I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1331

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At the same time, the dust also raised up to several hundred meters high, covering the heavens, shielding the sun.

"I have to say that this Shen Mengyao's ultimate move is really okay. Unfortunately, the destructive power caused by my Thunder Fireball is much higher than her martial skill, and the condensing time is shorter... …"

Qiu Lingfeng narrowed his eyes and whispered in a low voice.

Next, Qiu Lingfeng was under the cover of the dust, urging his own bond divine ability: "Thousand Visions"!

Thousands of fantasy eyes moved, cooperating with the nine-yin and nine-yang stealth array he placed.

Shen Mengyao and the others were drawn into an illusion by him. The content of the illusion is very simple, that is, infinitely repeating the scenes of their fight just now.

Next, Qiu Lingfeng silhouette flashed and left Formation Formation.

Qiu Lingfeng, who reappeared outside Formation Formation, changed his outfit.

At this time, Qiu Lingfeng, a black robe covered with a thin body, only a pair of spiritless eyes exposed.

Furthermore, the aura on his body has also become extremely dark. Every step he takes, a part of the land is shrouded in darkness.

This is Qiu Lingfeng's ability to use Divine Ability Innate Skill: "Incarnation of the origin" to transform himself into the origin of darkness.

His body is made of pure darkness.

The reason why he wanted to do this, in addition to disguising his identity, was also to sense the specific location of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Object.

Heaven and Earth Spirit Object is not a common thing.

Heaven and Earth Spirit Objects are both the top Heaven and Earth Treasure conceived by absorbing Moon's Essence and Seize the Worlds's good fortune.

Every dish is very precious, and Qiu Lingfeng is naturally impossible to miss.

The Xuanlian extremely cold air he once refining is a rare wind and snow dual attribute Heaven and Earth Spirit Object.

Mung beans are Spirit Beast transformed from Wood Attribute Heaven and Earth Spirit Object: "Tonghuang Wood".

"I just don’t know what the Heaven and Earth Spirit Object of this dark attribute is like..."

Qiu Lingfeng squinted while feeling Heaven and Earth. The specific location of the Spirit Object whispered.

generally speaking.

Heaven and Earth Spirit Object both have their own fixed form, but the form is different.

The Xuanlian he used to refining was extremely cold, in the form of a frost lotus.

The paulownia wood before the incarnation of Spirit Beast has two forms of butterfly and Phoenix.

Moreover, these two forms also have their own different abilities.

The butterfly form is the healing form, and the Phoenix form is the killing form.

The only pity is that after the mung bean transformed into Spirit Beast, only the Phoenix form is left.

Following the dark breath, Qiu Lingfeng found a bottomless crack from which the entire planet Dark Aura radiated.

At the same time, there is also a very rich demonic energy inside.

"In this crack?"

Qiu Lingfeng narrowed his eyes, the night vision ability and the super vision of the appraisal were displayed at the same time.

However, the intense darkness makes it impossible to see through his night vision.

Visit it with Soul Power, Soul Power will be immediately swallowed by the darkness.

In the dark.

Qiu Lingfeng vaguely saw an eye pupil condensed in the boundless darkness.

This can not help but remind Qiu Lingfeng of a sentence:

When you stared into the abyss, the abyss...

You cried ugly.

When Qiu Lingfeng first noticed that eye pupil, that eye pupil disappeared, as if it had never appeared before.

"There really is a Heaven and Earth Spirit Object in it."

Qiu Lingfeng's heart moved, and without a word, he untied his limitations and restored the source of law. The strength of Early-Stage.

Now he, even in the face of Mortal Realm, can still hit the opponent on the head.

Immediately afterwards, Qiu Lingfeng jumped and flew towards the abyss in the form of the body of the source.

The other party cut off all the prying eyes of Qiu Lingfeng with Power of Darkness, so Qiu Lingfeng had to turn himself into darkness and fuse together with it to see its full picture.

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