I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1344

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Qiu Lingfeng changed the subject and asked confidently.

"No problem, after all, her memory only needs to be known by me..."

Qingdai thought for a while and replied.

"Is that right? Okay, don't play sound transmission with me, watch the game well, maybe there will be our next opponent in it."

Qiu Lingfeng said .

"Yes, master."

Indigo Naturalis complied.

"Oh, by the way, after our game, I will go back to my dormitory. You have nothing else to do anyway. Just stay here to watch the third and subsequent games. Let’s analyze it. The characteristics of other winning teams, I look for opportunities to see if I can give them some purple flame dragon breath chili powder so that they cannot participate in the battle."

Qiu Lingfeng continues to be instructed.

"Speaking of which...With your strength, is it really necessary to resort to such abusive methods?"

Qingdai's forehead is black, puzzled Asked.

"Damn! Who do you mean to abuse? I'm here to protect those dísciples, okay? Otherwise, if they are on the court, I punch them, and they don’t even have a chance to cry, just on the spot. Hiccups, they will lose their lives, and I gave them medicine to prevent them from playing, so I just saved their lives, hey, it's me, really kind!"

Qiu Lingfeng said At the back, he sighed with pride.


Qingdai doesn't know what to say.

She always feels Qiu Lingfeng's remarks.

It's not strange, but it makes sense.

The drug made those dísciples lose the strength to play, and at the same time indirectly saved them a little life...


It really deserves to be her master, the brain circuit is really a bit strange!

After this, I ignored Indigo Naturalis, and instead focused all of my attention on Spiritual Qi projection.

In the Spiritual Qi projection, two teams have already met and a wave of team battles broke out.

Unfortunately, near the place where their team battle broke out, there is also a lair of a real-world devil beast.

The outbreak of their team battle immediately shocked the real-world devil beast, and the real-world devil beast also killed four Divine Domain Great Perfection dísciples very powerfully.

"Gosh, isn't the devil beast in this canyon too powerful?"

"His... four Divine Domain realm Great Perfection was killed in a flash, this The strength is too terrifying."

"It seems that after we entered the canyon, we must be careful not to encounter the devil beast in the real world, let alone fight near the devil beast lair..."

A crowd of dísciples looked at the images in the Spiritual Qi projection and said one after another.

599th chapter storm demon wolf

Look at the death of the dísciple in the Spiritual Qi projection.

Many dísciples and quitters want to retire.

Be aware that in this part of the team battle, the Shinto Heavenly Palace does not guarantee the life and death of dísciple.

If you die, you are really dead.

Qiu Lingfeng touched the chin, also lost in thought, secretly said in his heart:

"This octopus-like devil beast when the time comes can kill it, see It looks very delicious.

"And the group of fruit trees on the top of the mountain, um... It seems that the fruits on it are all ripe, if they taste good, they will just be picked.

"Yo! The fish in that lake looks delicious. I have to go there.


Yes, no Wrong!

When others are worried about fear and their lives are in danger.

Qiu Lingfeng looked at the various terrains of the Spiritual Qi projection with great interest, by the way. Where is delicious.

After all.

For Qiu Lingfeng, team battles are really not difficult!

Rather than being scared, it’s better Relax and enjoy yourself!

The First Stage game lasted for ten hours. When only the last two teams were left on the field, they were teleported back.

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