I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1334

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Chapter 594 demonic energy Evil Spirit

"Okay, you shout."

Qiu Lingfeng looks at these two A spiritual object of complete spiritual wisdom has been born, and he said.

At this time, there is no one around.

Even if these two little fellows shouted for help and broke their throats, it was useless.

even more how.

Now he has really moved the idea of ​​bringing these two little fellows back to their original form and refining them into the body.

For him who has mastered the origin of darkness, the two twin dark attribute Heaven and Earth Spirit Objects in front of him are the best item of great nourishment.

Dreaming with Pill Refinement Master, I want to get a fire like.

"A Ling elder sister, help!!!"

Who ever thought that these two little fellows screamed at the same time after hearing Qiu Lingfeng's words.

"Oh? Is there really anyone else?"

Qiu Lingfeng hearing this, eyebrow raised, said in surprise.


Next, in the palm of his hand, a chain of ink azure grew out.

pa pa!

Then, a thunder clung to the chains, exuding a daunting breath.

Qiu Lingfeng holds the thunder chain in his hand, and looks all around with a vigilant face.

At the same time, he is also frantically using the appraisal of divine ability to appraise all around.

As for Soul Power, Qiu Lingfeng is useless.

With the two twins of Heaven and Earth Spirit Object, his Soul Power will be greatly restricted, so it's better not to use it.


When the voices of these two little fellows just fell.

There was a tremor from deep underground.

Next, a white light spread out from deep underground.

The next moment.

A green purple silhouette emerged between Qiu Lingfeng and the twin Heaven and Earth Spirit Object.

This silhouette is translucent, and it can be vaguely seen from the silhouette that the other party is the image of a girl.

"Evil Spirit, the Great Perfection cultivation base of the source of law, the Spirit Physique condensed by boundless demonic energy and baleful aura, is very tricky..."

Condense in this silhouette At the same time, Qiu Lingfeng's identification of divine ability also identified her information.

"It's hidden deep, I didn't find you just now."

Qiu Lingfeng looked at this Evil Spirit and said in surprise.

"You are not my opponent, forget about the things here, hurry up and leave, and spare you not to die."

On the pretty face of Evil Spirit, there are slightly hollow eyes Looking at Qiu Lingfeng, the voice said ethereally.

Qiu Lingfeng nodded lightly, looked at Evil Spirit, and said:

"You are quite confident, Xiao Fayuan, why don't you hurry up?!"


After that, Qiu Lingfeng threw away.

pa pa!

Thunder and lightning mingled with the crackling sound produced when the chain passed through the air, moved towards Evil Spirit rolled away.


When Qiu Lingfeng threw away this whip, there was also a terrifying wave of mana from Evil Spirit.

After that, Evil Spirit stretched out a hand, and the terrifying mana wave burst out.

Condensed a huge mana palm, trying to block Qiu Lingfeng's whip.

It can be seen that she does not want to hurt people's lives, but only wants to teach Qiu Lingfeng a lesson.

But, the next second.

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