I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1324

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Qiu Lingfeng side of soup, while Tucao Road.

In his view, the eclipse shellfish such a good ingredients, the price is so low is a very outrageous things.

strength, hard to kill, low production, tasty.

These four elements can combine in one body, not even the top ingredients?

This was his good temper.

This if for the month Los sister, the whole Shinto estimate Heavenly Palace to be demolished slightly.

"By the way ...... Wu Chico, because I had just become mentors soon, so I do not know so much mentor, can not give you and your team are some of Heaven's Chosen, to join the team battle, you want to continue to participate in the competition, then it can only find their own team, and you would not blame me, right? of course, I do not do nothing, I will do everything I can to help you find the right team, is the quality of no way to ensure that the ...... "

Liu Yunyan Joan scratched his nose, Dizhenaodai tone increasingly weak.

"team battle team I have found, someone I really fancy border territory of strength, this team thing, you would have no need to worry, Come, soup"

Qiu Lingfeng shrugged, and got a bowl of soup, he said.

"Thank you, Miss Chico."

Liu Yunyan nodded, took Qiu Lingfeng wanted to reach the hands of soup.

"eh eh eh, you are doing it! Sheng drink themselves to go, you take my hand soup doing?"

Qiu Lingfeng suddenly anxious, go back a few step away from Liu Yunyan, look alert said.

"ah ...... this ......"

Liu Yunyan beautiful eyes wide open, apparently he did not think this out.

a time.

Liu Yunyan unparalleled feeling, raw red face, are not lower his head.

" Ai, really do not understand, this person who you, how will choose to serve as a mentor ah."

Qiu Lingfeng looked Liu Yunyan, speechless shook the head, He said.

"loss you encounter is also my good man, or not being pit dead?"

Qiu Lingfeng earnest and well-meant advised about her, sitting dinner table, elated drank the soup.

"Didi tick."

Before long, Qiu Lingfeng communications watch remembered the tone.

Qiu Lingfeng looked at the message, it is sent over Meng Yao Shen.

The team battle, is carried out in a canyon battleground Shinto Heavenly Palace simulation.

Each team can only have five.

According to this term the number of point of view, team battle, when each team will be marked with several games.

So, for a team in assisted Martial Artist supplement consumption is essential.

Shen Meng Yao this message to him is to tell him that the team had already assisted a Martial Artist, so he need not worry about the secondary issues.

By the way she also needs to ask Qiu Lingfeng specifically what type of Martial Artist.

"I'm good with tiles and bows and arrows, melee and ranged all OK."

Qiu Lingfeng back to such a sentence.

Since the auxiliary bits are robbed people, he would come when the output it.

Shen Meng Yao: "very good, our team he sent a remote output bit, and you tell us to train tomorrow you need to run each other between teammates, cultivate understanding, so that they are not in? team when the war falls into a disadvantage. "

Shen Meng Yao watched the news, Qiu Lingfeng thought, agreed.

As for the bow and arrow, he would already have a good goal.

Sources of Early-Stage throughout the hapless

Before he killed in the dark star system, give him a lot of good things broke.

Among them, there are a Level 10 weapon level longbow, is called: Jinjiao bow!

As with arrows Jinjiao bow, Qiu Lingfeng still good with magic arrows the keel.

While this keel magic arrows for him now, not fragile.

But then, he is still able to kill powerhouse of the real world environment.

people not to blame bumpy thing. After

satiate, Qiu Lingfeng let Liu Yunyan left, he himself is pulled out Jinjiao bow, quietly waiting for the arrival of the next day.

The following morning, Qiu Lingfeng received a notification Shen Meng Yao, came to the gate of Shinto Heavenly Palace.

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