I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1309

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Qiu Lingfeng turned his head and said boringly .

"Tutor, let's go to the dormitory quickly."

"Yeah, mentor..."

Several female disciples of the male mentor Jiao Didi shouted.

"Okay, well, coming."

The male mentor was nodded, a fierce look flashed in the depths of his eyes, and then he smiled kindly, putting his female disciple Take away from here.

"Xiaoyan, did that guy often approach you just now?" Qiu Lingfeng moved towards Liu Yunyan asked.

Qiu Lingfeng moved towards Liu Yunyan.

"Well, Tutor Huang, he is very nice, and he takes care of me at work..."

Liu Yunyan nodded, said.

"That's over, I was hurt by you."

Qiu Lingfeng patted his head and said silently.

According to the normal routine.

This teacher Huang will definitely spy on Liu Yunyan's beauty. When he sees such a handsome and handsome dísciple approaching Liu Yunyan, he will definitely be jealous.

From all aspects, you can see that Teacher Huang’s Mediterranean hairstyle is definitely not shallow, and he is definitely someone who cannot afford to offend.

It's all right now.

femme fatale!

He provokes the teacher Huang because of Liu Yunyan. It is estimated that he now wants to represent the Shinto Heavenly Palace in the juvenile Heaven's Chosen grand competition, which is even more difficult.

"Small smoke, I said you can have a snack."

Qiu Lingfeng sighed again.

"Huh??? Oh..."

Liu Yunyan didn't know why.

"But don't worry too much, you will be smarter, I will cover you, we are different, I call you Xiaoyan, you just call me Wu Qige."


Qiu Lingfeng tapped his finger on the desktop and said.


Liu Yunyan looked at Qiu Lingfeng for a while, then said, "But am I not your mentor How do you feel that I am younger than you?"

Qiu Lingfeng thought for a while, the aura on his body suddenly shook, and he came to the stage of the real world, opened the mouth and said :

"Xiaoyan, please quickly change the column of my cultivation base, from the Divine Domain Realm Great Perfection to the Real Realm Realm Realm Period."

"You... this is a breakthrough?!!!"

Liu Yunyan couldn't suppress her shock for a while, exclaiming in exclamation.

You know, how long does she break through the real world?

The Qiu Lingfeng in front of you had a breakthrough in the blink of an eye? !

Damn it!

Is this the horror of Heaven's Chosen?

"Why are you so shocked? I don't have any knowledge, and I will be like this in the future!"

Qiu Lingfeng silently rolled the eyes, urged,

"Hurry up and change the cultivation base of my information card. Hurry up."

"Oh oh oh... Wu Qige, do you want me to take you to your dormitory?"

Liu Yunyan changed the information dumbly, and asked when she looked at Qiu Lingfeng.

"Okay, then you can lead the way. By the way, let me see how the Shinto Heavenly Palace provides the common disciple's living environment."

Qiu Lingfeng waved his hand and said boringly.

hearing this, Liu Yunyan got up and started Qiu Lingfeng.

Along the way, Qiu Lingfeng is also looking for an opportunity to return a generation of Avatar to Lingsu Star.

After all, Lingsu Star is impossible without a powerhouse guard.

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