I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1337

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Although he has an almost infinite Spiritual Qi when fighting, the difficulty of cultivation progress is also terrifying.

Originally, he thought that after the Evil Spirit of the Great Perfection of the Dharma Source Realm was swallowed, how could his cultivation base be raised to the Middle Dharma Realm?

As a result, it turns out.

What he thought was so naive.

According to the current progress, he still has to swallow a Mortal Realm powerhouse or three Dharma source realm Great Perfection before he can step into the middle of Dharma source realm.

"It's difficult, it's difficult."

Qiu Lingfeng wailed up to the sky.

Then, his silhouette flashed and left the underground space.

moved towards where Shen Mengyao and the others are.

When he returned here, he pulled Shen Mengyao out of the illusion and returned them to the real world.

"Very good! Wu Qi Senior Brother, we finally got rid of these explosive apes!!!"

"Wu Qi Senior Brother, your attack methods just now are simply too You look handsome!"

I Youwei was the first to fly from behind and ran to Qiu Lingfeng, screaming excitedly.


Qiu Lingfeng pressed it with his hands, his expression was extremely calm.

"Wu Qi Senior Brother, didn't expect you to have such a strong melee combat ability. I thought you were a bowman and didn't know how to fight hand-to-hand."

Aniu is gone. Coming over, he scratched the back of his head awkwardly, and said.

"Low-key, low-key."

Qiu Lingfeng nodded lightly, pressed his hand, and continued.

"Wu Qi Senior Brother, you were so handsome when you were shooting arrows. Can you come to my room to teach me when you are free at night?"

He took Qiu Lingfeng's arm, stuck it up, and asked softly.

"Ahem, Ai Youwei, pay attention a little."

Shen Mengyao came over, and when I heard I Youwei’s words, she couldn’t help but pretty face slightly red, Coughed lightly.

At the same time, she also glared at Qiu Lingfeng.

Wu Qi, if he is not interested in Ai Youwei, he refuses it.


Even if Wu Qi refused, Iyouwei would still choose to post it upside down.

Moreover, with Aiyouwei's appearance and behavior, it is difficult to make a boy disgusted.

Qiu Lingfeng looked at Shen Mengyao, his eyes rolled, and he said:

"Senior Sister, I want to talk to you about something. Is it convenient for you?"


"What do you want to say to me?"

Shen Mengyao was puzzled.

"You will know when you come."

Wu Qi gently pushed away Iyouwei beside him, and moved towards aside.

When Shen Mengyao saw this, he hesitated and followed.

"What does Wu Qi Senior Brother want to say to Senior Sister Meng Yao."

Iyouwei looked at Qiu Lingfeng and Shen Mengyao leaving behind and couldn't help but mutter. .

"Who knows."

Huaying shrugged, her eyes faintly said.

The two went to one side, and Qiu Lingfeng used Formation Formation to differentiate a new small space.

"Wu Qi, what do you want to tell me? It's so mysterious."

Shen Mengyao looked at Qiu Lingfeng suspiciously and asked.

Qiu Lingfeng raised the corner of his mouth slightly, and reached out and wiped it on his face.

After that, his face changed and he became a handsome young man.

And this face is exactly Ye Fan's face.

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