I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1308

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"Menggui surnamed Liu, Liu Yunyan, what about you?"

This new tutor smiled slightly, staring at Qiu Lingfeng curiously, staring at the limbid autumn water. Asked.

"Wu Qi, the information card doesn’t write perfectly clear, right?"

Qiu Lingfeng said irritably,

"Then I call you Xiaoyan Now, just listening to the name is like the name of a female protagonist."


Liu Yunyan was stunned, and his attitude towards Qiu Lingfeng, an eldest disciple There are no superfluous thoughts.

Some Heaven's Chosen, the attitude is not so good, it is understandable.

After all, the attitude is not so good, and he was slapped to death long ago.

"Xiaoyan, let me ask you, can someone like me participate in the young Heaven's Chosen grand competition?"

Qiu Lingfeng asked,

"We What is the process of selection within the Shinto Heavenly Palace? Is the shady serious? I hope to represent our Shinto Heavenly Palace to participate in the young Heaven's Chosen grand competition, right?"

Qiu Lingfeng threw three in a row This question made Liu Yunyan stunned. For a long time, she opened the mouth and said:

"I don't know about these...I don't know.

"Because of my innate talent Not so good, it took more than ten thousand years to cultivation to the real world...

"These Heaven's Chosen grand competitions and other things have nothing to do with me."

" Damn, isn’t it? Xiaoyan, you, a tutor, don’t understand too much, right?"

Qiu Lingfeng silently rolled the eyes, said hate iron for not becoming steel,

"Forget it, since we have a master and disciple fate, I don't have much to say. You should learn more about this aspect, and report back to me, don’t you understand?"

Liu Yunyan blinked innocently.

What's the matter?

Why does she feel that the identities of her and Qiu Lingfeng are reversed?

Who is the tutor...who is the dísciple!

It’s just that Qiu Lingfeng’s faintly discernable powerhouse aura still shocked her, she dumbly asked:

"That...how should I call you? "

"Don't you? Don't you know this?"

Qiu Lingfeng suddenly felt like he was about to vomit.

This mentor is really useless except for being pretty.

Does this have to be taught by him?

"Eh, Yunyan, come and help me pick up the laid-off job. I will take my dísciple to their dormitory. Anyway, you don’t have a dísciple."

At this time, Qiu The instructor at a table behind Lingfeng got up, moved towards Liu Yunyan and shouted.

"Oh, coming!"

Liu Yunyan was hearing this, and he wanted to get up and walk over.

"Xiaoyan, sit down for me and continue with my procedures."

Qiu Lingfeng glared at Liu Yunyan and said to her.

"Oh oh...good."

Liu Yunyan shuddered all over, and hurriedly sat down and proceeded with the Qiu Lingfeng procedures.

Next, Qiu Lingfeng turned his head and moved towards the instructor at the table behind, waved his hand and said:

"Why do you want to go, don't disturb me and Xiaoyan."

While speaking, Qiu Lingfeng also released his disguised Divine Domain realm Great Perfection breath.

The instructor on the opposite side noticed Qiu Lingfeng's breath, and there was a hint of shock in his eyes.

He was absolutely didn't expect, Liu Yunyan was able to pick up an innate talent such a terrifying Heaven's Chosen.

"hahaha, little friend, it’s not good to be too angry."

The tutor laughed and wanted to be close to Qiu Lingfeng.

"Shut up, don't think I can't see what's in your head."

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