I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1339

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So what the two of them can do now is to remove all the things from Shen Mengyao and put them on the shadow.

Let this shadow become the new Shen Mengyao.

And his purpose for doing this...

Naturally or for---

Break these top forces!

Who is he?

He is just a small dísciple.

How big is his face, Shen Mengyao, the daughter of the godly Heavenly Palace Eldest Young Lady?

After the shadow put all of Shen Mengyao's things on her body, she pointed at Shen Mengyao who was not on the ground and asked:

"Master, we are going to beat her to half body. Abolish the cultivation base?"

When she heard the shadow, Qiu Lingfeng slapped her on the forehead without saying a word, stared at her and said angrily:

"You are Stupid pig? She is not sure that there is no weird mechanism in her body. After moving her, the Heavenly Palace knows it all at once. Besides, I am not a devil, so the best way is not to touch her. , I just put her in the portable space, and she can't move in the portable space anyway."

Because Qingdai is a Heaven and Earth Spirit Object, and it comes with spiritual wisdom.

So Qiu Lingfeng is not tiring to communicate.

And this is the reason why Qingdai Xuanmo's refining process did not allow system to intervene.

Because this refining process allows the system to intervene, the spirituality of Heaven and Earth Spirit Object is estimated to be dirty by the system.

Qiu Lingfeng doesn't want the cold tool Heaven and Earth Spirit Object.


Qingdai held her red forehead photographed by Qiu Lingfeng, and pouted aggrievedly.

Next, Qiu Lingfeng threw the invisible Shen Mengyao into the portable space.

Then, he suddenly found out.

There are also several women in his portable space.

"Eh? When did I put these women in?"

Qiu Lingfeng looked at the other women in the portable space with an unfathomable mystery face, Lost in contemplation.

"Wipe! This seems to be the octopus brother...Bah, Zhang Yuge! The other women seem to be her guards? Emmm...I have to say, they are really beautiful. ."

Qiu Lingfeng looked at it for a while, then slapped his head, before remembering the identity of a few people.

"Forget it, just let it go, anyway, the Blazing Dynasty is almost gone now, they are no different from dead."

Qiu Lingfeng scratched his hair , Some tangled way.

The fleshy body of these people like Zhang Yuge made him think a little bit.

It was not what he wanted to think about.


He can also see that Xu Xuan, his cheap discipline, is interesting to those soul-sounding elder sisters in Wen Soul Jade.

So, he thought, if Xu Xuan would like to see which little soul elder sister in the future.

Can he help the little soul elder sister to resurrect and let the little soul elder sister be with his discipline?

"Well, I was really moved to tears. I am a Master who is too responsible."

When I thought of this, Qiu Lingfeng couldn't help but wipe the corners of his eyes. The moving tears flowed out, moved towards oneself and said affirmatively.

After that, Qiu Lingfeng turned to look at Qingdai, lifted her chin, looked at the pretty face in front of him, and said suspiciously:

" How about the abilities of the shadow? Will it be seen by others as the weak spot?"

"Master, please rest assured, I am transformed by Shen Mengyao's shadow, and I am essentially one with her , Even more how, I now have your blessing and have her memory. With all the Spiritual Artifact in her, even if the Shinto Heavenly Palace Palace Lord stands in front of me, I will definitely not find anything wrong."

Indigo Naturalis held her chest and said confidently.

"Well, when there are others, you are Shen Mengyao, you don't need to call me the master."

Qiu Lingfeng uses his Soul Power and naked eye, but I don’t find the weak of Qingdai. Where is the spot? Now that I heard her words again, the rock hanging in my heart was also let go.

The only thing he fears is that Qingdai reveals stuffing, making his plan fall short.

Although he has a total of Plan:ABCDE in his hands, he still needs to be cautious in everything.

"Okay, let's leave now, the people outside probably can't wait."

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