I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1311

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generation Avatar then cast the wind spirit, stealth hide income, moved towards the direction of the Spirit of Su Xing flew.

at a rate of generation of Avatar, he wanted to fly back to Su Xing Ling, probably only two or three years.

If Qiu Lingfeng themselves to fly, then you can get seven or eight months.

Although the strength of the gap between his generation and Avatar has ten times, but so does not mean he has ten times the speed of Avatar.

After all, his soul, but the integration of wind Divine Ability Innate Skill: "God" series, the speed can be infinitely superimposed, until Spiritual Qi exhausted.

So, Qiu Lingfeng it was only the initial velocity were faster than Avatar.

extreme speed between the two are similar, except Qiu Lingfeng faster acceleration, shorter time to reach the limit. After

Avatar of things to get done, Qiu Lingfeng found a family restaurant, and ate it.

Qiu Lingfeng returned after satiate his quarters in the Shinto Heavenly Palace.

just pinch time, eight p.m..

Liu Yunyan already outside waiting a long time to see Qiu Lingfeng back, immediately will be handed over a stack of data.

"Wu Chico, this information has two parts, one is the information on Shinto Heavenly Palace audition, the other part is information about other Seeded Contestant's."

Liu Yunyan opened the mouth and said.

"ah, yes."

Qiu Lingfeng took Liu Yunyan information delivery to, comforting nodded.

It seems that his mentor is not useless, at least things very diligent.

Although the innate talent worse, ten thousand years before the cultivation of bone age to real world environment, but at least it is not mediocrity.

Because the real mediocrity, not to the real world practitioners would die of old age environment.

Then, Qiu Lingfeng went into the dorm room, the view from Liu Yunyan tidied data.

Shinto Heavenly Palace juvenile Heaven's Chosen grand competition audition, object entries from Core Disciple to normal Grade 1 dísciple can.

in a bone age requirement is less Chitose, cultivation base dísciple on Divine Domain environment.

The final audition will decide the winner ten dísciple Shinto Heavenly Palace on behalf of the Junior Heaven's Chosen grand competition.

Meanwhile, ten representatives dísciple no matter what type of dísciple before, by the sea after the election, you can be promoted directly to the Core Disciple.

If the juvenile Heaven's Chosen grand competition to get a top ten ranking, in addition to open juvenile Heaven's Chosen grand competition rewards, Shinto Heavenly Palace also has an internal reward.

Shinto Heavenly Palace internal selection rule is also very simple, divided into three parts.

dogfight, team battle, individual combat.

melee battle to decide the team staff, team battle to decide the individual combatant.

Finally, by individual battle, decided at the last ten people, Shinto Heavenly Palace on behalf of the Junior Heaven's Chosen grand competition.

"So, no matter what is to become Core Disciple of it?"

After reading this section Qiu Lingfeng information, raised her eyebrows and whispered.

Next, Qiu Lingfeng he turned looked towards Liu Yunyan, asked: "? little smoke, ah, Shinto Heavenly Palace of Core Disciple What good is no"

"there ah, coming to realize the Core Disciple law can comprehend a free pool Top Grade attribute cultivation technique of it."

Liu Yunyan nodded said.

"Tut, you still can."

Qiu Lingfeng Tut a cry, frown nodded and said.

Top Grade cultivation technique this stuff that is not precious precious, said common nor uncommon.

After all, cultivation technique only play a supporting role.

Now this cultivation base of the Martial Artist or repair spirit refinement pattern dao chart, or to concentrate on developing its own real world rules.

cultivation technique really as great as the other two, selected lifting. After

five hundredth Chapter 77 Registration selection

After reading Shinto Heavenly Palace internal selection introduced, Qiu Lingfeng see from the information section of the competition dísciple.

Have to say, Liu Yunyan information collated is very comprehensive.

This session juvenile Heaven's Chosen grand competition, likely on behalf of Shinto Heavenly Palace participating Heaven's Chosen, Liu Yunyan full lists more than fifty.

Qiu Lingfeng one after another skipped, after all these his opponents, cultivation base has only the highest circles of the real world environment condensate cultivation base.

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