I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1332

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When Qiu Lingfeng was about to touch the darkness in the crack, a terrifying shock wave flew out of the darkness and moved towards Qiu Lingfeng quaked away.

"Can't hold back anymore? It's okay, you resist, the more you resist, the more excited I will be!"

Qiu Lingfeng saw Heaven and Earth Spirit Object in the crack and started to fight back , Corner of the mouth raise, said excitedly.

The stronger the reaction of Heaven and Earth Spirit Object and the fiercer the resistance, the stronger the Heaven and Earth Spirit Object!

As soon as I think I will receive a powerful Heaven and Earth Spirit Object, how could Qiu Lingfeng not be excited?

He is now anxious for Heaven and Earth Spirit Object to resist more and make him happy.

As soon as the voice fell, Qiu Lingfeng burst out with a palm.

Contend with that invisible shock wave.


Qiu Lingfeng's body, the huge force moved towards all around, vented.

And he himself did not suffer any injuries, this is the horror of the elemental body!

After hitting this palm, Qiu Lingfeng's silhouette did not stop at all, but entered the crack at a faster speed.

Step on!

In the next second, Qiu Lingfeng fell on the ground deep in the crack.

This crack is not as deep as it seems.

And all this is a blindfold of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Object.

It's just that the demonic energy below this is actually real.

At this time, in Qiu Lingfeng's perception, all around is boundless darkness, making him unable to discern the direction, let alone the scene of all around.

But even if this is the case, Qiu Lingfeng now does not panic at all.

Now he has entered the darkness.

Then the next step is...


As Qiu Lingfeng shouted in a low voice, the elements on his body began to change rapidly. From darkness to blazing, holy light.


In an instant, the darkness around him quickly faded, and it quickly evaporated like a drop of water hitting a fire.

Qiu Lingfeng opened his eyes and watched all around.

The darkness faded quickly where it caught your eye, leaving behind the bones of Demon Race everywhere.

The demonic energy in these cracks is emitted from these Demon Race bones, accompanied by the demonic energy, and continuously hostile energy.

"Little Darling, you have to hide yourself obediently."

Qiu Lingfeng ignored the skeletons of Demon Race all over the place, eagerly gearing up, chasing the direction where the darkness faded, Said in a humble tone.

From the current point of view, he is very satisfied with the Heaven and Earth Spirit Object of this dark attribute!

Of course, if it is not based on the birth of spiritual wisdom, phantom Human Transformation.

If this Heaven and Earth Spirit Object is also transformed into a Spirit Beast, then Qiu Lingfeng will be unhappy.

After all, Spirit Beast is really inferior to the original Heaven and Earth Spirit Object for him.

At the beginning, he chose to conquer Mung Bean because he was still very weak at that time. As an independent individual, Mung Bean can quickly improve his strength.

But now he is strong enough. Instead of cultivating a Spirit Beast, it is really better to refining a Heaven and Earth Spirit Object to improve his strength.

Qiu Lingfeng just rushed all the way in the direction where the darkness faded.

Along the way, he also saw countless Demon Race bones, including a few bones of other races.

These bones are crystal clear as jade, with very few impurities, will know when you see it are powerful bones.

"It seems that the wars that broke out here before are far more tragic than I thought."

Qiu Lingfeng said with emotion while chasing Heaven and Earth Spirit Object.

Soon, he came to the end of the crack, where there is a cave deep underground. Without saying anything, Qiu Lingfeng jumped, moved towards the cave and jumped down.

If he didn't accept the Heaven and Earth Spirit Object today, how could he choose to give up?

As for the danger, it is impossible to happen to Qiu Lingfeng.

After all, he left a star outside the planet long before he came in.

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