I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1316

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"Crap! You think I don't want to! It's a pity that we are the property of the deity. How can we choose so many? Maybe someday we will be used as a bomb by the deity."

Ye Zuo lowered his head and said dejectedly.

"Old Brother, don’t you think we’re doing well now? How about we stay in the dark Fire Phoenix clan and enjoy it? You will be your dark Fire Phoenix clan’s son-in-law, I When my dark Fire Phoenix clan patriarch is her husband, you are still my Old Brother, and we have different opinions."

Ye You bewitched.

"Then you should go to death. If the deity knows that, you won’t get angry. Our several brothers are the most dishonest of you, always thinking about some things."

Ye Zuo Hehe smiled and said silently.

He wants to do that too.

"We are not disloyal to the deity. In my heart, the deity is not heaven yet. Isn't that the only faith in my heart? But this faith can't be given to me!"

Ye You helplessly spread his hands, said.

"Oh, I understand, let the deity castrate you when you turn around, and see if you still want to."

Ye Zuo nodded, silently remembered this matter in his heart .

"Hey, I’m knocking?! Is it a brother, don’t tell the deity, if he knows, then I won’t die? Maybe he won’t resurrect me again "

Ye You was anxious at the time, staring at Ye Zuo.

"You two, what are you arguing about here?! Huh, it's also great aunt. Today is in a good mood, otherwise you two will be beaten to death!"

The girl in dark red dress came over, raised her pink fist, moved towards Ye Zuo Yeyou and the two brothers threatened.

And she is the daughter of the patriarch of the Dark Fire Phoenix family, Feng Jiaojiao.

"No no, boss, how are we talking about the representatives of the Fire Phoenix clan?"

Ye Zuo hooked the head and moved towards Feng Jiaojiao chuckled.

"Old licking dog."

Ye You glanced at Ye Zuo silently, contemptuously in her heart, and then stared at the dark Fire Phoenix on the side. Patriarch.

The patriarch of the Dark Fire Phoenix clan didn't notice Ye You's careful thoughts. All her attention was on business.

She is also very grateful for the two Heaven's Chosen Ye Zuo Yeyou.

After all, if the two Heaven's Chosen hadn't appeared a while ago and saved Feng Jiaojiao's life, her only daughter would probably be buried there.

Otherwise, we will not make an exception to let them become Feng Jiaojiao's guards and let them join the Dark Fire Phoenix clan.

"Jiaojiao, keep your voice down."

The dark Fire Phoenix clan patriarch said without raising his head, his eyes fell on the message from the front.

Today's Blazing Empire can be described as falling apart.

The biggest advantage of the originally vast Blazing Dynasty became the biggest disadvantage.

Because the area of ​​the Blazing Dynasty is too large, in the absence of a center that can rule the world, each area of ​​the Blazing Dynasty has its own camp, so many areas of the current Blazing Dynasty are Annexed by other top forces.

There are also many other forces who have picked up the leak. For these petty gains, the top forces of the Dark Fire Phoenix family will naturally not choose to fight.

After all, they ate the meat and drank the soup, so do they not allow others to lick the bowl?

If you don’t even lick, it’s too much, right?

"Okay, mother."

Feng Jiaojiao hurriedly responded, turned her head and glared at Ye Zuo again, and said in a low voice.

Blame you! I told my mother about the representative. You two can participate. Of course, the premise is that you two must listen to me obediently!"


Ye Zuo is hearing this, excitedly.

"I'm in love, my dear girl...Bah, boss, oh..."

Ye You eyes shined, but before he finishes his words, he gets Fengjiao Jiao patted her head, and then she hummed angrily:

"hmph, what are you pooh? If not for me, you can't stay in the dark Fire Phoenix clan, why? You treat me this way The boss is not convinced?"

"Uh, no, boss, let's go out and talk first, don't disturb patriarch to deal with the affairs."

Ye Zuo hurriedly grabbed the conversation and moved towards Feng Jiaojiao.

"Well, I really like Azuo you better."

Feng Jiaojiao looked at Ye Zuo with joy and said.

"Ahem, what, boss, let's go out."

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