I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1326

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Qiu Lingfeng opened the mouth and said.

He can't beat these explosive apes.

Even as long as he wants, he will raze the entire mountain range to the ground in one breath.

However, he is not a Martial Artist of aloof and remote.

It is just a small Martial Artist in the realm of the real world, and it is naturally impossible to do such an outrageous thing.

So, for the sake of the safety of several people.

He still thinks that they shouldn't go up to the battle so recklessly, but take a good look at the side and wait for the opportunity.

"Then what do you think?"

Shen Mengyao turned to look at Qiu Lingfeng and asked.

She, the Eldest Young Lady of the Shinto Heavenly Palace, has a lot of Spiritual Artifact protection on her body, and she is not afraid of the Fire Ape leader injuring her.

"Wait for the opportunity."

Qiu Lingfeng shrugged, said,

"Look at the sky, it won’t be long before night falls, wait for all Around is dark, let's make plans."

"It's OK."

Shen Mengyao was nodded and didn't refute.

The other people were also nodded, and they lurked here with Shen Mengyao.

Qiu Lingfeng puts all his attention on this group of fire apes.

He is now thinking about how to make sure that he looks like he has exerted his full strength, but he is not hurt at all.

After all, he really doesn't like the feeling of injury.

"Huaying, you first go to explore nearby and see if there are other devil beast gathering places nearby."

Qiu Lingfeng patted Huaying, instructed.

"Okay, Wu Qi Senior Brother."

Hua Ying nodded lightly and left here.

Because in the Shinto Heavenly Palace, the strength of the cultivation base is always the first.

So, even though Qiu Lingfeng is just an ordinary Grade 1 dísciple, and Huaying is a Core Disciple, he still has to call Qiu Lingfeng the Senior Brother.

Of course, it doesn't matter if he doesn't shout.

Just don't be afraid of being beaten by Qiu Lingfeng.

The Divine Domain realm is against the Shangzhen realm, and it makes people feel exciting to think about it.

Ai Youwei walked to Qiu Lingfeng's side and said in a low voice:

"Wu Qi Senior Brother, you have to protect me in a while, and I will give more later. You add a few effects."

If this is another person, the nurse will take such special care.

That must be to be grateful, and I can’t wait to devote one's life to.

But who is Qiu Lingfeng?

Even if Iyouwei, a nanny, is more functional than him, he does not need the other's assistance.

After all, for Qiu Lingfeng.

He only needs to take care of his blue volume and blood volume.

The enemy's blood is thick and anti-high, and it will only be worn slowly.

He has the intention of destroying the Destruction Sword, it is really not difficult to kill people.

"en. ”

Qiu Lingfeng is cold and un'ed.

"Wu Qi Senior Brother, in fact, I am really not a casual person. Please don't get me wrong."

Iyouwei added.


Qiu Lingfeng is still nodded indifferently.

"That... Wu Qi Senior Brother, if you don’t mind, can you tell me about your family? Maybe I’ve heard of it by chance."

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