I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1342

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Qingdai blinked puzzledly and asked.

"Um...you take your time."

Qiu Lingfeng touched his chin and said.


Qingdai is cleverly nodded.

A few days later.

After the five-person team has undergone large and small training, they moved towards the Shinto Heavenly Palace and returned.

Qiu Lingfeng sat on the seat, staring at the Star Sea in front of him, while Ivy, who was next to him, leaned against him lightly and took a nap.

Qiu Lingfeng glanced at Iyouwei who was resting on her own, and finally restrained the urge to slap her.

The past few days, Iyowe has really gone too far.

If Qiu Lingfeng wasn't strong enough, she would have been tempted long ago.

"No, it seems that once the team battle is over, you have to clear your relationship with her, and stole the martial skills she has mastered by the way."

Qiu Lingfeng Slightly bowed his head, thought in the heart.

At the same time, he also noticed that Huaying and Aniu looked at him with unfriendly eyes.

Think about it carefully. Last night, his Soul Power seemed to detect that Huaying and Aniu wanted to talk about Iyouwei last night.


In this way, it is normal for Huaying and Aniu to be hostile to him.

After all, Goddess Ivy, their in-mind Goddess, would chase him upside down, and he was still unmoved.

It's simply not as good as a beast!

I have to say, Iyouwei is really hard to be annoying.

After all.

Who can refuse to be a super nanny who has a beautiful voice and a good body and a soft body that is easy to push down?

Only people like Qiu Lingfeng can remain unmoved.

He is a stone of wooden feelings.

From the moment he got the exclusive Divine Ability Innate Skill: "Spirit Chain", Qiu Lingfeng blocked most of his emotions.

After all.

In many cases, emotions are cumbersome.

He does not need to be burdensome or burdensome.

After returning to the Shinto Heavenly Palace, several people returned to their dormitories, waiting for the team battle tomorrow.

Originally, Ai Youwei still wanted to go to the Qiu Lingfeng dormitory for tea, but Qiu Lingfeng replied decisively: "Sorry, I don't drink tea, so there is no tea in the dormitory."


Finally, Ai Youwei still wants Qiu Lingfeng to sit in her dormitory, and ask her what kind of new furniture she should buy by the way. Qiu Lingfeng replied decisively: "My cultivator, The furniture is all imaginary, and a futon can be used for cultivation."

In the end, Ai Youwei did not succeed, so Qiu Lingfeng could only return to his own dormitory.

As soon as Qiu Lingfeng returned to the dormitory, he saw a beautiful figure cleaning the house, it was Liu Yunyan.

"Oh, Xiaoyan, why did you come to my dormitory?"

Qiu Lingfeng asked a little surprised.

"Wu Qige, you are back. Didn't I think you are leaving soon? I just clean up this dormitory so that my new dísciple will be convenient to live in."

Liu Yunyan slightly nodded, said with a smile.

"Oh, then you clean up quickly, I'm still hungry, I'm in a hurry to eat."

Qiu Lingfeng oh, sat down on the bed and watched Said Liu Yunyan.

The five hundred and 98th chapter team battle canyon

Two days later.

The team battle was held as scheduled, and the five-person squad Qiu Lingfeng also gathered early.

According to the prompts, several people came to the arena where the melee was previously held.

There are several competition systems for team battles, according to the current number of people.

There will be ten teams fighting in one arena, and only two teams will remain in each game.

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