I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1321

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Several dísciples near Qiu Lingfeng looked at Qiu Lingfeng and swallowed their saliva, but in the next second, they reacted come over.

What are they so afraid of? !

They are Grade 3 or even higher level other dísciples!

And Qiu Lingfeng is just a trifling Grade 1 dísciple, the lowest level of existence!

Grade 1 dísciple, but a small character that even his tutor will not notice.

Why are they so afraid of each other?

"Don't let him gain the upper hand in the imposing manner, you almost got fooled by this little bastard."

"Yes! Don't think you sneak attacked a Grade 3 dísciple, And if you eliminate her, you will be stronger!"

"That is, to tell you the truth, she is the weakest among us, and can only be pressed by us forever "

"If you don't obediently roll off the ring by yourself, we can only let you get off the ring if you die!"

These high level other dísciples, moved Threatening towards Qiu Lingfeng.

next moment.

These dísciples exploded with their own cultivation base aura. The lowest cultivation base is also in the middle of Divine Domain.

The highest cultivation base is the Core Disciple named Zhuang fine jade, Great Perfection cultivation base in Divine Domain!

These people are not strong!

It's a pity...

They met Qiu Lingfeng.

"Life is better than death?"

Qiu Lingfeng hehe smiled and shook his head.

Then Qiu Lingfeng showed an innocent smile of harmless to humans and animals and continued:

"Since you like to give me multiple choice questions so much, then I will give you one too Multiple-choice questions..."

Chapter 584 through the melee

"Do you want to go down by yourself, or will I be photographed with a brick?"

Qiu Lingfeng weighed the bricks in his hand, said with a smile.

The dísciple hearing this around Qiu Lingfeng was taken aback.

"What did you say?"

"Are you crazy?"

"Do you say we go down by ourselves or are you photographed with bricks?"

"hahahaha... isn't it? Are you so confident? You are in the Shinto Heavenly Palace, if you have a little strength, you can't mix into Grade 1 dísciple, right?"

"Disgusting Pu Xinnan, he doesn’t really think that his little Grade 1 dísciple will be our opponent, right?"

"He is obviously so ordinary, but so confident."

"Yeah, this is really unbelievable~~"

The disciplines around Qiu Lingfeng frowned and said disdainfully.

Qiu Lingfeng listened to their words, helplessly shrugged, and said:

"This is what you don't believe, it's not me to blame!"

"Get out of here! Humble Grade 1 dísciple!"

Zhuang fine jade tufted his eyebrows, yelled, and moved towards Qiu Lingfeng with a palm pat.


The next moment.

Qiu Lingfeng's body burst out of the cultivation base breath of the real world stage.

"Wait...this is..."

"True powerhouse?!"

"What happened? Why is it true? Heaven's Chosen Gathering is Grade 1 dísciple?!"

"I knock?! This set of play the pig to eat the tiger is too six to play, right?"

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