I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1307

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Qiu Lingfeng looked at the number plates of these instructors while looking for his own instructor. His instructor was 662 No.

After a while, Qiu Lingfeng saw his mentor.

Compared with the dísciple lined up at the other mentor’s table, my own mentor’s table looks empty, and the door can be a bird...

It seems that besides him, this mentor is There is no other dísciple.

And Qiu Lingfeng also discovered the reason, because his mentor only has a cultivation base for the real world stage.

Besides, the breath is a bit vain, it should be the real state of the recent breakthrough.

Isn't it?

The broken dísciple system of this Shinto Heavenly Palace is too bad, right?

A new mentor was assigned to him, the Great Perfection Heaven's Chosen of Divine Domain on the surface?

New dísciple, a combination of new mentors.

What the hell is this?

This mentor of Qiu Lingfeng is a charming and charming elder sister who looks twenty-five or sixteen years old. She has a proud body and charming eyes, which makes people linger in dreams, and she also has a faint feeling on her body. fragrance.

But unfortunately, Qiu Lingfeng will not be shaken by these external factors.

He thinks this new mentor is not good, then it is not good!

Why do you ask?


He suffered untold hardships to enter the Shinto Heavenly Palace, isn't it just to participate in the young Heaven's Chosen grand competition, and then attract hatred for Shinto Heavenly Palace?

His mentor, as a new mentor, naturally does not have as many resources as those old mentors.

When the time comes, he might fail in the internal selection of Shinto Heavenly Palace because of various inside stories.

Ah-Gan! ! !

"This dísciple, you have been standing at my table for a long time, can't you find your tutor, do you need me to find it for you?"

No. 662 The instructor looked at Qiu Lingfeng with a puzzled look and asked.

Qiu Lingfeng grabbed his hair, sighed helplessly, and sat in front of the tutor, saying:

"I am your dísciple."

Also, Qiu Lingfeng took out his information card and continued:

"You can assign me a dormitory first."


The young mentor's head was dumbfounded, and he still hadn't reacted somewhat.

The cute nodded took over Qiu Lingfeng's information card and processed Qiu Lingfeng's information.

"You...you are the cultivation base of the Great Perfection of Divine Domain?!"

The instructor looked at Qiu Lingfeng’s message and couldn’t help but take a deep breath. Said in shock.

"ang, but don’t be distracted, now is not the time for you to ask questions, you are busy with you!"

Qiu Lingfeng nodded, he snorted, and at the same time he turned his head and looked Toward those instructors nearby, could not help but start to feel toothache.

Because the mentors near him are basically great grandfather grandmothers, or middle-aged uncle, they are very reliable at a glance, and they have a lot of resources.

Which is like his new mentor, a beautiful and beautiful woman?

This person is really maddening than others.

"How long have you passed through the real world? Can you become a mentor when you break through to the real world?"

Qiu Lingfeng propped his elbow on the table and moved towards his own The instructor asked.

"It’s almost a month. If you have a real-world cultivation base, you can apply to be a tutor of common disciple. I became a tutor because I wanted to get more cultivation resources. After all, I was nothing before The background loose cultivator, if you don’t become a mentor, the cultivation base will be difficult to improve."

This beautiful mentor from Qiu Lingfeng said.

Chapter 575 is different.

Maybe the two people’s cultivation bases look similar, or because the new mentor of Qiu Lingfeng is nothing. The experience and mentality have not changed, and I thought I was a dísciple, so I didn't have any pretensions.

Qiu Lingfeng nodded, he asked:

"Then what is your last name?"

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