I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1315

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However, these things have nothing to do with him temporarily.

Tian Feng step by step's moved towards Jianzhong and walked outside.

During the period, he also met Luo Miao again.

Luo Miao hadn't finished choosing which sword she should choose, standing next to her original sword, looking at the other swords.

"You haven't finished picking yet? I took out the sword."

Tian Feng looked at Luo Miao with a puzzled expression.

"Did you...didn't you just leave? So I picked the sword out?!"

Luo Miao looked at Tian Feng incredulously and said.

Tian Feng was dumbfounded, hearing this.

He obviously went in for a while, why did Luo Miao say that he just left?

But, soon.

Tian Feng reacted.

I'm afraid it was the ghost of the powerhouse illusory shadow just now.

Blue thunder sword, the attribute is thunder and water, of course, blue thunder sword probably still has Ice Attribute, otherwise it is impossible to freeze time.

So, he was thinking, maybe the powerhouse illusory shadow has frozen the time in the sword mound just now.

After all, when the powerhouse illusory shadow showed him sword skills just now, the picture speaking of which was short, but in fact it was not short.

"Oh, I have reached the deepest point. There is only such a sword, so I picked it."

Tian Feng pointed to the Purple Thunder Sword on his back, lightly He laughed and said,

"When you go out, you should be able to go out by yourself?"

In this sword mound, after they leave the sword here, they can only temporarily Immune to the suppression of sword intent near the place where the sword is left.

Once they choose a new sword, sword intent suppression will still occur.

Luo Miao originally came here with a braced effort. Tian Feng also cherished this sword cultivator genius, so he would ask her more.

After all, he doesn't want to see such a flower like a jade...Bah, innate talent's extraordinary sword cultivator Heaven's Chosen has hurt the foundation.

"This...I have to trouble you..."

Luo Miao slightly lowered his head, said sorry.

"That's OK, I'll be waiting for you here, you pick it slowly, and by the way, tell me why you are so determined to win or lose. You are usually pretty cute, why Do you care about winning or losing so much?"

Tian Feng shrugged and started talking about it.


Luo Miao lifts the head in surprise, looking at Tian Feng on the side.

"Isn't it?"

Tian Feng raised an eyebrow and said in confusion.

Chapter 581, Ye Fan's younger sister

When Tian Feng's side was able to tease her sister.

Bai Lan is soaking in an ice pool in the Canghe ice region.

There are many dísciples close to his cultivation base beside him.

This is exactly how the Canghe Ice Region selects dísciples. All dísciples who want to represent sect will enter the ice pool until the last ten people are left.

Dark Fire Phoenix family.

Ye Zuo and Ye You are holding each other's shoulders, looking at the plump devil beast women not far away.

"I said Old Brother, you've been staring at patriarch's daughter for several days. If you keep staring like this, maybe she will treat you as a pervert."

Ye You touched the chin, tsk tsk said.

"You still have the guts to say me? Haven't you been staring at patriarch for several days? If you keep staring like this, patriarch may treat you as a pervert."

Ye Zuo said silently.

He and Ye You's tastes are completely different. One likes green and astringent, and the other likes mature.

"Hey, Old Brother, you said you have been staring at her for so long, why didn't you come forward and say something? I think patriarch's daughter is much better than patriarch."

Ye You patted Ye Zuo's shoulder and said.

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