I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1310

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The pirates in space are terrifying.

Their strength is unstoppable for the life in the orchard.

Aside from the resources of cultivation, this is a distance across time.

After all, the life outside the orchard, the longer the cultivation lifespan.

And the life in the orchard, the cultivation ended up being only three hundred years of lifespan, which is not comparable at all.

Chapter 576 Selection Matters

In this way, Liu Yunyan took Qiu Lingfeng to outside the dormitory of the Shinto Heavenly Palace for the common disciples.

The living conditions are so-so, it is a small single room of more than ten square meters, with only the most basic facilities, and the cleaning is fairly clean.

"Xiaoyan, my current cultivation base, It shouldn't be a mentor?"

Qiu Lingfeng moved towards Liu while looking at the decoration in the house. Yunyan asked.

"Uh...This is not true. Even if you want to be a mentor, you need a certain aptitude. It's just like you...

"emmm...Heaven's Chosen, if you want to be Core Disciple is not difficult, right?

"Why stay in the area of ​​common disciple? And it is the lowest Grade 1 common disciple."

Liu Yunyan shook the head, and then asked in confusion.

Qiu Lingfeng hearing this, glanced at her, and said slowly:

"What you said makes sense, but I don't listen."


Qiu Lingfeng just wants to represent the Shinto Heavenly Palace to participate in the juvenile Heaven's Chosen grand competition.

If he becomes a Core Disciple, he will definitely have a deeper connection with the Shinto Heavenly Palace.

When the time comes, wouldn’t his fake identity be easier to reveal?

"Oh...Is this the pride of Heaven's Chosen."

Liu Yunyan looked thoughtful nodded, took out a notebook from his arms and remembered it.

Qiu Lingfeng looked at her movements and became even more speechless.

"I said, Xiaoyan, what are you doing with your notes? Can you keep it in your head?"

Qiu Lingfeng said silently, patted his hands, and walked out of the dormitory.

This dormitory is just that big, just want to stroll around. What is more important for him now is to participate in the audition of the Shinto Heavenly Palace, and get the representative of Shinto Heavenly Palace to participate in the juvenile Heaven's Chosen grand competition Qualifications.

"Xiaoyan, as my mentor, you have to look like a mentor, don’t you? Go and show me the details of the Shentoo Heavenly Palace audition, come again Report to me, if there are no more important things before you know these things, don’t come to me."

Qiu Lingfeng said without looking back,

" I will be back before 8 o’clock tonight. You will come here with a pinch. It’s out of date."

After finishing, Qiu Lingfeng left the dormitory area and moved towards the Shinto Heavenly Palace. .

Liu Yunyan hearing this, obediently went to help Qiu Lingfeng organize the information.

After Qiu Lingfeng left the Shinto Heavenly Palace, he came to a nearby planet.

This planet has been developed quite thoroughly.

vast crowd people coming, people going, on the highest mountain, there is a huge telescope, you can see the whole picture of the Shinto Heavenly Palace.

It was a gimmick that had close contact with the Shinto Heavenly Palace.

There are many vendors on the road selling various souvenirs about the Shinto Heavenly Palace, such as abandoned dísciple medals.

Qiu Lingfeng walking on the street here, I feel more and more that the business set is understood by the Shinto Heavenly Palace.

Choose a safe place, Qiu Lingfeng released the first generation Avatar.

"Go, be smart this time, bury a second-generation Avatar in the soil, when the time comes, you won’t die directly back to me when the time comes."

Qiu Lingfeng patted his head, opened the mouth and said.

"Telling! Deity, you have to take care!"

A generation of Avatar was nodded heavily and said with tears.

"Successful, what is so much nonsense? By the way, you take this storage ring. There are gifts for everyone from me. Everyone’s gifts are labeled, when the time comes, look. Just keep it separate."

Qiu Lingfeng nodded, took a storage ring from the portable space and stuffed it into the hands of a generation of Avatar.

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