I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1345

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They are all bloody, full of scars, and their breath is weak, which makes their scalp numb at first glance.

"The second game is about to begin. All participating dísciples have found the corresponding Transmission Array and are ready to transmit!"

The Elder who presided over the team battle continued to remind loudly.

"It's time for us to enter the arena, let's go."

Qingdai said, and then led everyone to move towards Transmission Formation No.7.

Five people stepped into Transmission Formation No. 7, and it didn't take long for them to feel that everything around was distorted and changed, and bizarre and motley rose up.

It’s just that this feeling disappeared abruptly before long.

When they all around returned to normal, everyone appeared on a small island surrounded by water, which was the birthplace of the seventh.

"I'll explore the situation first, you can wait for this birthplace now."

Hua Ying put on the mask and reminded in a low voice.

After saying that, his silhouette flashed, leaving the small island and reef, moved towards the woods on the side and ran away.

"This child, he is diligent when he is a child, I think it works well."

Qiu Lingfeng looked at Huaying's back, nodded satisfied and gratified.

"Wu Qi Senior Brother, what should we do now?"

I Youwei hugged Qiu Lingfeng's arm and asked.

"Ask me why, ask Shen Mengyao!"

Qiu Lingfeng rolled the eyes, said silently.

Speaking, he shook off Iyouwei and plunged into the water.

What did you ask him for?

Oh, that's because he saw fish in the water and couldn't control it for a while, so he wanted to catch the fish and roast it to eat.

After all, he had been standing in the ring for almost a day before, during which he had not eaten a grain of rice, and he was already hungry.

"Uh...Let’s wait for Huaying’s information here. If he is in danger, he will notify us immediately. Don’t worry."

Qingdai thought for a while, Said.

The main reason is that Qiu Lingfeng doesn't want to leave, and she doesn't dare to let other people in the team leave.

After a while, Qiu Lingfeng carried a huge fish and walked ashore.

And his move also caused other dísciples who were watching the battle in the ring to exclaim:

"Wo Gan! Look at the man at birth on the 7th. What? He caught a fish?"

"Isn't it?! He even killed the fish and made a fire?"

"Eh no, why the whole canyon is their number seven The team style is wrong! Why are they only four people? There is one more person?"

"Oh, the orphan in their team is here, tsk tsk tsk...This orphan is now being hit by a storm Demon wolf is chasing, oops, I was almost killed, and fortunately I escaped."

"Remaya! Other teams are exhaustingly searching for other teams. I also wrestled with devil beast, and it was the No. 7 team that played a health game at the birth point. This is a proper shady!"

"Hush! Be careful! Look at the Captain of the No. 7 team. Who is it?"

"Who? I see..."


"She seems to be this Palace Lord’s daughter, Shen Mengyao, right?"

"That’s right, it’s her. She can do whatever she likes. Anyway, with her innate talent, this trial is not optional. She also participates. Just go through the process, why should the big guy be more serious?"

"Yes, I really envy the members of the No. 7 team, who can get the light of Shen Mengyao Eldest Young Lady and get into the team battle!"

While a crowd of dísciple discuss spiritedly, only the old man on the side looked at the team at birthplace No. 7 with a serious face, and exclaimed:

"This team, As expected, the team led by Shen Mengyao Eldest Young Lady is really strong! After entering the team battle canyon, the team members can still face the danger and treat the team battle with a normal mentality... The potential is extraordinary!"

What people think about it, Qiu Lingfeng naturally doesn't know, because he is eating the fragrant grilled fish at this time, so unhappy.


Suddenly, everyone heard a stern cry for help coming from a distance.

"Not good! This seems to be Huaying's voice."

When he heard this voice, Aniu quickly reacted, his face changed suddenly, opened the mouth and said .

"He is in danger? Why doesn't he use Communication Talisman to inform us?"

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