I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1325

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Here, Qiu Lingfeng saw a huge battleship.

Using the appraisal of the divine ability, Qiu Lingfeng knew that the extreme speed of this battleship was comparable to the Mortal Realm powerhouse.

In the battleship of Yinhan Star Domain, proper Peak goods are costly.

On the battleship, Shen Mengyao and the others were already on it. When Shen Mengyao saw Qiu Lingfeng, he waved and signaled Qiu Lingfeng to go up.

Qiu Lingfeng knew it, so he hurried up and asked:

"Is this battleship yours?"

"No, I borrowed it. I have to go back after I use it up."

Shen Mengyao shook the head and said.

Then she continued:

"You left in a hurry yesterday, I couldn't even introduce our players to you."

" It is an auxiliary Martial Artist, Ai Youwei, the nurse, is responsible for our lives during team battles."

Just as Shen Mengyao's words fell, a petite girl with curly hair and two ponytails moved towards Qiu Lingfeng waved his hand and said hello:

"Hello, my name is Aiyouwei."

"Wu Qi."

Qiu Lingfeng nodded, said.

"This is Huaying, it's an assassin. He is responsible for helping us in team battles, paying attention to the direction of other teams, looking for opportunities by the way, and attacking the output cores of other teams."

This time, the one who moved towards Qiu Lingfeng greeted him was a thin young man with oblique bangs and a black mask on his face. He was just nodded, even if he had said hello.

"That person is Ah Niu. He is an Earth Attribute Martial Artist. He has amazing defensive power. He is responsible for helping us absorb the damage. Oh, yes, he is also the cultivation base for the real world stage. "

Aniu is four meters tall, with dark skin, a burly figure, and very strong muscles. The forearms are as thick as Qiu Lingfeng's thighs.

"The last one is my own Shen Mengyao!"

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"Cough cough cough...it is normal that the discriminating mirror cannot identify the demonized creatures."

Shen Mengyao sensed the aura of the leader of the fire ape, and compared it with the discriminating mirror. Information, could not help but cough lightly in embarrassment.

"But these are not big problems. The difference in the strength of the Transmigration Stage is not too big. Our two Martial Artists from the Transmigration Stage have joined forces. It shouldn't be Duan’s explosive fire ape kills in seconds."

Shen Mengyao said,

"As long as it can't kill me in seconds, then it means I can kill it."

Listening to Shen Mengyao's confident words, Qiu Lingfeng couldn't help but black his forehead.

At first glance, I know that this silly girl is a flower in a greenhouse and has not experienced the flogging of life.

Otherwise, how could she dare to say such a sentence?

Is there a big gap?

As long as you don’t get killed in seconds?

Please, this is just training!

Who is killing you?

Laughing to death.

If you really want to kill you, Qiu Lingfeng is definitely the fastest one.

Jesus can't stop him, I said!

"Actually, I think our style of play should not be so aggressive. After all, there are more enemies than me. We have only five people here, and there are more than 100 numbers on the opposite side."

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