I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1318

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Besides, in this abyss.

Cultivation base is not the key either. The speed of walking is related to the temperament.

Because of the particularity of the cultivation technique of the Nether Temple, the dísciple in the gate will probably be unstable in the temperament. In order to avoid the cultivation deviation, sect will organize the dísciple to come here every once in a while to stabilize the temperament.

The ten dísciples who represented sect in the war were selected in this way. Naturally, they were also the ten best temperament in the same dísciple.

As for the strength, the cultivation technique of the Nether Hall is very special. If you want, fighting against the ranks is as simple as drinking water and eating for the dísciple of the Nether Hall.

Even more how, those who can enter this abyss tempering temperament are all dísciple above the Divine Domain realm.

When the five Avatars were busy getting the qualifications, the day for Shinto Heavenly Palace to select dísciple representatives gradually came.

On this day, outside the Shinto Heavenly Palace.

A huge ring was built.

This ring is based on star fragments, with several dozen li in length and width. The ring is round as a whole, covered with close and numerous protective Formation. In addition to the ring, there is a protection Formation Formation to prevent the aftermath of the battle from leaking out.

Qiu Lingfeng and Liu Yunyan came here together.

The dísciple of the Shinto Heavenly Palace who participated in the melee this time has nearly 10,000 people, and the momentum is huge.

At the same time, one can also see the extraordinary heritage of the Shinto Heavenly Palace.

"Now, please come to the stage for all the dísciples who participated in the melee."

The sound transmission Formation embedded on the huge ring made the voice of the God of Heavenly Palace Palace Lord.

Qiu Lingfeng heard this sound, but also familiar.

Because he knew that he had seen the Spiritual Qi projection of the Heavenly Palace Palace Lord last time.

That was when Ye Fan was killed. Before he killed Ye Fan, the Spiritual Qi projection of Heavenly Palace Palace Lord of Shendao appeared.

At that time, Qiu Lingfeng still used the Spiritual Qi tokens left by Luo Yue to crush the Spiritual Qi projection of the Heavenly Palace Palace Lord.

It was also at that time that he had a clearer understanding of Luo Yue's strength.

Luo Yue's strength is far superior to the God of Heavenly Palace Palace Lord, and he is definitely not a member of Yinhan Star Domain.

"Speaking of which, Ye Fan seemed to have gotten involved with the daughter of the Shinto Heavenly Palace Palace Lord, otherwise he wouldn’t have the Spiritual Qi projection of the Shinto Heavenly Palace Palace Lord.”

Qiu Lingfeng lowered his head slightly, but remembered the incident.

According to age, the daughter of Shinto Heavenly Palace Palace Lord should also participate in this juvenile Heaven's Chosen grand competition.

It's a pity that he doesn't know the name of the daughter of the Shinto Heavenly Palace Palace Lord, otherwise he could kill her in secret.

After all, he and the other party have a vengeance for murdering husbands. Who knows if there is anything special about the daughter of the Shinto Heavenly Palace Palace Lord?

Generally speaking, a woman who can become the protagonist, the innate talent will not be so bad.

Not to mention the special physique, the innate talent is against the sky, but it must be outstanding in one aspect.

For example, Ning Ning'er, although her cultivation talent has stretched her crotch a little, she has good business abilities, otherwise it would be impossible to bring Fanning's success in Chamber of Commerce.

"Miaoye...This dead Ye Fan, he will not worry about me when he is dead. I have left so many wives and want me to deal with it one by one."

Qiu Lingfeng touched the chin, helplessly said.

There is no doubt.

Shinto Heavenly Palace Palace Lord's daughter, he must also deal with.

Then solve the opponent at the time of the young Heaven's Chosen grand competition.

Of course, he himself was impossible to shoot.

But his Avatar is fine!

His generation of Avatar wanted to "fail" to kill the daughter of Death God Dao Heavenly Palace Palace Lord in the ring, it was very simple.

And this can also provoke the contradiction between the Shinto Heavenly Palace and other top forces, one move, two gains!

elated ~~

"Wu Qige, hurry up on stage. With your real-world cultivation base for a period of time, it’s easy to get through the melee. Of course, You still need to beware of other Heaven's Chosen teaming up against you."

The tutor Liu Yunyan suddenly reminded him from Qiu Lingfeng's side.

"Okay, Xiaoyan, there is nothing wrong with you here. Go back and help me see how the soup I am stewing in the dormitory is doing. I will drink it together when I come back."

Qiu Lingfeng nodded, looked at Liu Yunyan and said.

He himself cannot differentiate into the second-generation Avatar, and now the first-generation Avatar is not around.

So looking at the very important task of Stovehuo, it can only be handed over to Liu Yunyan.

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