I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1338

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When Shen Mengyao saw Qiu Lingfeng's face, she immediately covered her mouth and looked at Qiu in shock. Lingfeng.

"It's me, Ye Fan."

Qiu Lingfeng smiled, nodded.

"Ye Lang, you...you...you are Wu Qi?! No, you...what the hell is going on?"

Shen Mengyao felt like herself for a moment The head is not enough.

Because she couldn't understand why Wu Qi in front of her suddenly became Ye Fan, her year for day and night.

Moreover, even the breath is so similar.

"How? Do you still like this surprise?"

Qiu Lingfeng opened his arms, hugged Shen Mengyao, and whispered in her ear.


Shen Mengyao's lovable body trembled, and then involuntarily felt that her body was soft and collapsed in Qiu Lingfeng's arms.

As everyone knows, behind her, an ink azure chain has been attached to the back of her head.

"Don't move."

Qiu Lingfeng said in a low voice.

"Well, Ye Lang...I miss you so much."

Shen Mengyao hangs her head slightly, put her head on Qiu Lingfeng's arms, breathing on the latter Smell.


Why, Yelang's smell is different from the previous smell?

is it possible that, does Ye Lang have a new love again?

No, it must be the smell of Iyouwei that has been contaminated with Yelang.

Suddenly, Shen Mengyao felt her consciousness gradually drowsy and fell asleep in Qiu Lingfeng's arms.

Then, on Qiu Lingfeng's other hand, a cloud of dark matter condensed out, and the shadow under Shen Mengyao slowly crawled out of the ground.

This shadow is no different from Shen Mengyao except that there is no inch on his body.

"She should have a soul card on her body, so she must not die. From now on, she will stay in my portable space. You will replace her as Shen Mengyao in the future."

Qiu Lingfeng looked at the shadow and said.


The shadow is obediently nodded.

This is the shadow of Qingdai's ability.

"Come here, I will give you a copy of her memory."

Qiu Lingfeng moved towards the shadow beckoned and said.


Shadow, nodded, walked over and hugged Qiu Lingfeng.

Qiu Lingfeng was taken aback for a moment, but he didn't have the thought of pushing her away, anyway, it was very comfortable to be held by the shadow.

Then, Qiu Lingfeng slapped the back of Shadow Du's head with a slap, and copied Shen Mengyao's memory to Shadow.

"Now I will take off all her Spiritual Artifact and clothes and put them on for you."

After copying Shen Mengyao's memory, Qiu Lingfeng looked serious The moved towards Shadow Road.


The shadow of the worm hangs slightly, and he did as Qiu Lingfeng said.

Chapter 596 was stolen.

The two took Shen Mengyao off together.

Qiu Lingfeng's idea is also very simple.

That is to use Qingdai's ability to copy a Shen Mengyao out.

Now he is unable to differentiate into Avatar for the time being, as long as he takes the second place, and uses Qingdai’s ability to replicate a fake Shen Mengyao.

Moreover, in order to beware of soul cards and the like, the original Shen Mengyao can't die yet.

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