I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1313

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So, he simply grinds a purple flame dragon's breath chili into powder.

According to my memory, I went to some Seeded Contestant's homes and sprinkled purple flame dragon's breath chili in their water source.

This is not to satisfy Qiu Lingfeng's evil taste, but to weaken the battle strength of other players.

After all, what if someone among them is far superior to the same level?

Qiu Lingfeng can't use all his strength to fight against them, right?

That's a fart!

So he can only use the three indiscriminate methods, using the chili powder of the purple flame dragon's breath chili to let these Heaven's Chosen receive a part of the backlash, causing the performance to be abnormal.

If Qiu Lingfeng used a whole purple flame dragon's breath chili, it is estimated that all Heaven's Chosen would directly turn into ashes.

After all, the backlash of a whole purple flame dragon's breath chili pepper is unbearable even for him now.

After getting these things done, Qiu Lingfeng returned to his dormitory contentedly, lying on the bed, covered with a quilt, and hu hu fell asleep.

A few days have passed by, and in the blink of an eye, it came to the date of selection and registration.

Liu Yunyan also arrived as scheduled and took Qiu Lingfeng to sign up.

When signing up, Qiu Lingfeng heard many people around him say.

Many hopeful representatives of Shinto Heavenly Palace participated in the dísciple of the young Heaven's Chosen grand competition, and there were symptoms of burns inside their bodies...

The doctors in the Shinto Heavenly Palace, for This strange symptom, there is no nodded thread.

However, those Heaven's Chosen have no hope to represent the Shinto Heavenly Palace, but for other dísciples, it is a good thing!

Because this means that they are also hopeful to play on behalf of sect.

"Fortunately, you have been in retreat this time. Otherwise, if you get injured like other Heaven's Chosen, it will be bad."

Liu Yunyan heard the news At that time, he also said with a look of rejoicing.


Qiu Lingfeng also pretended to be scared, nodded agreed.

At this point, he also reported the name of the trial.

After half a month, the melee of the first round begins.

After signing up, Qiu Lingfeng and Liu Yunyan did not stop, and went to the location of the office.

Liu Yunyan can't always follow Qiu Lingfeng, right?

After all, she is also a mentor, although she currently only has one Qiu Lingfeng under her mentor...

But this does not affect Liu Yunyan's motivation to work.

As for the reason they came back here, it is also very simple.

All dísciples who sign up for the trials have a subsidy.

Even if Qiu Lingfeng doesn't like this subsidy, how could Liu Yunyan as a mentor make Qiu Lingfeng give up this subsidy?

So, this until now is a very obedient tutor, forcibly pulling Qiu Lingfeng into the office.

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Chapter 580 Three Long Swords

The rust on these three long swords fell off at the same time, and the sword light suddenly came from here. Burst out of the three-handled long sword.

These three long sword attribute have nothing common with each other, but they have one thing in common, that is, the breath is deep and mysterious.

"This is a red thunder sword, and the attributes are thunder and fire. Under the limit, the temperature can exceed the stellar core. Even the powerhouse in the powerhouse is difficult to resist.

"This is blue Thunder sword, the attributes are thunder and water, and cultivation to the limit can even freeze the time of a side world.

"This is the Purple Thunder Sword, and the attribute is Thunder and Wind. Although this sword looks ordinary, it is the strongest among the three swords. If the other two swords do not have it, they will be used at all The powerhouse illusory shadow points to the three long sword floating in front of him, carefully moved towards Tian Feng introduced."

"The strongest?"

Tian Feng looked at the Purple Thunder Sword in the middle with confusion. Unlike the red and blue thunder swords, look at this sword. It's more low-key and restrained.

"I will only demonstrate the next sword skill, how much you write down depends on your perception!"

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