I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1335

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Evil Spirit is about to pay for his innocence.


This whip of Qiu Lingfeng directly defeated the mana palm.


Evil Spirit let out a scream, Spiritual Qi around him quickly escaped, and even the silhouette became even more blurred.

"How is it possible? You...your strength..."

Evil Spirit's tone was full of shock.


Then, Evil Spirit heard the sound of mournful scream.

On the chain of Qiu Lingfeng, Source of Lightning is also attached, which naturally has the ability to restrain the Spirit Physique such as Evil Spirit.

Today's body of Evil Spirit is covered by lightning, and a fine electric arc surrounds her.

"Aling elder sister!!!"

The two little fellows, Qingdai and Xuanmo, saw the tragedy of Evil Spirit and couldn't help but lose one's head out of fear. Shouted.

The two of them wanted to leave the pit of hiding, but they were forced by the light on Qiu Lingfeng's body and couldn't move forward at all.

Once they want to leave the pothole, they will only be repulsed ruthlessly.

"Who on earth... are you?!"

Evil Spirit gnashing teeth looked at Qiu Lingfeng and asked.

"Shinto Heavenly Palace dísciple."

Qiu Lingfeng replied without thinking.

"Okay! Shinto Heavenly Palace, I'll take down this grudge."

Evil Spirit gritted his teeth, nodded heavily, and the silhouette began to dissipate.

Qiu Lingfeng watched the Evil Spirit gradually dissipate, but did not stop it.

Go with the flow.

Look at the appearance of this Evil Spirit, what kind of backer she should have behind her.

As long as you can bring hatred to the Shinto Heavenly Palace, it doesn't matter how much.

"Can you still call for help now?"

Qiu Lingfeng walked to the pothole, squatted down, looked at the two small heads floating, and asked with his chin road.

After finishing speaking, Qiu Lingfeng flew out two chains of Mo azure, which bound Qingdai and Xuanmo.

Originally, Heaven and Earth Spirit Objects like Qingdai and Xuanmo cannot be touched, and it is very difficult to refining.

However, he has an exclusive Divine Ability Innate Skill: "Spirit Chain", so he has no concerns in this regard.


Qiu Lingfeng feels cold behind her back.

Without a word, he turned around and punched.


His this fist directly hit a blank.

The howling fist wind swept the entire underground space, causing Qiu Lingfeng's own clothes to make a grinning noise.

A closer look, it turns out that Evil Spirit is back again.

Because she is Spirit Physique, Qiu Lingfeng cannot directly attack her.

However, Qiu Lingfeng is now in the state of elemental body, so even the Evil Spirit who is Spirit Physique cannot attack him.

Both of them were so empty, looked at each other in blank dismay awkwardly.


In the next instant, Qiu Lingfeng used the spirit chain to tie her together.

"I thought you were so sensible. You ran away obediently. Didn't expect to come back and count me."

Qiu Lingfeng tied Evil Spirit and said angrily ,

"I trust you so much."

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