I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1323

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The gap between Divine Domain and the real world alone is enough to despair.

The gap between Divine Domain and the realm is big enough, and the gap between Divine Domain and the real world is even worse.

Because Qiu Lingfeng was a Martial Artist in the Realm Realm Period, so after the normal melee, he never encountered anyone who caught up with him.

After all, even if a dozen of Martial Artists from the Divine Domain Realm Great Perfection were on together, it was impossible to have a Martial Artist in the realm realm period.

Because the other party's real world unfolds, all Divine Domain must stop cooking.

How can I fight this?

I can’t fight at all!

Unsurprisingly, Qiu Lingfeng successfully advanced to team battles.

Team battles require that each team have five members.

"Can you join our team?"

A sweet-looking girl came over and asked moved towards Qiu Lingfeng.

She has been paying attention to Qiu Lingfeng in the melee arena.

The opponent has a cultivation base in the realm of the realm period!

And it seems that he has no teammates yet.

This is their best target.

"There are already four people in our team, we are just the last one."

The girl continued to open her mouth and winked,

"I am also a true cultivation Base, our team also has a Martial Artist of the real world, and the other two teammates are also the cultivation base of the Great Perfection of the Divine Domain realm, which will definitely not hold you back."

"Wu Qi ."

Qiu Lingfeng nodded, stretched out his wrist.

"Shen Mengyao."

The girl knows that she posted her communication watch and Qiu Lingfeng's communication watch, and the two of them added friends.

"If you have anything to do, please contact the communication watch. I have to go back to the dormitory."

Qiu Lingfeng pointed to his communication watch, moved towards Shen Mengyao and finished speaking. Hastily left the ring.

There is still soup stewed in his dormitory.

What if he simmers the soup for so long and spoils Liu Yunyan?

"Senior Sister Meng Yao, how do you draw an unknown a nobody into our team?"

A petite girl suddenly walked to the side of Shen Mengyao, Looking at the back of Qiu Lingfeng leaving in a hurry, he asked incomprehensibly.

"Never underestimate anyone. Sometimes, a little unremarkable character can also give you a big surprise."

Shen Mengyao's mouth lifted up with a touch of sweetness. Smile, the voice said softly.

Training together in Chapter 585

Once back to the dormitory, Qiu Lingfeng saw Liu Yunyan there cautiously watching the fire.

"Wu Qige, you are back, how is it? Did the melee go well?"

Liu Yunyan saw Qiu Lingfeng, immediately got up and curiously asked.

"As soon as the breath of my cultivation base leaked, who would dare to approach me?"

After Qiu Lingfeng said silently, he ran to the stove, lifted the lid, and used a spoon Had a sip of the soup.

"Well, it's my soup, it tastes good."

Qiu Lingfeng was satisfied and nodded, then turned to look at Liu Yunyan and said,

"Small smoke, if you don't mind, stay and have a meal before leaving?"

"Uh...I don't mind, it's just Brother Wu Qi...You look very worried. , If you have something, let's talk, can you stop touching the knife suddenly?"

Liu Yunyan looked at Qiu Lingfeng, whose hand had touched the handle of the kitchen knife, and said weakly with his black forehead.

"Why, how could I mind, you are my good mentor."

Qiu Lingfeng laughed, said.

While speaking, Qiu Lingfeng also threw the kitchen knife back.

"The soup base of this soup is made from star eclipse shells, especially meow, Shinto Heavenly Palace. This group of souls simply don’t know the goods. Star eclipse shells are such good ingredients, and the price is so cheap. Okay, I didn't give it to them."

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