I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1314

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powerhouse illusory shadow After speaking seriously, he loudly shouted and displayed a set of sword skills.

Yin! ! !

In the next instant, these three long swords all made sword groans coincidentally.

Then, sword lights of different colors burst out from the three long swords.

Three long swords, echoing each other, moved towards the sky and flew away.


Powerhouse illusory shadow Pinched out a seal with both hands, loudly shouting.


Next, three long swords in the sky.

Starting from Chen Huijian, it cracks into countless small swords.


The powerhouse illusory shadow snorted again, and then, these little swords turned into a sword array and moved towards Tian Feng stabbed.

For an instant, Tian Feng felt that he was blocked and had nowhere to hide, so he could only resist this move.

Just when Tian Feng couldn't help transforming into nothingness and avoiding this move, the sword array stopped abruptly.


The powerhouse illusory shadow gave a break, and the sword array steadily stopped three inches away from the center of Tian Feng's eyebrows.


There was another cry.

These countless small swords began to combine and turned into a huge broad sword, in an amazing imposing manner.

Moreover, this broadsword also burst out of three different colors of lightning.

"This is the most basic application method, and you should remember it."

The powerhouse illusory shadow smiled slightly, and the silhouette slowly dissipated into the void.

And this broad sword with three-color lightning surrounding the whole body is again divided into three long swords with flashing different colors of lightning.

Three long swords surround him, apparently accepting him as the master.

"Three Grade 9 Spiritual Artifacts...If you talk about this, even if you come into contact with the existence of immortality, you will be jealous?"

Tian Feng said excitedly.

However, he also discovered that the breath of these three long swords was not as imposing manner as the powerhouse illusory shadow demonstrated the sword skills just now.

The current three long swords are obviously much weaker.

Of course, it is much better than the Tianfeng Sword.

"Because time has passed too long, has the spiritual power leaked too much?"

Tian Feng thought slightly nodded.

Next, he dripped his blood essence into the three long swords.

Accept them one by one.

After this, Tian Feng carried three long swords behind him.

Because these three long swords are longer than the Tianfeng sword, he can't hang it on his waist anymore, so if he wants to carry it with him, he can only carry it on his back.

Just after a little thought, Tian Feng put the red thunder sword and blue thunder sword into the storage ring.

He drew the three swords of the sword mound, it is better not to let others know, and then slowly tell the story with the deity when he turns around.

He really didn't intend to leave the Tianfeng Sword in the sword grave!

However, if any, please choose again.

Tian Feng will still keep the Tianfeng Sword here.

After all, the Tianfeng Sword has now been strengthened to the limit, and it is the Grade 2 Spiritual Artifact.

It's true that I can't keep up with the deity's pace.

It stays here, and while waiting for the next master, it can also accept the tempering of the sword here and become stronger.

Maybe next time, when the Tianfeng Sword comes out, it will become a Peerless Fine Sword.


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