I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1340

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Qiu Lingfeng rubbed his hands and said with a smile.

After being refining by him, Qingdai's strength is synchronized with him. As long as the strength is weaker than Qiu Lingfeng's existence, Qingdai can perfectly reproduce the opponent's ability.

And stronger than Qiu Lingfeng's existence, Qingdai can also replicate a shadow equivalent to Qiu Lingfeng's ability.

I have to say, this Qingdai is still very comfortable to use occasionally!

Qiu Lingfeng is very satisfied with this Heaven and Earth Spirit Object.

"Yes, master."

The Qingdai nodded lightly, and the corners of her mouth also made a slight smile.

Next, Qiu Lingfeng removed the small Formation in this Formation Formation.

"Oh!!! What are you three doing squatting outside? Frightened me."

As soon as Qiu Lingfeng withdrew from the small Formation, I saw Aiyouweisan The man squatted outside with his ears pressed.

"Ahem, Wu Qi, Senior Brother, you and Senior Sister Meng Yao both have a big one hour when you go in. We are afraid that you may encounter any accidents, but our voice can't be heard, so we can only try Hear if there is any sound coming out of you."

Hua Ying coughed awkwardly, scratching her nose and said.

Qiu Lingfeng's forehead is black.

No, you really think that Formation Formation is an ordinary wall?

Even if the Mortal Realm powerhouse is crying for help in Qiu Lingfeng's carefully arranged Formation, don't even want to make a sound, okay?

When Huaying's voice fell, Ai Youwei noticed a faint smile at the corner of Shen Mengyao's mouth.

In an instant, Iyouwei noticed something was wrong.

Why does Shen Mengyao show such a shallow smile?

"Wu Qi Senior Brother, you quickly withdraw this Formation Formation, so we can find other places to try."

Iyowi took advantage of the situation and got up from the ground , Hugged Qiu Lingfeng’s arm, threw himself into Qiu Lingfeng’s arms, and leaned his head on Qiu Lingfeng’s chest.

At the same time, her small nose quickly sniffed in Qiu Lingfeng's arms.

When she smelled the faint fragrance of Shen Mengyao in Qiu Lingfeng's arms, she couldn't help but cursed in her heart.


The home was stolen!

She absolutely didn't expect, Shen Mengyao, a married woman, even grabbed her for a good son?

"Well, it's time to remove it."

Qiu Lingfeng nodded, remove this Formation Formation.

When he withdrew the Formation Formation, an eighteen-corner array with more than one foot flew from the sky and fell back into his hand.

Compared to the time when it was not used before, the Spiritual Qi on this array is just a little lacking. Of course, it's all harmless.

Because Qiu Lingfeng supplemented the Spiritual Qi from the array in the blink of an eye.

Others' formations are all one-offs, because their Formation teachers can't do it.

The formation of Qiu Lingfeng's refinement, the Formation in it is never a one-off.

It can be used repeatedly, even as long as enough Dao Lu is provided, his array can be used as a large array.

"Wu Qi Senior Brother, this array of yours... so it can be recycled?"

Iyouwei's beautiful eyes are shining, a delicate, ruby-lipped mouth Wei Zhang, whispered in surprise.

The trial of Chapter 597 is completed


Qiu Lingfeng shrugged, continue,

"I In fact, it comes from a Formation Aristocratic Family. I’m not talented. He happens to be an eight-star Formation division. He can barely use our family secret technique to recover the array."

"Wow~ ~Wu Qi Senior Brother, you are so handsome!!!"

Iyouwei naturally acted as a little fan, and said cooperatively.

Since Qiu Lingfeng gave her the bottle of Taolu last time, she has increasingly wanted to live next to Qiu Lingfeng, a Young Master of Great Influence.

"Ahem! Ai Youwei, please pay attention to the distance between you and Wu Qi."

Qingdai willow eyebrows frowned, lightly cough reminded.

"It's okay, I don't mind."

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