I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1312

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He is a Martial Artist whose real realm is in the Source of Law. Fighting up these guys can't be regarded as a dimensionality reduction blow.

After reading the information, Qiu Lingfeng handed it back and said to her:

"You come to me again on the day of registration and let me know. Don’t bother me at other times. Now, I want to retreat and stabilize the realm."

"Well, Wu Qige, if you have anything else, just tell me."

Liu Yunyan nodded, said seriously.

"Okay, after all, we are both master and disciple. If I become so prosperous, I will definitely support you."

Qiu Lingfeng said nodded with relief, gently patted the former's Head.

"en. ”

Liu Yunyan complied, bowed his head, and left the dormitory of Qiu Lingfeng.

After seeing Liu Yunyan leaving, Qiu Lingfeng sat cross-legged on the bed.

Where does he need to retreat?

He just wants to distract Liu Yunyan and find a chance to work in the energy rooms of the Shinto Heavenly Palace.

Once the energy room is destroyed, the entire Shinto Heavenly Palace will be paralyzed.

When the time comes, the Shinto Heavenly Palace will be in a very passive situation.

And Qiu Lingfeng wants to achieve this effect.

Otherwise, his suffering untold hardships to help the godly Heavenly Palace pull the hatred will be useless.

Thinking of this, Qiu Lingfeng no longer stays, using the spirit of wind, trying to hide his breath.

And he also turned himself into a nihilistic body, passed through layers of obstacles, moved towards the energy room below the mission hall and flew away.

There are a lot of Formation outside the energy, which is quite a headache.

A little carelessness, even Qiu Lingfeng, who is now trying to hide his breath, may be exposed.

So Qiu Lingfeng must be more cautious.

However, Qiu Lingfeng's Formation accomplishments are not low. After a lot of effort to carefully identify the array inscription, I found the weak spot of Formation.

After drawing out two formation marks and interfering with the Defensive Array of the energy room, Qiu Lingfeng sneaked into the energy room.

In the energy room, Spiritual Qi is very abundant, and even has a breath of mana.

Of course, these have nothing to do with Qiu Lingfeng.

He can't cultivation here, right?

If he is cultivation in this, he will be exposed immediately.

Qiu Lingfeng walked to the center of the energy room, where there is an energy spar, and the lines on it are close and numerous, which is extremely mysterious.

At the same time, there are patterns on the walls all around, which echo this energy spar, and together provide energy for the Palace Lord body of the Shinto Heavenly Palace.

In other words, no matter which side has a problem, it will be discovered.

"This is difficult..."

Qiu Lingfeng touched the chin and began to think about it.

Next, Qiu Lingfeng's head is divine light flashed.

"Or, try... Use Heavenly Flame to attach to the array inscription, when the time comes, it will explode together."

Qiu Lingfeng thought of this, and his hands were divided A trace of Heavenly Flame.

To him, casting Heavenly Flame is like using an arm.

After all, chanting the fire spell can provide him with powerful flame strength control.

Qiu Lingfeng looked at the energy spar in front of him, stretched out his hand to cover it, and the Heavenly Flame was hidden in it along the lines of the energy spar.

Whether it is with Soul Power or naked eye, it is difficult to detect the existence of his Heavenly Flame.

After all, the strand of Heavenly Flame left by Qiu Lingfeng is only a tiny strand, even smaller than a strand of hair.

And, this strand of Heavenly Flame’s formidable power is enough to detonate this energy spar.

As soon as the energy spar is detonated, the Spiritual Qi in this energy room will also explode, eventually resulting in the entire energy room being scrapped.

After getting this energy room, Qiu Lingfeng moved towards the other energy rooms and flew away.

After he finished all the energy rooms, he realized that two days had passed.

But, he still has plenty of time now.

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