I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1306

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A generation of Avatar suddenly wailed.

"You are a cat! If you don't go back, is it possible that you want me to go back?! Or if I go back, you stay in the Shinto Heavenly Palace as a shit stick?"

Qiu Lingfeng glared at this Avatar and yelled.

"Uh...this, deity, in fact, I think it’s more comfortable to return to Lingsu Star, you don’t need to say more, I will go back by myself after some time."

Avatar hearing this naturally knows which mission is more dangerous.

Compared to the possible dangerous situation on the Lingsu Star, staying in the Heavenly Palace of Shinto is in danger at all times.

As long as you are not stupid.

Normal people know which one to choose.

Chapter 574 Beauty Tutor

After deciding on the Avatar’s mission, Qiu Lingfeng left the portable space.

After leaving the portable space, Qiu Lingfeng went to the new dísciple consultation office.

Yes, yes.

Although it has been a while since he came to the Shinto Heavenly Palace, he has not been to the consultation office so far.

After all, the last time I went to the consultation office, no one was there, and he was also impossible to spend here.

Now go to the consultation office, also because Qiu Lingfeng really needs a mentor.

In the Shinto Heavenly Palace, all dísciples will be assigned a mentor with a real-world cultivation base, who is responsible for knowing part of the cultivation. After all, there are hundreds of dísciples under each mentor’s name, impossible Everything is covered.

However, even so.

It can also be seen that the background of the Shinto Heavenly Palace is extraordinary. It is enough to see that all dísciples are assigned a real-world cultivation base.

Qiu Lingfeng came to the consultation office again, this time there was no queuing outside the door.

Thinking of the embarrassing scene when I came to the consultation office last time, Qiu Lingfeng couldn't help being a little speechless.

Through the appraisal's perspective ability, Qiu Lingfeng saw that there were a lot of dísciples inside. It seems that he has come at the right time this time.

He opened the door and walked in.

After picking a window without who, he lined up obediently and honestly.

It didn't take long before it was his turn.

Qiu Lingfeng handed over his dísciple information card and said:

"Wu Qi, the Great Perfection of the cultivation base Divine Domain, the bone age is 800 years old."

On the opposite side, nodded, skillfully entered the information on the dísciple information card of Qiu Lingfeng into the system of the Shinto Heavenly Palace.

At the same time, the system has also assigned Qiu Lingfeng's corresponding tutor.

"You go here to find your tutor, don't find the wrong tutor No. 662, when the time comes, she will assign you a dormitory."

The other side simply took a map. , Circled a place, and handed back Qiu Lingfeng's information card.

"Okay, thanks."

Qiu Lingfeng took the information card, scratched his hair, and followed the map to find his tutor.

Didn't expect, dignified a top power, and there is such a troublesome process...

In his understanding, shouldn't the entry of Heaven's Chosen be like this:


"Hiss--this child is Great Perfection Heaven's Chosen in Divine Domain, Elder, don't grab it with me! Boy, if you follow me, Spiritual Artifact medicine pill, the flower girl will have it!"

"You Elder, don't fight with me. His attributes are exactly the same as our cultivation technique. Only when he enters my sect he won't make his orb dusty."

"Boy, you worship I’m a teacher. From now on, you’ll report my name in sect. No one dares to take you!"

A crowd of Elders rob Heaven's Chosen, rendering the horror of the protagonist’s innate talent, and also highlighting the Elder’s demands. Xianruo thirsty mood.

The most important thing is to lay the groundwork for a series of events such as attracting hatred to the protagonist and being revenge by the Elders.

How can there be such a casual as Shinto Heavenly Palace?

Even Qiu Lingfeng, such as "eight hundred years old", is cultivation to Heaven's Chosen of Great Perfection in Divine Domain, and the treatment is no different from other dísciples.

Following the map, Qiu Lingfeng came to the place where the circle was drawn.

Here is a big office, with hundreds of real-world tutors sitting...

When Qiu Lingfeng just watched this scene, he almost thought he had entered a certain 996 Fubao's big company.

A number plate is hung on the table of each instructor, so that these newly promoted dísciples will not recognize the wrong instructor.

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