I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1320

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Seeing that Qiu Lingfeng didn't give up the game ashamed of their words, the disciples behind Qiu Lingfeng's eyes grew colder.

They must be immediately eliminated Qiu Lingfeng from the ring.

After all, the dísciples that can participate in the selection are basically Grade 3 or core dísciples, and even Grade 2 dísciples are very rare.

Not to mention Grade 1 dísciple that appeared for the first time!

If Qiu Lingfeng survived the team battle of the second round, where would they put their faces on higher-level dísciples?

These higher dísciples will admit that they are inferior to a lower dísciple?


Trash, you should stay in the trash.

Rather than imagining that it can be placed on the counter like gold.

When Qiu Lingfeng came to the ring, he pondered for a while, then took out his crotch and pushed his supreme emperor big red brick to his waist.

This supreme emperor red brick is not very lethal. If you use it to beat people, it only hurts billions of points. It is just used to participate in this trial.

After all, if Qiu Lingfeng does not use weapons or uses other weapons, it would be too insulting and lethal.

Maybe the other dísciple slapped it down, and there was not even a small amount of ashes left.

It didn't take long for all the dísciples who participated in the trials to be on stage.

Qiu Lingfeng picked a side position.

After all, in the corner, It shouldn't be so eye-catching.

At the same time, Qiu Lingfeng also noticed that when he came to the corner, the dísciples who were at the same entrance with him before, also surrounded him.

"The Grade 1 dísciple, now you roll off the ring yourself, otherwise, when the game starts, you may have all your bones broken!"

"Yes, this kind of The place is not where your little Grade 1 dísciple can come!"

"Remember my face, when I appear in front of you in the future, you have to kneel on the ground and shout "Senior Sister OK" !"

"This is Core Disciple, Senior Sister Yu, Zhuang Mei, you little Grade 1 dísciple, dare to stand in front of Senior Sister Zhuang so unreasonably, do you want to die?!"

These dísciples are male and female. They surround Qiu Lingfeng, their eyes are not friendly, and of course, the words are not very friendly.

Qiu Lingfeng blinked, looking at these dísciples with an unfathomable mystery.

"Kneel down for me!"

When a female disciple saw Qiu Lingfeng's expressionless and indifferent, she couldn't help but feel even more angry.

I saw her silhouette flashed, appearing beside Qiu Lingfeng, a whip leg moved towards Qiu Lingfeng and kicked behind her knee.

"Eh, no, do I look like a sandbag or a floor tile? Why do you want to hit me so much and want to step on me?"

Qiu Lingfeng is speechless Said.


"The melee begins!!!"

At this time, only one bell sounded.

The next moment.

Qiu Lingfeng took out the supreme emperor big red brick on his waist.

pa!! !

The female disciple whose whip leg had not yet landed behind Qiu Lingfeng's knee, was beaten fiercely by Qiu Lingfeng on her leg.

She is fast, but Qiu Lingfeng is faster!

The last post comes first, and the red brick is like a red lightning in his hand.

bang! ! !

A dull crash sounded.


In the next second, the silhouette of the female disciple flew upside down, like a cannonball, and flew straight towards the ring.


At the same time, Qiu Lingfeng also tossed the red brick in his hand at a moderate pace, and finally held the slab, moved towards the edges and corners. Tone.

Then, Qiu Lingfeng coldly looked at the dísciple who was looking for something, and said:

"Remember my name, Wu Qi, Wu Qi from showing off talent!"


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