I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1329

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In the next instant, the dragon bone magic arrow exploded directly.

Turned into countless fragments, moved towards all around splashing.

At the same time, the head of the fire ape leader was scratched with scars of fresh blood dripping.


In the next second, the leader of Fire Ape suddenly woke up and let out an angry roar.




With the explosion The fire ape leader's roar sounded, and the fire apes in the entire fire ape gathering place were awakened.

next moment, they found Qiu Lingfeng three people.

Like the tide, waving various weapons copied from hand, moved towards Qiu Lingfeng and the others rushed away.

Qiu Lingfeng shot dozens of arrows after seeing this, directly taking the lives of more than a dozen fire apes.

The only pity is that the level of the Dragon Bone Demon Arrow is too low. To kill a Fire Ape requires Qiu Lingfeng to shoot at the same place twice in a row to penetrate the Fire Ape’s defense and cause Effective damage.

However, none of these matters.

The combat capability of Qiu Lingfeng is just like a plug-in.

With the aid of identifying divine ability, Qiu Lingfeng is not afraid of not being shot.

Moreover, this can also make Qiu Lingfeng's combat performance look a little more normal.


Suddenly, a fire ape leaped in front of Qiu Lingfeng, bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, a fiery flame vortex was Cohesion.

"Not good, Wu Qi Senior Brother!!!"

When Aniu saw this, the complexion changed immediately and he shouted.



Just, the next second.

He saw Qiu Lingfeng directly lift the golden Jiao bow in his hand as a stick, and fiercely swept it on the face of the fire ape.

It directly interrupted the explosive attack of the Fire Ape. At the same time, the powerful force also caused the body of the Fire Ape to hang in the air, moving towards and flying behind it.

Immediately after hitting this move, Qiu Lingfeng also quickly put away the golden dragon bow and pulled out the dragon tooth dagger tied on his arm.


Along with a semi-arc-shaped silver cold light flashed by.

Before there was time to fly out of the fire ape, a pillar of blood spurted out of his neck in an instant.

After that, A Niu saw Qiu Lingfeng take out the big slab from his waist and slam it on the head of the fire ape!

! ! !

This brick directly smashed the body of this explosive ape into the ground.

The whole ground trembled, Aniu and Huaying almost couldn't stand firmly and fell to the ground.

"This...this...Wu Qi Senior Brother's strength is simply outrageous!"

Aniu looked at Qiu Lingfeng whose thighs were not as thick as his own arms, forbearance. Can not help but exclaimed.

He was really shocked by Qiu Lingfeng's outrageous power and reaction speed.


The next second, Qiu Lingfeng took out the Golden Jiao bow again and shot an arrow quickly.

pu chi ――

Next, Aniu felt his face hot, and something hot and smelly fell from the sky.

A Niu looked up and saw a fire ape falling quickly in midair.


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