I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1341

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Qiu Lingfeng turned his head and glanced at Qingdai, then blinked, indicating that the other party should not be nosy.

After all.

He thought about it carefully just now, this Aiyouwei also has a lot of usefulness, and it doesn't seem to be very good if it is directly turned away.

You must know that for the next team battle, they will still rely on Iyowe, the all-round nanny.

When Ai Youwei heard Qiu Lingfeng's words, she couldn't help but feel happy.

The meaning of Qiu Lingfeng's sentence, doesn't it mean that she has a show?

A Niu looked at Qiu Lingfeng, his eyes burning, his fists clenched.

Is this the life of a master?

Damn it!

I really want to live this kind of life.

"You two don't squat anymore, let's find a new trial location together."

Qiu Lingfeng moved towards Aniu and Huaying said.

"Oh oh."

The two were nodded and hurriedly wanted to get up.

But I didn't want to, Hua Ying couldn't stand still, and planted forward.

Qiu Lingfeng looked at him and knew that he had been squatting for a long time and his legs were numb.

Thinking of Iyouwei who threw herself in her arms again, Qiu Lingfeng suddenly understood something, and asked suspiciously:

"So you just squatted on your legs. It’s numb to pounce in my arms?"


Iyouwei immediately scratched her nose, slightly red face, Gently nodded, complied "um".

Qiu Lingfeng rolled the eyes, a bit speechless.

Then, he took a few people to find a new trial location.

When looking for a new trial location, several other people in the team also discovered with hindsight.

The leader of the team seems to have changed from Shen Mengyao to Qiu Lingfeng.

a male and a female together alone, first coexist in a small confined space, then after a big one hour, when finally came out, Shen Mengyao secretly gave up the dominant position in the team.

And in this big one hour, what happened to the two of them......

tsk tsk tsk......

It is really intriguing.

I thought of this.

Iyouwei, who is holding Qiu Lingfeng's arm, has a serious face and a sense of crisis.

Qiu Lingfeng and Qingdai didn't notice the strangeness of the others.

The reason for the misunderstanding of several people is also very simple.

That is the current identity of Qingdai, even if it is Shen Mengyao, she would not dare to ride on Qiu Lingfeng.

What she does depends on Qiu Lingfeng's face in the final analysis.

Who is Qiu Lingfeng? Is her master?

It's night.

Qingdai took out the battleship, and everyone returned to the top and began to rest.

In the room of Qiu Lingfeng, Qingdai came here quietly.

"Master, Ai Youwei, should you keep a little distance from her?"

Qingdai said with a solemn expression,

"In Shen Mengyao In her memory, Ai Youwei seems to often do this kind of thing, hooking up with the wealthy Eldest Young Master to cheat for money."

"Don't worry, I know these things naturally."

Qiu Lingfeng stretched out his hand and pressed it to signal Qingdai to not worry, and then he continued,

"I let her stay by my side, naturally there is her use."

" Does she have any use?"

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