I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1317

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woo silent leaves rubbed skull, awkward in the side channel.

He's really do not understand, like the dark Fire Phoenix family that both mature and have a temperament as well as the charm of the great elder sister not sweet thing?

His brothers who, in the end is where the blind, and only took a fancy to Phoenix waited ah?

Besides, really want to climb right attached to your words.

This patriarch, but also how a little higher than that of female grade patriarch, right?

ah ......

Well, do not understand do not understand.

Nether Hall. Among

an abyss, wearing a black hooded robe and holding a huge sickle silhouette walking in the forefront.

Under the hood is a soft white flawless cheek, very delicate facial features, impeccable, clear eyes are exceptionally pure, people looked at you could not forget.

her large black robe, her silhouette perfect cover, and set off her more petite.

In this girl's behind, is a Scarface, face Hengrou black clothed middle age person, his eyes slightly narrowed, watching the girls walk in front of their own.

"This guy is not the original that YeFan younger sister, right? did not expect Ye her younger sister so much ah ...... are already in the real world environment of Sec community cultivation the base. "

black clothed middle age person is naturally one of Qiu Lingfeng generation of Avatar, a dark and stormy.

He was ordered to join Hall of Nether, Nether Hall of purpose on behalf of the Junior Heaven's Chosen grand competition.

Nether temple and several other top forces than it is more like evil. teach.

This is because mostly some outlaw inside dísciple, cultivation technique also tend oppressive.

The Abyss, the nether temple is used to elect representatives sect war dísciple trials.

"then speaking of which, this leaves Weiyang, bone age less than a hundred, but it has real world environment of cultivation base, really departed from large spectrum ah ......"

Black wind and touched his chin, looked at the back of the girl's eyes, tsk tsk he said.

through the identification divine ability, a dark and stormy early identification information leaves Weiyang out.

Ye Weiyang of cultivation speed so outrageous, everything ultimately, her double physique.

One reads: killing blood demon thereof.

One reads: Yin God polar body.

The two heavy special physique, coupled with the cultivation technique nether house, and that makes the leaves are young so young, they have such a terrible cultivation base.

then think carefully, in fact, a dark and stormy relieved.

After all, the leaves are young but Fan Ye and supporting female controls ah.

Ye has an outrageous Lottery System, what are pumping out.

As fate female controls leaf is young, how could go bad ah.

Chapter five hundred and eighty second swipe admission

So far thoughts, deep eyes dark and stormy, but also flashed killing intent.

existence leaf is young, for deity is undoubtedly a great threat.

After all, leaves Weiyang innate talent so horrific that even has a system of Qiu Lingfeng catch up.

It is hard to imagine, if the leaf is young and know Qiu Lingfeng killed Ye Fan, Ye Weiyang younger sister will make this kind of thing to ......

go forefront of the abyss leaves Weiyang clear eyes looked at the front, firm walking pace.

For room behind a dark and stormy inadvertently leaked a trace of killing intent, she did not pay attention.

She is now all thoughts are on her body Fan Ye big brother.

She had heard, Ye Ning who established a Chamber of Commerce, large-scale white star in the morning.

She also heard, that the old waste big brother, has now become one of the reputed Top Grade Heaven's Chosen, innate talent strong.

I did not know ......

The juvenile Heaven's Chosen grand competition, she can no longer meet YeFan it?

speaking of which, she and Ye Fan separate fast thirty years, right?

In the morning the day of the White Star Ye Family, really nostalgic ah ......

followed by a dark and stormy still leaves Weiyang.

Originally, his disguise mid out of the Divine Domain territory strength, he should not be so front, however, he did not want to lose leaf is young.

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