I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1347

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Furthermore, the head of storm demon wolf is also due to Aniu's tremendous strength, fiercely's moved towards the ground.

For a time, smoke and dust were all around, making it difficult to see what happened in the smoke and dust.

A Niu's whole person also moved towards and fell behind him, rolled out a few laps, and landed in front of Huaying.

The rock armor on him slowly turned into Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi and dissipated in the void.

"Aniu, how are you now?"

Hua Ying hurried over and squatted down to check the state of Aniu.

"Legs...the legs are numb, stand does not raise."

A Niu clutched his calf, moving towards Huayingdao with a stiff expression.

"I'll take you to run first. After a while, Senior Sister Meng Yao will be able to kill the storm demon wolf in seconds."

Without a word, Hua Ying grabbed it. Niu's hand shook him on top of his head.

Then, Huaying put Aniu on top of his head and continued to move towards Qiu Lingfeng and the others' spawn point.

"áo hǒu!"

At this time, the storm demon wolf behind the two slowly lifted its head from the ground and shook its dazed head. Angrily roared.

After that, it threw itself forward and opened its bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, trying to kill Huaying and Aniu.


As soon as the storm demon wolf launched an attack, Qiu Lingfeng threw the fish bone in his hand.


The speed of the fishbone full of Spiritual Qi of the wind is extremely fast.

pu chi ――!

In the blink of an eye, it pierced the eyes of storm demon wolf, and blood spewed out immediately.


In midair storm, demon wolf suffered pain and couldn't help howling in pain.

In the next second, Qiu Lingfeng's body wind surged, and his figure disappeared.

When he silhouette reappeared, he was already before the bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl of storm demon wolf.

"Wu Qi Senior Brother, be careful!"

When I saw this, Iyouwei screamed, lose one's head out of fear.

It's just that her screams haven't subsided yet.

Qiu Lingfeng was bitten by the storm demon wolf and swallowed it.


When Ai Youwei saw this scene, she felt that the heartbeat was about to stop, and shouted in pain.

Qiu Lingfeng, who was swallowed by the storm demon wolf, did not panic at all.

Around him, there are countless wind blades condensed from the Spiritual Qi of the wind. These are not the wind blades he condensed, but the wind blades condensed by the storm demon wolf himself, trying to kill him. .

When seeing these wind blades, Qiu Lingfeng just took out the dragon tooth dagger tied to his arm indifferently.


The dragon tooth dagger was injected into Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi by Qiu Lingfeng, and the whole body burst out with a terrifying smell of fire and the scalp-numbing Dragon's Might.

The Dragon Tooth Dagger is a Grade 2 Spiritual Artifact made from the teeth of a Law Principle Realm dragon!

Therefore, this dragon tooth dagger, when used, also carries the Dragon's Might of the Law Principle Realm before his death!

This Dragon's Might has a natural suppressive force on devil beast!

This is the suppression from the depths of the bloodline!

When the Dragon's Might erupted from the Dragon Tooth Dagger, the wind blades near Qiu Lingfeng began to dissipate.

The external storm demon wolf also suddenly started shaking his head and opened his mouth, trying to spit out Qiu Lingfeng.

But how can Qiu Lingfeng make it happen?

Instead, he jumped and jumped directly into the throat of storm demon wolf.

Also, while falling, Qiu Lingfeng also plunged the dragon tooth dagger into the storm demon wolf's throat, and urged the dragon tooth dagger with all his strength.

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