I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1336

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"You base and shameless villain, some kind of let me go, don't want to touch Qingdai He Xuan Mo, otherwise I will never let you go."

Evil Spirit said angrily.

"You seem to have not figured out the current situation, right? You are a prisoner."

Qiu Lingfeng blinked and looked at Evil Spirit.

After that, he no longer paid attention to Evil Spirit and threw her aside.

Because the Evil Spirit is bound by the spirit chain, Qiu Lingfeng becomes very relieved.

After all.

The spirit chain can perfectly suppress all the power of the Evil Spirit. Now even if the Evil Spirit has all kinds of methods, it can't be used.

Qiu Lingfeng looked at Qingdai Xuanmo, Devouring Power began to emerge from the spirit chain.

【ding dong ――】

【Heaven and Earth Spirit Object Detected: "Qingdai", "Xuanmo", does the host spend 20wsystem points to devour refining?

The Devouring System rang suddenly.

"No, get out! I can refining myself."

Qiu Lingfeng said angrily.

[ding dong ――]

[The system detects that these two Heaven and Earth Spirit Objects are extremely dangerous, and the host itself may suffer backlash if it rushes to refining. ]

Devouring System continued to remind.

Qiu Lingfeng hearing this, glanced at the two crying little heads in the pit, and said:

"You call this dangerous? I can go to you!"

The 595th chapter Qingdai ability

Finally, under Qiu Lingfeng's tough attitude.

Devouring System did not get the slightest benefit.

This twin's dark attribute Heaven and Earth Spirit Object has also been completely refined by Qiu Lingfeng.

At this time, in the small space of his universe, two groups of invisible darkness shrouded him.

The abilities of these two Heaven and Earth Spirit Objects are also known by Qiu Lingfeng.

The ability of Indigo Naturalis is to recreate a shadow. In short, it is to reproduce a shadow, and the shadow has all the abilities of the body.

Furthermore, this ability is not something that Qiu Lingfeng can only use for himself, but for everyone.

In other words, as long as he can hold it, it is not a problem to replicate a Luo Yue sister perfectly.

Xuanmo's ability is completely different from Indigo Naturalis, called Eclipse, roughly the ability to swallow other things with darkness.

After finishing these two Heaven and Earth Spirit Objects, Qiu Lingfeng focused on Evil Spirit.

"I originally wanted to use you to attract the hatred of the Shinto Heavenly Palace. Didn't expect you to be so stupid and dare to come back and die. There is no way, I can't keep you."


Qiu Lingfeng walked up to Evil Spirit and spoke slowly.

Then, Qiu Lingfeng solved Evil Spirit's life with one palm.

[ding dong ――]

[Spirit Physique that is about to dissipate is detected, does the host choose to swallow it?

Devouring System immediately jumped out.

"Then swallow it, lest you go on strike."

Qiu Lingfeng shrugged, helplessly said.

【ding dong ――】

【Congratulations to the host for devouring the Great Perfection of Dharma Source Realm: "Evil Spirit"×1.

[Congratulations to the host for getting 551352system points. 】

"Has the cultivation base not improved yet?"

Qiu Lingfeng scratched his hair and said speechlessly.

His cultivation is too slow compared to other Martial Artists.

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