I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1322

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"He understood that the routine is true ."

The further dísciple noticed the fluctuation of Qiu Lingfeng's body, which was also a shock.

After all, Heaven's Chosen, who can reach the real world cultivation base under a thousand years of age, are basically as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns, and the innate talent is extremely sky-defying.

According to common sense, Heaven's Chosen at this level.

The fundamental impossible is Grade 1 dísciple!

"Look at my deadly shot!"

Qiu Lingfeng loudly shouts, the brick in his hand suddenly dropped.

Moved towards Zhuang fine jade with a swish, patted it on the face.

pa!! !

With the sound of a loud slap on the face of the brick.

Zhuang fine jade's facial features were distorted in an instant, and then her whole body moved towards and flew away quickly behind her.

Like a cannonball, she cannot stop voluntarily.

Just two or two eyes, Zhuang Fine Jade flew out of the ring, not knowing where he was going.

Leave only those dísciples whose eyes around Qiu Lingfeng are full of horror.


Qiu Lingfeng loudly shouts.

The original brick that flew out returned to his hands out of thin air.

This is the magic of slabs.

No matter where the slab is, as long as Qiu Lingfeng a single thought, you can return it to your own hands.

Besides, other people who use slabs can't do what he does.

"Big...big brother, the villain have eyes but fail to recognise Mount Tai, please let me live a life!"

A Grade 3 dísciple thumped, very Kneeling decisively on the ground, crying for forgiveness.

His cultivation base is not low. If you keep a low profile, you can definitely enter the team battle. He doesn't want to be eliminated now.

But where does Qiu Lingfeng give him this opportunity?

Still a way out?

As if he was more bloodthirsty.

Moreover, dísciple is not allowed to die in the ring.

Oh, let's say another word.

Out of the ring, what happens to dísciple, sect cannot guarantee safety.

After all.

On the ring, there is no eye for his fists and feet.

It's normal to hurt people. Everyone has a different cultivation base, and injuries are inevitable.

So, the Shinto Heavenly Palace only restricts dísciple from fighting in the arena, but after leaving the arena, life or death is irrelevant.

This Grade 3 dísciple is just afraid of what Qiu Lingfeng will leave on him, and when he gets off the ring, he will use the remaining means to kill him.

When the time comes, Qiu Lingfeng does not have to worry about the punishment of sect.

Because he was a Grade 3 dísciple person who got off the ring early, and Qiu Lingfeng was still in the ring, so how could it be Qiu Lingfeng's fault that he died?

"You all, let me go down."

Qiu Lingfeng tossed the bricks in his hand and quickly photographed these dísciples to the ring.

At the same time, those around Heaven's Chosen also noticed Qiu Lingfeng.

When they discovered that Qiu Lingfeng's cultivation base was a period of real-world realm, they couldn't help giving up on Qiu Lingfeng as the goal and continued to fight.

At the same time, Qiu Lingfeng is also a discovery.

There are also a few Heaven's Chosen in the real world in the ring, and there are basically not many dísciples around them.

Other dísciples have consciously or unintentionally avoided the cultivation base of the real realm...

After all, the gap between the real realm and the Divine Domain realm is too big.

Unless it is the top Heaven's Chosen, the Martial Artist of Divine Domain is basically impossible to defeat the powerhouse of the real world.

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