I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1348

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The dragon tooth dagger also exploded with great strength, directly piercing the storm demon wolf's throat, and as Qiu Lingfeng fell, it was pulled out from the storm demon wolf's neck There was a huge, straight wound.


For a while, the blood of bright red gushed from the neck of the storm demon wolf, and it landed on the ground.

Qiu Lingfeng also took advantage of the situation to open the wound on the neck of storm demon wolf and drilled out of it.

"Hurry up!"

Seeing Qiu Lingfeng coming out, Qingdai sighed tenderly when she breathed a sigh of relief in her heart.

When Qiu Lingfeng heard the voice of Qing Dai, the silhouette flashed, moving towards and fleeing around.

The moment he just left before the storm demon wolf.

There was a boom.

An extremely dazzling, terrifying energy beam condensed in front of Qingdai, and moved towards storm demon wolf hit it.


When the energy beam hits the storm demon wolf's body, the storm demon wolf's body is like paper, which turns into blood mist in the energy beam, and the sky is scattered all over the sky.

"Damn, my meat!"

Qiu Lingfeng suddenly yelled distressedly when he saw the storm demon wolf being beaten by Qingdai.

However, Qiu Lingfeng quickly adjusted his status, walked to the side of Aniu and Huaying, and asked:

"How are you two feeling?"


"Fortunately, there is nothing serious."

Hua Ying and Aniu both shook their heads at the same time.

"By the way, Huaying, how is your situation?"

Qiu Lingfeng asked again moving towards Huaying.

"Ahem...Well, report to Wu Qi Senior Brother. I just ran away and didn’t have time to explore the situation..."

Hua Ying scratched her nose awkwardly , Said.

"Let's do it, you can do without death."

Qiu Lingfeng shrugged helplessly, walked to Ai Youwei and continued,

"Ai Youwei, you nanny, you worked well during training, why did you break down as soon as the actual combat? Can you analyze the battle situation immediately and apply gains to your teammates?"

"Uh... Sorry, the storm demon wolf is too terrifying, so I didn't react."

Iyouwei said sorry.

"Fortunately, Mengyao and I’s attack power far exceeds the same level. When we work together, as long as we don’t encounter the real world condensed stage and stronger opponents, we are basically invincible. "

Qiu Lingfeng shook the head, said silently.

He is really tired.

Why are you tired?

The acting is so tired!

He is a super powerhouse of dignified law source realm, and he has fallen into a scene of playing a small cultivation base in the real realm stage. Can he not be tired from acting?

Unfortunately, the current Qiu Lingfeng does not have the power to destroy the Heavenly Palace of the gods.

Otherwise, the Shinto Heavenly Palace will be raised on the spot.

Chapter 601 mysterious girl

After solving the storm demon wolf, everyone left their birthplace together.

And this is also Qingdai's proposal after receiving Qiu Lingfeng's instructions.

Qiu Lingfeng also thought for a long time. If he stays in his birthplace like this, he might be eliminated immediately.

After all, others are thrown there to fight and fight, they play leisure and health here.

Even if they can be promoted by them, it is estimated that it will cause public outrage, and maybe it will also cause a new promotion Sect, that is, lying down.

Everyone stays in the birthplace, and is consumed here.

If this happens...

Then he won't be able to end it.

Qiu Lingfeng does not lose the qualification to represent the Shinto Heavenly Palace in the juvenile Heaven's Chosen grand competition.

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