I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1328

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"Ten-Star Formation Formation: "Nine Yin and Nine Suns Stealing Formation". "

Qiu Lingfeng shrugged, said indifferently.

"Nine Yin and Nine Suns Steal the Sky Formation? Shouldn't this Formation have been lost? The formation is even more extinct... How did you get it? "

Shen Mengyao said with a tuft of willow eyebrows.

"Why, you said it was lost if it was lost? Is this Formation yours? You only care about your own feelings, have you considered Formation? Are you thinking about Formation again? No, you didn't! You ruthless and cruel person, hmph! "

Qiu Lingfeng said bluntly.

He really doesn’t know if this Formation is lost.

After all, all the Formation he mastered came from the "Five Three Formation Encyclopedia".

"en?? ? "

Listening to Qiu Lingfeng's words, Shen Mengyao looked unfathomable mystery.

No, where is this?

"Don’t be stunned. , I will activate the formation now, and in a while, let's work on these explosive apes together. "

After Qiu Lingfeng finished speaking, he injected Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi into the formation.


The formation in his hand It turns into a piece of Formation, and it continues to expand.

Until it covers all of the twenty-mile radius.

When Formation is born, the outside world and Formation The world inside is completely separated.

At the same time, Qiu Lingfeng also condensed the golden dragon bow in his hand.

Next, a dragon bone magic arrow appeared in his other One hand.

Then, Qiu Lingfeng bend bow and place arrow, aimed at the huge head of the leader of Fire Ape.

When they saw this, the other people responded quickly.


Ai Youwei immediately blessed Qiu Lingfeng in several states.

They are listening to the wind, condensing breath, destroying, and skillful hands.

Of course, if not Qiu Lingfeng immediately supplemented Aiyouwei’s blue volume in secret. I am afraid that she has fainted directly because of Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi exhaustion this time.

The other people in the team, Aiyouwei It also added status to them in turn.

Among them, Shen Mengyao’s blessing status is the most besides Qiu Lingfeng.

It can speed up her casting speed and attack power respectively.


Aniu and Huaying increase defensive power and attack power.

"Prepare, go! "

Qiu Lingfeng loudly shouts.

Jumped up, jumped into the air, and shot the dragon bone magic arrow in midair directly.


The dragon bone magic arrow flies across the silent night sky, like a fleeting meteor.

There is a flash of white glow and a flash across the night sky. The sound of breaking the wind that makes people nervous.

Hua Ying and Aniu also follow closely from behind, jumped out, moved towards the fire ape in the fire ape gathering place to kill.

Ai Youwei and Shen Mengyao are purely in the back row.

Especially for Martial Artists like Shen Mengyao, she has no way of holding big moves in advance.

Because, As long as she starts to accumulate energy, there will be abnormal energy fluctuations around her body, and when her moves are about to be full, there will also be horrible aura fluctuations, which are easy to be discovered and interrupted.

So, everyone’s task is to ensure that Shen Mengyao will not be interrupted when he condenses his moves, and try to avoid others from approaching Shen Mengyao.

On the battlefield, melee and long-range combat like Qiu Lingfeng On the contrary, the repaired Martial Artist is more popular than Shen Mengyao’s high-damage, one-trick fort-type Martial Artist.

After all.

Although Qiu Lingfeng’s single damage is not as good as Shen Mengyao, But he is better than he can both kite and stand up!



Qiu Lingfeng’s this arrow, directly inserted in the explosion On the round brain door of the fire ape leader.

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