you will be on time Run back to Lingsu Star by yourself."

"No, boss, do you want me to die again?"

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